10 Lovely Jellyfish Coloring Pages For Your Toddler

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Does your little marine biologist love accompanying you to the beach to collect shells and mollusks? Do you want to acquaint your tot with jellyfish in a safe and interesting way? If you said yes, why don’t you consider giving him our jellyfish coloring pages to do just that!

The ocean covers just a little bit over 70% of the Earth’s surface, and it has different species of unique and incredible animals. One such animal is the jellyfish. Jellyfishes are free-floating plankton inhabiting the oceans across the world. These creatures have been around for 500 million years. The seas and oceans are full of jellyfish, but not all are same. Some are as tiny as a fingernail and some huge as a patio umbrella. Jellyfish have not developed a brain for as long as they have existed. Moreover, as harmless as it looks, a jellyfish is highly venomous.

Teach your child about the various types of jellyfish with our coloring pages of Jellyfish. These ten jellyfish coloring pages are suitable for toddlers, preschoolers, and toddlers. He will get to learn some interesting facts about jellyfish while decorating these fascinating coloring pages below.

10 Interesting Jellyfish Coloring Pages:

1. J For Jellyfish:

Are you helping your child recognize the alphabet? Then this wiggly jellyfish coloring page can help. Tell your kid to trace the letter J in the uppercase and lowercase with pencil, felt pen or crayons. Then have him color the letter in the brightest and boldest colors. You can also include a few fun facts about jellyfish in the coloring page. Or discuss the other animals starting with the letter J.

2. A Simple Jellyfish Coloring Page:

Here’s a simple coloring page of a jellyfish. The jellyfish may look pretty in shades of orange and pink, but its sting is dangerous. Jellyfish have stinging cells in their tentacles called nematocysts. The stinging mechanism triggers even by the lightest of touch and can release the toxins faster than a gun releases a bullet. A jellyfish uses its sting for protection and hunting. So, it’s best to observe one in a zoo or an aquarium.

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3. Purple Striped Jellyfish:

Here’s a purple striped jellyfish coloring sheet. As the name suggests, the Purple Striped Jellyfish is a giant, purple colored jellyfish that floats in the waters of the Monterey Bay in California. The jellyfish is quite formidable and grows up to three feet in diameter. It has a body with radial patterns and the tentacles consist of eight long, dark arms and four frilly oral arms. The purple striped jellyfish uses its stinging tentacles to bring down its prey like larval fish, fish eggs, and zooplankton.

4. Sea Wasp Box Jellyfish:

The sea wasp box jellyfish is one of the most deadly creatures, not just in the ocean, but on the planet as well. This terrifying jellyfish has caused more than 5,500 deaths since 1954. The Sea Wasp Box has fifteen tentacles reaching up to 10 feet in length. Each tentacle has half a million darts, which are full of venom. Each one of these darts can kill up to 60 people by causing cardiovascular arrest within a matter of a few minutes. Even the pain from its sting is quite intense and can cause death even before the venom reacts. Sea Wasp Box jellyfish are endemic in the tropical and subtropical waters of the Pacific and Atlantic.

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5. Moon Jellyfish:

Here is a cute pictures of Jellyfish to color. The moon jellyfish is a common jellyfish. You will spot these jellyfish wandering in the aquariums. Moon jellyfishes also sting, but the sting is very mild and is not very dangerous or life-threatening. In fact, these jellyfish are not dangerous at all. The moon jellyfishes are native to the Atlantic coast of Northern Europe. They prefer living in the water with the temperature not exceeding 19 centigrade. And they can live up to 25 years.

6. Lion’s Mane Jellyfish:

Lion’s Mane jellyfish is one of the most beautiful and largest jellyfish. The jellyfish has trailing tentacles that remember a lion’s mane. Its tentacles reach up to 100 feet long, the bell alone reaching eight feet in diameter. These tremendous and surreal jellyfish travel in large bloom. Besides being the biggest and most beautiful jellyfish, Lion’s Mane jellyfish is also extremely deadly. A sting from this jellyfish can cause debilitating pain. The jellyfish, or sea blubber as it is renowned, is native to the cold waters of the Pacific and Atlantic oceans.

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7. Marlin, Dory, And Jellyfish:

Here’s a coloring page of Marlin and Dory surrounded by the jellyfish. These creatures are minor characters in the film. In the movie, the jellyfishes surround Dory and Marlin while they go to search Nemo. Squishy tries to trap Marlin and Dory when Dory annoys him. While attempting to come out of the jellyfish field, Dory gets stung severely.

8. Cassiopeia Jellyfish:

Here are three Cassiopeia jellyfish wandering in the water. Cassiopeia is a jellyfish from the scyphozoan genus. You will find them inhabiting the lakes, turtle grass mudflats and mangrove swamps of Florida and some other parts of the world. These jellyfishes live upside down in the bottom of the water bodies. They always appear in groups and come in shades of blue, green, white and brown.

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9. SpongeBob And Jellyfish:

The jellyfishes are playing with SpongeBob, and he is clearly not enjoying it. In the series, the jellyfishes reside in the Jellyfish Fields. The location is home to around 10 million jellyfish. SpongeBob and his friend Patrick always go jellyfish hunting in the show. They release the jellyfish unharmed after some time. Most of the time, the jellyfishes allow SpongeBob and Patrick to catch them. But can even sting them if they try to act too smart around them.

10. Sea Nettle Jellyfish:

The sea nettle is a dangerous jellyfish. It has long, wispy 24 tentacles that can reach as far as 6 feet. Their stings are extremely poisonous and cause extreme pain. But thankfully, their stings are not life-endangering. Sea Nettle Jellyfishes catch the light, which enables them to stand out under the correct conditions. These jellyfish are common in the Chesapeake Bay area of the United States.

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These Jellyfish coloring sheets will take your little one on an underwater adventure right from his living room. Your child will love these cool jellyfish facts. In the process, he will get an excellent comprehension workout too. What marine animal does your child admire the most? Tell us here.

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