Jaggery: How Does It Help You To Lose Weight?


Jaggery is used as a natural sweetener in many delicious desserts. Despite its unrefined raw appearance, no one can deny the therapeutic benefits associated with jiggery. This medicinal sugar has no added chemicals. So, it is always a better substitute for white sugar.

Jaggery has distinctive golden brown color that varies from light to dark. It contains sucrose for sweetening. It is enriched with the goodness of proteins, fibres, minerals and calories. Due to its preparation from sugarcane juice, it is quite savoury in its taste. To make this a natural sweetener, sugarcane juice is boiled, cooled and then poured in containers to crystallize. With 50% sucrose, 20% moisture, 20% sugars and nutrients, jaggery has proved to be an excellent remedy for weight loss.

Jaggery For Weight Loss:

is Jaggery good for weight loss? Jaggery facilitates easy digestion of food as it has high nutrient content. At the same time, it cleanses the blood and flushes out the toxins from body. Here is how Jaggery helps in weight loss:

1. Water Retention In Body:

Jaggery has storehouse of essential minerals including potassium. It helps to control the retention of water in your body. As such, you can manage your weight loss regimen quite effectively by consuming jaggery on a daily basis.

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2. Improves Metabolism:

High level of vitamins and minerals in jaggery enhance its ability to induce weight loss. These nutrients help to maintain electrolyte balance and improve metabolism. Thus, for a well-toned body, include this medicinal sweetener to your diet plan.

Jaggery Recipes For Weight Loss:

Now that you are aware of the properties possessed by Jaggery for weight loss, let us find out the ways to include it in your diet. Here are two common jaggery recipes to enjoy its delicious and nutritious taste:

1. Jaggery Sweet Candy (Chikki):

This recipe is excellent for availing all the benefits of jaggery, especially in winter season.


  • Medium sized ball of jiggery
  • Some peeled peanuts
  • Sesame seeds
  • Ghee for smearing the plate

How To Prepare:

  1. Roast the sesame seeds in a pan and let it cool.
  2. Heat the jaggery ball on medium flame in a non-stick pan. It will take only 2 minutes for melting.
  3. Turn off the flame immediately. Otherwise your candy will become hard enough to be crunched by your teeth.
  4. In this molten jaggery, add roasted sesame and peanuts.
  5. Pour this mixture in a pre-greased plate.
  6. Allow it to set and then cut neatly with a knife into shape of your choice.

Your mouth-watering chikki is ready with its juicy sweet flavour. You can also add some nuts to give it a crispy flavour.

2. Jaggery Tea: 

Jaggery tea is simple and easy to prepare.


  • Tea
  • Jaggery

How To Prepare:

  1. You can prepare this tea in the usual manner.
  2. To make this special flavoured tea, you just need to add jaggery instead of sugar. However, add it in moderation for soothing flavour and adequate intake.

Make it a habit to include this tea in your daily routine. This tea helps to control calorie count in your body. Due to sucrose, it also saves you from harmful effects of white sugar.

How Much Jaggery To Eat For Weight Loss:

It is quite important to control the amount of jaggery that you consume daily. It should never exceed the acceptable limits. For a normal person, 2 tsp of jaggery is sufficient on daily basis.

Word Of Caution:

Always remember that over indulgence in jaggery may reverse its benefits for your health. Instead of reducing weight, it may lead to substantial weight gain in some cases. Diabetic patients are advised to avoid eating jaggery. It has sugar content which may be detrimental to their health.

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Jaggery is easily available at food stores in its raw form. Beverages are made from jaggery. Include this wonderful sweetener in your kitchen to discover these Jaggery benefits for weight loss. Of course, with some precautions!

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