Jimmy Shergill Marriage: As Good As It Gets

Jimmy Shergill, a 26-year old aspiring actor, fulfilled his dream when he made his Bollywood debut with Vishal Bhardwaj’s critically-acclaimed Maachis in 1996. The film brought to him instant fame, and the next thing we know, a number of producers are lining up for Jimmy with a slew of offers in hand. Jimmy went on to work with venerable Bollywood film producers like Yash Chopra and Neeraj Pandey, while also making a mark in his native land with his Punjabi films.


When it comes to personal matters, Jimmy dated Priyanka Puri for several years before tying the knot with her in a private wedding ceremony in the year 2001. Jimmy’s love affair has been a simple one, and perhaps a reflection of his real life down-to-earth persona. We take a closer look at the love story of Jimmy Shergill and Priyanka Puri, and the resulting marriage.

Jimmy Shergill – The Journey Of The Actor


Jimmy Shergill was born Jasjit Singh Gill on December 3, 1970 into a Sikh family at Gorakhpur, Uttar Pradesh. Jimmy’s grandaunt is the famous painter Amrita Sher-Gil. Jimmy received most of his education in Lucknow, before moving to complete his higher studies from Punjab University. It was during his university days that Jimmy took a shot at acting, after which he relocated to Mumbai. In 1996, he made his debut, which resulted in a slew of offers and a long career.

Jimmy has worked in more than 50 films in a career that has spanned across two decades. Apart from Hindi films, he has also worked in Punjabi cinema where his efforts have indeed been noteworthy.

Priyanka Puri – The Punjabi Connection Worked


Jimmy met his future soulmate Priyanka Puri at a cousin’s wedding in 1996, after wrapping up the shooting of his first film. He was on a trip to Delhi to liaison with family, when it was love at first sight. Smitten by Priyanka’s vivaciousness, Jimmy stated how “she stood out from the bevy of beauties at the wedding.” He later poured his heart out to his cousin who got the word across to Priyanka – the reply was a terse “no.” But just two days before his scheduled departure to Mumbai, his cousin planned a surprise meeting with Priyanka at a coffee shop, and it is here that the couple-to-be finally broke the ice.

After their first date over a cup of coffee, Jimmy and Priyanka made it a point to stay in touch despite the fact that Jimmy resided in Mumbai, while Priyanka lived with family in Delhi.

“I never felt insecure even though Jimmy was young, handsome and single in the film industry, spending time with beautiful women round-the-clock.”
– Priyanka Puri about her long-distance relationship with Jimmy Shergill

The couple maintained a firm long-distance relationship through phone calls over the course of next four years. There was not a single aspect of their routine that they would not share with each other, and eventually, the realisation dawned that they should be living together.


Jimmy broke the news of his relationship to his parents, who promptly gave their approval – thanks in part to Priyanka’s Punjabi lineage. But Priyanka’s parents had their reservations: Jimmy was okay, but his chosen profession, acting, posed matter for concern. Jimmy has talked about how it took almost a year to convince Priyanka’s father, with the mother having relented beforehand. Eventually, Priyanka’s dad realised that Jimmy was different – despite being a celebrity, he had an air of humility around him. Priyanka’s dad finally assented to the relationship, and the two love-birds tied the knot in April 2001, in one of the classic iterations of an Indian wedding: a Punjabi wedding ceremony in Delhi.

The Small And Sweet World Of The Shergills


After their marriage, Priyanka moved to Mumbai. She was now Mrs. Shergill therefore would accompany her husband to all his shoots, no matter in which corner of the world. In 2004, Priyanka took a break from travelling and work (being an interior and product designer), when the couple had a child, a son whom they called Veer Shergill.

Thereafter, Priyanka pretty much assumed the role of a homemaker, a decision she made because she “didn’t want her son to come back from school to an empty home.” One thing to note about Jimmy Shergill is that he is one among those few actors who has never been linked with any of his co-actresses!

“I had decided that I would be responsible from the beginning of our relationship…. Small adjustments is our formula for a happy relationship.”
– Jimmy Shergill on being committed in marriage

If Jimmy’s the perfect family man, Priyanka is the perfect mom, and with that said, here’s wishing them the very best as we await Jimmy’s next silver screen performance.

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