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Bollywood is home to many beauties. Beauties that make us go weak in our knees and beauties that cast their magical spell on us without any effort! But if there is one actress in the B-town who is undisputedly considered as the fashion icon of the industry, then it Kareena Kapoor undoubtedly.

Yes, our very own Bebo’s career slowly accelerated into the top gear with her enthralling performances and captivating beauty. Today she is being touted as one of the highest paid actresses of Bollywood. Her good looks, trademark of the Kapoors, along with her trend-setting fashion and style sense make her the true diva she is.

Kareena won millions of hearts with her mesmerising looks, both in Indian and western wear. With every movie, she sets a trend that is followed the nation over. So here is looking at some of her trend-setting looks in different movies.

Kareena Kapoor Style Sense in Silver Screen:

Kareena Kapoor outfits and makeupShe started her career playing the bubbly girl-next-door characters in her movies. But it wasn’t long before she went on to become a style icon by donning some really sexy outfits in Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Gham. This movie truly spoke of her style sense and made people sit up and take notice.

Kareena Kapoor with tatoosThen came Ashoka, a movie that made Kareena’s sensuous figure emerge even more. The tattoos on her body only made her look smoking hot!

Kareena Kapoor with loud makeupUp next was Chameli. After playing regular roles, our Bebo stunned us by playing the title role of golden-hearted sex worker in Chameli. That loud makeup and dark-coloured sarees did more than justice to the character. We had never thought she would make this character seem so real yet gorgeous. She even dyed her hair blonde for the movie, which wasn’t liked much by the audiences. But we feel, it only made the character look more real. Only a real style icon knows how to make a character look real.

After Chameli, Kareena gave us some never-to-be-forgotten performances in ‘Jab We Met’, ‘Tashan’, ‘Kambakkht Ishq’, ‘3 idiots’, ‘Bodyguard’ and ‘Kurbaan’. She literally left a mark in our hearts with every character she portrayed. Kareena was praised for literally breathing life into these roles with her vivacity and talent. With each of these movies she emerged as a better actress and a much better style icon. She sported distinct looks in all and fascinated us even more each time. Kareena Kapoor fashion style made her every character look so glamorous.

Kareena Kapoor patiala look in Jab We metThose long tops over patiala that she wore in Jab We met, made everyone fall for her. Especially the teenagers looked up to her for every fashion trend. This is what Kareena had to say about her look in Jab We Met “It was bound to become a rage simply because the costumes were so comfortable. For me comfort is the most important thing in dressing. And the tees with patialas worked pretty well for me.”

Kareena Kapoor With the size zero[ Read: Kareena Kapoor’s Beauty Tips ]

Just when we thought we had seen it all, Bebo surprised us with her size zero avatar in Tashan and Kambakkht Ishq. She sported sexy bikinis and skimpy thigh length dresses that only added to her oomph factor. Suddenly, the entire nation wanted to go size zero after that.

Kareena Kapoor With smokey eyes in KurbaanWho had though the same girl who wore bikini and short dresses in her last movies would appear in such Indian avatar in her next? Those dark kohl-rimmed smokey eyes in Kurbaan, were the most perfect smokey eyes. I’ve ever seen. She was seen sporting a lot of frock style anarkali suits in the movie. The movie compelled us all to rush to the market and invest in one at the earliest. We wonder how she manages to do it every time she appears onscreen.

Kareena Kapoor spectacular look in 3 idiotsThen came the geeky ‘spect’acular look in 3 idiots. This was the time when Kareena turned Geeky into cool.

Kareena Kapoor look in BodyguardAfter 3 Idiots, she rocked us once again in her simple nude look in Bodyguard. Those simple Patiala salwars and colourful dupattas (complete opposite of her ultra glamorous roles in size zero) made us love her again. She proved to be one of those few actors who can look gorgeous even with the least of makeup.

Kareena Kapoor with sarees[ Read: Kareena Kapoor Eye Makeup ]

Kareena’s current favourite seem to be chiffon sarees. She looks royal and gorgeous and sparkles at almost every award function in them.

kareena kapoor style dressingKareena Kapoor style sense has made her every A-list brands’ and photographers apple of the eye. All the biggies want her to endorse their brands and every photographer wants a date to shoot with her. And all this is just for the way she presents herself onscreen and off screen!

This girl sure knows how to step out in style. And rightly so, she deserves the status of Bollywood’s fashion icon. Which is your favourite Kareena Kapoor fashion and style? Tell us how you love this style diva and leave your comments below.

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