9 Spectacular Kashmiri Mehndi Designs That Look Simply Stunning!

Kashmiri mehndi designs are reminiscent of the beauty and tranquility of the state that has been considered as heaven on earth. The designs imbibe the serenity and pristine culture of Kashmir and our extremely exquisite to look at. With their delicate and intricate designs, they cast a spell on all those who a catch glimpse it. The designs are carefully weighed to celebrate life on different occasions and have been steadily gaining popularity across Northern part of India among various communities.

If you haven’t zeroed in on your bridal mehndi design or are looking for a gorgeous pattern to adorn on yoru hands, browse through these 9 beautiful Kashmiri mehndi designs for inspiration.

1. Floral Kashmiri Design

Floral Kashmiri Mehndi Designs

This one is a simple floral design, but with amazing complexity. This design looks more prominent when compared to the other floral designs we have in Arabic and Indian styles. Intricate designs have always been popular, but these kinds of designs certainly have set a new fashion trend. If you are thinking Kashmiri, this should be the first design you should try out.

2. Spiral Kashmiri Design

Spiral Kashmiri Mehndi Designs

Spiral mehndi designs look very classy and are easy to draw. Because of their simplicity and design, most young women prefer these designs. You don’t have to be a professional to make this design, so go ahead and get inked.

3. Intricate Kashmiri Design

Intricate Kashmiri Mehndi Designs

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If you like intricate and intense designs, this Kashmiri mehndi design is just the one for you. Though the design has gaps, it only adds up to the gracefulness and neatness of the design. The lines are kept thick, as it adds more colour and glamour to the design.

4. Feet Kashmiri Design

Foot Kashmiri Mehndi Designs

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Adorning the hands and feet with mehndi designs is an age-old tradition and this art has undergone several interesting transformations over the time. And this beautiful mehndi design for feet is one such example. The purple stones with the black henna mehndi make the design look even more attractive and stunning. We are surprised that this is one of the most popular feet mehndi designs trending right now.

5. Bridal Kashmiri Design

Bridal Kashmiri Mehndi Designs

Wow, what a design! That is the first thing that will come to your mind looking at this design. This is one of the best Kashmiri bridal mehndi designs we have seen. If you want to go off-beat with your bridal mehndi, then this design will be the most exquisite, classy and royal design you can think of!

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6. Swirl Kashmiri Design

Swirl Kashmiri Mehndi Designs

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The beautiful swirls and curls on the hand, makes this back mehndi design a treat for the eyes. If you aren’t keen on a heavy intricate design, then this one will be the best one for you. This design will look classy and make you stand out on any occasion. Go for it without a second thought in your mind.

7. Fern Kashmiri Design

Fern Kashmiri Mehndi Designs

If you are looking out for a modern and sophisticated design, then this Kashmiri mehndi design will be your favourite. With such minimal work, this design is unique in its own way. To enhance this design further, you can wear some traditional jewellery along.

8. Motif Kahmiri Design

Motif Kashmiri Mehndi Designs

If you think Kashmiri mehndi designs are all about intricate and complicated floral motifs, then this pattern will prove you wrong. This is one of the easiest mehndi designs with a combination of some geometrical patterns and floral combinations. The floral motifs in the design are simple and look stunning.

9. Geometric Kashmiri Design

Geometric Kashmiri Mehndi Designs

Most Kashmiri women adorn their hands with simple easy to draw circles filled with mehndi. Improvising this design, the artisans have modified it to look like the design we have. Filling the finger tips with thick layer of mehndi has been an old tradition in mehndi designing. And this design stands out so well because of that. The design looks fabulously stunning and can sported on several occasions.

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We hope you enjoyed this collection of Kashmiri mehndi designs as much as we did putting together for you. Do try them out and let us know what you think of them.

Looking for some more amazing mehndi designs? Check the video below from our sister site, Stylecraze, for some inspiration and design ideas.

Images Source: Google, Pinterest, Shutterstock