Kajol wedding to Ajay Devgan, and their successful love story

If the world knows and recognizes you by your first name only – like Madonna or Beyonce – you’re in a special category of stars; stars that we love and admire and occasionally dislike, but just cannot seem to wrap our heads around; much like Kajol’s wedding to Ajay Devgan, and their successful love story.

Kajol’s six Filmfares, a record that she shares with aunt Nutan will attest to her special talents. That the Government of India bestowed her with a Padma Shri speaks of her legacy, but most of all, it was a series of films that started with Baazigar opposite SRK in 1993 all the way to Kabhi Khushi Kabhie Gham that cemented her place as the most bankable, talented, wilful, dynamic, unpredictable, unconventional and appealing Bollywood actress of her time, and made the Shah Rukh – Kajol jodi one of the best Bollywood pairs whose charm, chemistry and charisma is unmatched till date.

Of course, Kajol wasn’t exactly the darling of the media right after her début; the press and the papers knew they couldn’t ignore her but they weren’t exactly keen to sing her praises. Labelled an “unconventional beauty,” the remark was both a begrudging compliment and a jab as the actress continued to break all set norms for how a Bollywood heroine conducted herself and her “lack of interest in maintaining her appearance by means of slimming, grooming, jewellery or fashion” was keenly noted.

Still, smash hit after smash hit followed and Kajol continued to set her own rules until she decided that she had had enough (for now) and that she was taking a break. And that too at the peak of her career – a point not missed by the media.

Speaking of points not missed, Kajol’s wedding to Ajay Devgan and their subsequently very happy marriage deserves mention. But what’s the story behind the stories? Hpw did they meet? When did they first meet? Ho’d it go with the media?

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Ajay Devgan: The Sensible And Rational Movie Star

Kajol met Ajay Devgan on the sets of Hulchul (1995), a movie in which she went on to act by accident, given that Divya Bharti, the actress who was supposed to star alongside Devgan had an untimely demise. For all the associations that we come to blame fate for, this is certainly one of the most apt.

Anyway, the two didn’t get up to much but it would seem that their getting to know each other was the best part about the movie. Remember, absolutely nothing came of it except that the two acted together, and then said bye once the filming was done.

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It was only after which they had been cast together again in the same year for Gundaraj (so something good did come out of Hulchul) did the two begin to get closer to one another and by the time the movie was in post-production, the duo were dating. Again, this is probably what the movie will be best remembered for – bringing Kajol and Ajay Devgan together.

Of course discussions of Kajol’s wedding plans, the fact of her being a great catch, of Ajay belonging to a Bollywood family too, and how things might go. The media was quick to point out how the two had different personalities and how their relationship clearly wasn’t going to last. Roshmila Bhattacharya of the Hindustan Times wrote, “When Ajay and Kajol started seeing each other, few gave the relationship more than six months.” By the late 90’s, there was no denying that Kajol’s wedding to Ajay was imminent. 17 years later, now, we can confirm that they not only got married but have stayed strong all throughout too.

In the words of Ajay Devgan “We never resorted to the usual ‘I Love you’ routine. A proposal never happened. We grew with each other. Marriage was never discussed, but it was always imminent.” Kajol’s take is characteristically more snarky. “If I had listened to people, I would not even be married,” she quips. We think that by people she is most likely referring to the media here (just a thought).

Soliciting Advice From Her Future Husband

Before they started dating, however, Kajol shares a funny story about how she used to “solicit dating advice” from her husband-to-be because she was “dating someone else” at the time. She says,

Kajol's Wedding To Ajay Devgan - DYK 1

The Date Beckons

There was no formal proposal according to both Kajol and Ajay, the two just figured that one day they would be married. As it happened, that day of Kajol’s wedding to Ajay was fast approaching but a Mumbai daily somehow got wind of the proposed venue and so plans had to change mid-way!

Kajol Wedding To Ajay Devgan - Kajol And Ajay At Their Ultra-Marathi Wedding

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Ajay, who is a very quiet person – just like his dark and brooding roles in his films – didn’t want the media involved in the marriage, he didn’t even hire a professional photographer.

The new venue for Ajay and Kajol’s wedding was to be Ajay’s house and the couple tied the knot in an intimate ceremony on February 24, 1999. The unlikely pair were now united in holy matrimony.

