Kashmira Shah Marriage: Keeping Things Sensual And Secretive

Kashmira Shah is often regarded as controversy’s child when it comes to her stint in modelling and on the big screen. She is known to have a certain risqué taste for her modeling shoots, and the same goes for her choice of roles in films. Kashmira started her career as a model, then took to theatre and soon was seen gracing the silver screen. She reached her peak in the year 2000, and later slipped into a hiatus after 2011.

On the personal front, Kashmira tied the knot with not-so-popular Hollywood producer Brad Listermann in 2002, after contacting him through an online dating portal. The couple separated in 2006, eventually filing for divorce after Kashmira found love with Govinda’s nephew Krishna Abhishek, whom she married secretly in 2013. So what has the love life of the diva been? We unravel it here.

Kashmira Shah – The Serial Beauty Pageant Winner

Kashmira Shah was born on 1st December 1970. in Mumbai, to a Marathi mother and Gujarati father. Kashmira had all her education from Mumbai, and when she was just 16, she decided to pursue modelling. She started approaching modelling agencies to find prospective work, which she did, and by the age of 22 was an established model. In the year 1993, while she was doing her graduation, she won the Miss University World title at her college, which enthused her to consider modelling as a serious career option. The same year she represented India at a beauty pageant contest in South Korea, where she invariably won the title. She subsequently won many such titles all throughout 1994 and 1995.

In 1996, she was offered a dance number in a Telugu film, which marked her foray into show business. She was subsequently seen in the Shahrukh Khan and Juhi Chawla starrer film Yes Boss in 1997, and the film got her wider recognition. Since then she went on to work in numerous Hindi films, and in 2006 wrote the story for the Hollywood film My Bollywood Bride in which she also made an appearance herself. She later shifted her attention to television, and is perhaps best known for her appearance on the season one of the reality TV show Big Boss in the year 2006. Since then she has made an appearance in several television shows, with reality TV show as her forte.

Brad Listermann – The Online Dating Beau


In 2002, Kashmira Shah got married to the Hollywood producer Brad Listermann at Las Vegas. Kashmira and Brad apparently met one another through an online dating website. After couple of months of virtual courtship, Brad invited Kashmira to the US for their first proper date. It could be called the fastest date of matrimony since a day after their first face to face meeting, the couple headed straight to Las Vegas to tie the knot in style.

The Not So Strong Marriage


Post her marriage in 2002, Kashmira often shuttled between India and US owing to her work in India. In late 2005, she started working on a film, which loosely narrated the story of her romance with Brad. It was eventually released as My Bollywood Bride in the year 2006, and was produced by none other than her husband Brad Listermann. All was fine in paradise, when in late 2006, it was observed that Kashmira had been in India for quite a long time, and seemed in no hurry to return back to Brad in the US. When a curious reporter quizzed her about the matter, she surprised everyone by sharing that she has in fact separated from her husband Brad, and was waiting for the divorce papers to be sent to her. It was eventually learnt that the couple got into a mild argument during the making of their film My Bollywood Bride, which eventually trickled its way into their personal life. Around the same time, she was evicted from the quasi-seclusion of the show Big Boss – something she had not taken in a sportive way. Therefore, things were going outright awry for the couple. Brads obsession with work and her eviction brewed the perfect conditions for their marriage to slowly crumble apart.

“He started bringing his work home. He is too much of a perfectionist. He re-shot many scenes. My Bollywood Bride became more important to him than me.”
– Kashmira Shah on her divorce with her husband Brad Listermann

While this professional hiccup marked the beginning of their personal discord, it was not the sole cause for it. In fact there was something, or rather someone, who became the solid bone of contention between the Kashmira and Brad, and it was none other than the actor-comedian Krishna Abhishek.

“I told Brad that I was getting the same feelings for Krishna which I had once for him. He told me that it was infatuation. I tried to confirm and held myself back; I reasoned with myself that it could be the excitement of returning to films which I was misreading as love…”
– Kashmira Shah on falling in love with Krishna Abhishek

It is not exactly a good idea to share the news of your new-found infatuation with your husband, and Brad eventually reacted in a predictable manner. Kashmira and Brad separated by 2006, and in early 2007 he sent the divorce papers to India, which Kashmira signed and couriered back. The couple was granted the divorce decree by April 2007, spawning the perfect conditions for an elaborate Kashmira-Krishna affair.

