Isha Koppikar Marriage: True Love Calls Twice

Isha Koppikar is perhaps best remembered as the girl from a much talked about item number, Khallas, from 1999’s Company. While Isha had already been around a while, it was that dance routine that brought her instant fame – she’s been known as that Khallas Girl ever since. However, despite her “item girl” image, Isha has featured in a number of critically acclaimed as well as commercially successful films.

In 2009 Isha married her hotelier beau, Timmy Narang, to whom she was introduced courtesy of Preity Zinta. This was a re-introduction, however as Isha had already known Timmy for quite a while – the two were friends. It was only after Preity’s introduction that Isha considered a romantic twist to their affiliation, and that’s exactly what transpired. Isha and Timmy were married on 29th November 2009. But was Timmy Isha’s first and only love?

Isha Koppikar – Khallas Girl, But More

Isha Koppikar

Isha Koppikar was born on 19th September 1976 in Mumbai to a family of Konkani origin. She received all of her education in Mumbai, and had no intentions of joining show business during her school days. It was when she was in college, working as a model for a leading fashion photographer, that she began to get noticed by the various agencies. She later went on to appear in several advertisements of leading and global brands, and eventually made her film debut with the Telugu movie Chandralekha in 1998.

After Khallas, Isha has worked on 40 films spread over five languages, and she has seen mixed success – some of her films have done well both critically and commercially.

Inder Kumar – The First Love


Isha Koppikar’s first tryst with love began some time in the late 1990s with actor Inder Kumar, who is perhaps best known for playing Salman Khan’s sidekick in the film Wanted (2009). Little is known about their first meeting and the progression of their relationship, but it is speculated that Isha met Inder on the sets of a movie somewhere around 1998. Isha was close to Inder’s family, and she frequently visited him at his family home. It was, for both parties, their first real relationship, and the two were strongly committed to one another.

The relationship was going strong up until 2002, when the couple took an impromptu decision to give their relationship a break. Isha later shared that she foresaw her popularity overshadowing Inder’s, and that would have been no good for his career, not that he was doing particularly well anyway. Thus to give Inder some space, and with the possibility of making it big independently, the duo decided to separate for good. While the couple’s intentions were noble, Inder soon started seeking solace elsewhere and by 2003 he got romantically involved with Sonal Kariya, the daughter of film publicist Rajoo Kariya. Inder and Sonal had a lavish wedding but the marriage barely lasted five months. Inder was soon back to his old flame Isha.

If Isha and Inder’s relationship took a hit after his sudden and tumultuous decision to marry, she never showed it. Isha maintained an air of calm and never publicly said a word against her beau. In a 2006 interview, she even shared that she remains a good friend of Inder’s, and that they still get along quite well. Despite that, Isha was not keen on just being Inder’s arm candy any more, and in 2007 disclosed her intentions of getting married and cementing their relationship. While Inder was okay with having her as a friend, he was not so keen about marriage, especially considering he had just come out of a disastrous one. Since Isha realised that the two weren’t quite on the same page and her efforts were going to be in vain, she decided to break-up with Inder once and for all in 2008. Isha has since stated that the past doesn’t bother her and that she “has forgotten everything.”

Timmy Narang – The Love For Life


In 2005, Isha was introduced to hotelier Timmy Narang at a gym by certain acquaintances, and the two swapped phone numbers right away. Isha and Inder stayed connected to one another through SMSes for almost three years but it never dawned on them that they could actually work out a proper relationship. Such inklings, however, did take shape in 2008 when they met again in the presence of Preity Zinta who had become good pals with Isha. Preity had earlier promised Isha that she would find a suitable groom for her, but little did Priety know that the man in question would turn out to already be an acquaintance of Isha.


After their second meeting, Isha and Timmy considered working on a relationship together, and lo and behold, everything went as planned. The two hit it off on a romantic note. “I am having the best days of my life” gushed Isha in a particularly candid interview. The couple kept their relationship under wraps for some time but soon made a reveal in late 2008. Things were going smooth and in mid-2009, Timmy proposed to Isha in a truly fairy-tale setting: Disneyland!

Marriage And Togetherness Forever


Despite the ‘rich man’ tag Isha had playfully given Timmy, the couple opted for a simple Mumbai wedding on the 29th of November, 2009. The couple then held a reception for their friends from the industry. Both the marriage and reception saw the couple dressed in their best, and the glow on their faces said it all!

Isha and Inder were blessed with daughter Rianna on July 2014, and the pair has been in a happy relationship ever since. They make for a swell couple and we wish the Narang family the very best.

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