Jade's Latest Bridal Collection Beckons The Modern Bride

The bridal couture segment in the Indian fashion world is chock-a-block with options for prospective brides, and not merely options – it is a segment of the fashion industry that is teeming with talent after all – an array of trousseaus, anarkalis, lehengas and the like await their crowning glory – adorning a blushing bride on her wedding day.

It is in this very segment that the word unique gets thrown around a lot, and mostly for good reason, to be successful here is to stand out after all, but in the case of the Jade designer label by Monica Shah and Karishma Swali, the word unique isn’t merely an attribute, or a characteristic, or a superlative lazily attributed to any collection or designer who seems innovative or unconventional, it lies at the very essence of what Jade was born out of, and has always aspired to be.

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Right from it’s beginnings in Mumbai in 2008, the Jade designer label’s continuous evolution over the years has had at it’s core an unwavering fundament – the effortless fusion of Eastern and Western elements into luxurious, elegant bridal couture; a formula that proved to be a firm favourite with modern brides since it’s very inception. Their latest collection, dubbed “The Tribal Princess,” pays tribute to and derives from the age old Indian art of ikkat.

We caught up for a quick chat with one half of the Mumbai based duo, Monica Shah, to talk about their latest collections, philosophy, and bridal couture in general.

Q: How did the idea come about for a signature trousseau trunk?

Bridal dress by jade

A: You know, the Indian bride has always had the trousseau showing, it’s a big thing in India. So I always thought, why give a lehenga in just a packet or cover? I wanted to give them really nice packaging, like a treasure trunk, because they will treasure that lehenga, and they can hand it over …

Q: Like an heirloom?

A: Precisely, an heirloom. You tend to treasure it so much, so I thought of a treasure chest. And these vintage boxes are so precious, they also look very nice.

Q: So, it’s like bringing back tradition, in a sense. And you offer engravings!

A: Yes, we offer personalization for all of our brides. It’s really nice to have a personalized dress done, and these days, everyone wants specialized, individualized couture is the in thing.

Q: Your last collection was inspired by the Hoysala Temples. How do you, with your design, pay tribute to the architectural and cultural heritage of India?

jade collection

A: Last year our designs were very much inspired by the temples of Hoysala because I had traveled there and was enchanted by those temples, every detail of their carving. I remember thinking to myself, even if I do years and years of work, I’m not going to be able to do enough research. Anyway, that was the last collection. (laughs) You know what though; India has so much to offer that sometimes I don’t know if I can really even cover the tip!

Q: Tell us about “The Tribal Princess.” Was that inspired by a journey as well?

tribal princess

A: No it wasn’t. This year I’ve worked on “The Tribal Princess,” which picks up on ikkat (an art of dyeing) from the various tribes of India. I really wanted to do something with ikkat because you know the real ikkat takes very long to do and is very expensive, so I wanted to revive you know, in my own way.

Q: That’s very interesting. So we know you guys experiment, but tell us how the Jade bride is experimental?

A: Well, first off, the Jade bride is very young. And most brides these days are well traveled, well educated, and no longer the shy bride who always listens to their in-laws and buys into, and literally buys what they want! I think contemporary brides make a strong statement as to who they are, because that’s what’s in their personality, and we like our couture to make that strong statement as well!

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