Krishna Abhishek – The Carnal Relationship With The Comedian


Kashmira Shah first met Krishna Abhishek in the year 2006 at Jaipur, during the making of their film Aur Pappu Pass Ho Gaya. Krishna was then fresh out of a relationship with his college sweetheart whom he broke up with, because she did not endorse his decision to work in films. The two clicked very soon during the making of the film – albeit as good friends. But Krishna always had the feels for Kashmira from day one, despite the point that she was 10 years older to him. In fact, after just ten days into shooting, he took the decision of sharing his heart’s feelings with her but had to abort his plans when Kashmira’s then husband Brad Listermann turned up on the sets. Kashmira later shared that Krishna was totally shattered that day since he never knew she was married. But Kashmira was going through a rough patch in marriage herself, and the only shoulder for comfort in sight was that of Krishna’s. Eventually, she spilled the news of the turbulent marriage with Krishna, and within no time he was elevated from the status of a friend to a beau and confidante.

By March 2007, it became a known fact that Krishna and Kashmira were indeed seeing one another. The next month Kashmira got formally separated with her husband Brad, and now all her roads led to Krishna. They started making frequent public appearances together at various events, and going by their body language they were definitely in an amorous relationship. On the same time though, the duo were boisterously vocal about their relationship -down to the last detail. In fact in an interview, Krishna even shared that the two reached a deeper romantic affiliation after they went between the sheets. “After that night, she got a lot more caring towards me. Bringing khaana and all for me!” he exclaimed in an interview.


Later it was Kashmira’s turn, and she went on record stating that they got naughty inside a vanity van when the on-set generator lost power, and lights turned off. While these tidbits was juicy fodder for tabloids, and their gossip-hungry readers, their candid expositions of their private life did not go down well with Krishna’s family. Apparently, Krishna’s uncle, actor Govinda, stopped speaking to him for over an year and Krishna’s parents expressed their displeasure after reading his saucy statements in newspapers. Irrespective of the stiff resistance all around them, nothing could deter the lovebirds from being totally vocal about their love. They were having a dream run with their sensual relationship, and would have continued that way until they hit a minor rough patch, six years down in their relationship.

Minor Glitch And Here Comes The Proposal


In 2013, there were rumours that Kashmira had given Krishna the ultimatum to tie the knot with her within an year or face a dissolution of their relationship. It was not totally a spontaneous demand, and had stemmed from the fact that she was upset by Krishna’s growing proximity with the Bollywood actress Tanushree Dutta. Although it is not known how and when Krishna met Tanushree but it was clear that Kashmira had cognizance of the fact. Kashmira even confronted Tanushree at an airport when she accidentally bumped into her, which apparently left her shell-shocked. Krishna later shared that he was just a good friend of Tanushree, and nothing more than that. But that was not enough to cool Kashmira’s fuming objection towards the friendship, and her beau scurried to find a fix, which he did by proposing marriage to Kashmira Shah. He shared his heart’s sentiment out in style on live television during a dance-reality TV show. He promised Kashmira that they would definitely get married within six months, and seemed quite serious to honour his word.

The Obscure Marriage – Did He, Did He Not?


As vociferous as the two were about their relationship, they were reticent by equal amounts in disclosing details about their secret wedlock. In fact the couple was perhaps the only people in their own wedding. The couple kept their wedding a secret for one and a half years, and it was only when Kashmira was spotted with sindoor on one occasion in late 2014 that the media went into a frenzy. When she got the whiff of the matter, she decided to douse everyone’s curiosity by finally spilling the beans, and it came as a mind blowing revelation. Krishna and Kashmira had already tied the knot on 24th June 2013, which is interesting because Krishna had made a marriage proposal in November 2013. The couple got married at Las Vegas – the same place where Kashmira married Brad Listermann. They kept it a secret since Krishna’s family members were against their relationship, and were waiting for them to mellow down. By January 2015, Krishna’s family finally caved in, and the pair had a second wedding, this time a traditional one, in the presence of their family members (and yes this was also kept private!).

So Finally Together


It is a no-brainer that Krishna’s proposal during the dance show was a neat and cute publicity stunt, that would have ensured ample viewership. But it even makes us wonder what made them hide marriage, which was something that formalised their relationship? For a couple, who shared every tiny aspect of their relationship, announcing marriage should have been a cakewalk. If they had no qualms about people knowing their bedroom escapades then ringing wedding bells on a rooftop should have come naturally. So why didn’t they? Guess we may never know. But one thing is for sure, and that is the pair has now been in a relationship for more than decade, which is commendable, and indicative of the fact that behind all that superficial lust was a flame of true love that stayed burning bright no matter where life kept taking them. Now that’s quite impressive. Kudos Kashmira and Krishna!

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