Manish Malhotra, of course, was the one to dress Kajol up for such an occasion (he had been doing a splendid job dressing her up for the movies) and Kajol’s bridal trousseau included a green nauvari saree in kashti style, replete with all of the various bridal embellishments. She looked every bit a queen.

Kajol's Wedding To Ajay Devgan - DYK 2

WATCH: Best Pics From Ajay And Kajol’s Wedding

The Media Continues Its War

The media, after labelling the couple and questioning their compatibility, was not about to let up because of the mere fact that the duo had tied the knot. Instead, they focused on allegations of affairs and trouble with the in-laws and so on and so forth.

Kajol, not the type to take things lying down, or to keep what’s on her mind to herself, wasn’t amused by such baseless allegations and simply stated that she “didn’t care for such talk.”

One point that was highlighted by the media was the fact that she had gotten married and hampered her career at such a critical point, just when she was the reigning queen of Bollywood, and so came the rumours that Kajol’s in-laws wanted her to be a stay-at-home wife (and mum, at some point) and that they were holding her back from her movie career.

Kajol, of course, came out and categorically rubbished all of this talk saying that her “in laws were like parents to her” and that she had begun to call them Ma and Pa one day, just because it felt right.

She also said that they had been most supportive and helpful, and after she returned to acting after a self-imposed five year hiatus. She said that had it not been for their encouragement, she probably would not have returned. That put paid to that.

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Ajay’s Adultery?

Let’s be honest, Ajay Devgan doesn’t seem like the kind of guy to engage in adultery a short while after having gotten married, but you never know with these celebrities right?

Well, that’s what one major magazine thought when they published an exclusive about Ajay’s alleged affair with a up and coming actress (remember, Ajay wasn’t as big a star when he got married, he only really hit his stride a while later), one of the many attacks that Ajay and Kajol’s marriage faced in this time.

Kajol’s response? “I don’t believe in those rumours because I know the way this industry functions. You cannot continue a marriage without the basic trust.”

Miscarriage And Two Beautiful Children

One particularly testing time for the Ajay and Kajol’s marriage was the time when Kajol was first pregnant in 2001. Come December, Kajol was rushed to Breach Candy hospital in Mumbai for an emergency operation due to an ectopic pregnancy – the kind which puts the mother’s life in danger. An emergency operation saved Kajol who said she was “tired but fine” after reaching home, but the couple lost the baby.

Kajol's Wedding To Ajay Devgan - Kajol Seen With Her Kids Nysa And Yug

Ajay and the family were most supportive during this time and the doctors said that Kajol would be fine and able to conceive at a later date, and that’s exactly what happened. 2003 saw the birth of a baby girl, Nysa and seven years later Yug, their boy child was born.

“Simply Put, She Has A Life Beyond Movies”

The above quote came from none other than Manish Malhotra who was trying to explain why Kajol seemed to care little about the world of movies just as her husband was delivering one stellar performance after another.

Kajol who said motherhood “changed her,” much preferred to live a normal life with her children, her friends and family. She said that she had learned a lot from her children, that they were teaching her how to be more accepting of people and how “they wanted to be like their dad growing up, because they thought I cry too much in my movies.”

She received numerous offers but turned them down because motherhood was her first priority and nothing else.

A Solid Couple

Ajay and Kajol are a couple more solid that people gave them credit for 21 years ago when they were dating, or 17 years ago when they got married. Speaking of the same, Kajol once famously joked “Our relationship has worked because I talk a lot and he listens” to which Ajay replied, only half-jokingly that he “sometimes pretends to listen.”

In all seriousness, Kajol and Ajay put their chemistry down to not being alike. Kajol defines herself as “critical and cutting” and Ajay as “a gentleman.” It is this compatibility that has seen Ajay ad Kajol’s marraige cement itself over time; they’ve stay together this long and looking set for another 17 years (and more).

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Attraction has its part to play too as Kajol once admitted to none other than Karan Johar on Koffee with Karan when she called her husband the sexiest man in Bollywood. And despite being goaded by Karan on which Bollywood actor she’d like to go on a date with other than Ajay, she still responded by saying that she’d love to go on more dates with her husband given that they don’t get to spend enough time together!