The John Abraham Marriage And The Secret Wedding That Started It All

Known as one of the most handsome men in the country, John Abraham is a star that all of India loves and adores. Of course, John Abraham was one of the hottest, most eligible bachelors on the market. And when he got hitched to Priya Runchal in 2014, he sure did break quite a few hearts and took the country by surprise. Contrary to his high-profile, public relationship with his ex-girlfriend Bipasha Basu, John made sure that his relationship with Priya remained completely hush-hush.

When Lovers Meet…

john bipasha and priya


While rumours were rife that the John-Bipasha break-up was caused by Priya, the actor firmly denies that he ever cheated on Bipasha. John and Priya met in late 2011. John bumped into Priya at a local in gym in Bandra. Some other sources claim that they met through a common friend back in 2010. But, however they may have met, the rest is history. Soon John and Priya became close friends, which bloomed into love over time.

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John and his wife

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And not long after that, she was accompanying him to many public events by his side. She accompanied John and his mother to the National Film Awards ceremony soon after, and we could see how serious he was about this relationship.

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The Lucky Bride


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And Priya Runchal is quite a catch indeed.

She is not only gorgeous, but is also a graduate in Law from University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA). Now in her late twenties, this gorgeous woman was born and raised in Los Angeles. She is an investment banker by profession and has worked at International Financial Corporation (IFC), which is a part of the World Bank.

When John’s marriage was announced, his father Abraham John welcomed the new member of their family with open arms. He also revealed that Priya would always stop by at their house whenever she was in town. He went on to describe her as a very intelligent woman who would be a great match for John.

The Wedding And The Speculation


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All through 2013, rumours were rife that John Abraham was tying the knot. But when the wedding did happen, it was well out of the media spotlight. In fact, the affair was so quiet that many only realized that he was married after a tweet he sent. John had tweeted “Wishing you and your loved ones a blessed 2014! May this year bring you love, good fortune and joy. Love, John and Priya Abraham.”

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So, how did the wedding take place? Well, it was a very intimate affair with just family in attendance. John and his family were visiting the US to celebrate John’s birthday (December 17). And since Priya is a US citizen, the wedding was solemnized at the office of a registrar in Los Angeles. They chose not to have a religious ceremony. The wedding took place on New Year’s eve.

john abraham and priya

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Priya has chosen to stay away from the glare of the media, and has never discussed her relationship with John. However, the couple has been spending quite some time apart from each other. While John had to return to Mumbai to continue with his work, his beautiful wife Priya was in the US, finishing up her higher studies.

Rumours Of Divorce…

john divorce priya

For quite some time now, there has been quite a bit of speculation that John and Priya’s marriage was on the rocks. Many reports have been seeping into the media that all may not be well in the Madras Café star’s personal life. The media has been speculating that the physical distance between the two has been causing discord.

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However, John soon put all these rumours to rest. Speaking to a leading newspaper, John Abraham said “It’s all crap. I just want to dismiss all of these baseless rumours. It’s release time (John’s film Welcome Back hit the screens on September 4 last year), and people have no better work to do right now. I hope my words are more important than theirs, as far as my life is concerned.” Speaking to PTI, John added, “All is superb in paradise… to set the record straight. Everything is beautiful in paradise. It is not true. You believe all that crap. I just feel bad when people put out things. All is beautiful in (my) paradise.”

Priya has since been spotted with John in Mumbai, and often visited him on the sets, finally putting an end to these rumours. We wish the happy couple a long and prosperous life of togetherness and joy.