Jaya Prada Marriage: How To Be The Other Woman

In her heyday, Jaya Prada was considered the ‘most beautiful actress’ in Indian cinema, a flawless beauty the likes of which Bollywood hadn’t ever seen. There was something about this beauty from Rajahmundry that would leave eyes ever appreciating her ethereal beauty. To all her potential suitors, Jaya Prada’s marriage was thus

Indeed, Jaya Prada started her film career as a teenager, and later in life even gave a shot at politics, which raised lot of eyebrows. But nothing came close to creating a stir than Jaya Prada’s marriage decision to film producer Srikanth Nahata, becoming his second wife .  Nahata was a married man with three children but that did not hinder Jaya’s intentions to tie the knot with him. What led to this completely surprise wedding? The answer is as follows:

From Lalita Rani To Jaya Prada

Jaya Prada's Marriage

Jaya Prada was born on 3rd April 1962 with the birth name Lalita Rani at Rajahmundry in the state of Andhra Pradesh. Lalita’s father worked as a film financier, while her mother was a home-maker. She had a humble upbringing, and her mother laid great emphasis on her education as well extra-curricular activities like dance and music. The young Jaya began learning classical Indian dance at the tender age of seven and soon became a skilled performer in quite a few years’ time. When she was 14, she was offered a three minute dance sequence in a Telugu film by a director who had seen her dance performance at her school’s annual day celebrations.

Jaya accepted the offer and soon caught the attention of film producers, which marked a barrage of film offers for her. Since her debut in 1976, Jaya Prada has worked in over 50 films across five different languages.

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Jaya Prada’s Marriage : Ready To Play The Second Fiddle

Jaya Prada's Marriage -Husband-Srikant-Nahata

Jaya Prada was, at the peak of her career circa 1985, one of the highest paid actresses in the industry. It is somewhere around the mid-1980s that she landed herself in a dispute with the income tax department, which seriously affected her life. Enter Srikanth Nahata, a film producer, who came to the rescue of the damsel in distress. In an interview once, Jaya shared that during those stressful moments in her life, Srikanth supported her emotionally, while also providing the legal help she needed to resolve the tussle with the I.T. department. Srikanth was a married man, and already had three children but that did not stop Jaya and Srikanth to bond on the emotional front. People were already murmuring about their alleged relationship but no one was prepared for what the couple did next. This is where the rumour’s surrounding Jaya’s marriage reached their peak.

Jaya Prada’s Marriage : Being The Second Wife

In 1986,  Jaya Prada’s Marriage to Srikanth took place in a private ceremony, even while Srikanth was espoused to his first wife. After marriage, Jaya continued to work in films but soon became the subject of ridicule by tabloids and conservationists. She was invariably labelled as the ‘other woman’ in the life of a married man, and many even questioned the apathy of Srikanth’s first wife. Needless to say Jaya had to stay away from Srikanth for a long time due to the fact she could not live at his residence, and also because of the contempt she was facing from all corners.

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The Other Woman Forever

Jaya Prada's Marriage - The Second wife

Jaya continued to be the second wife of Srikanth Nahata, who never divorced his first wife. It is still unknown why his other wife never came out in the light or file a divorce or, even as a matter of fact, at least publicly scorn at Jaya Prada. Either way, Jaya remained virtually married and in practicality was a single woman all through her life. Her maternal yearnings led her to adopt her sister’s son, whom she treats as her own. She never had any children from her marriage, and little is known on the current status of her marriage, and Srikanth Nahata. Irrespective of the past. Jaya remains an actress best remembered for her exceptionally good looks, and for someone who set high standards for natural beauty in the show business.

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