Is Kayaking A Good Exercise?

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Are you tired of getting out of bed to perform your same old fitness routine? Does the thought of performing an adventure sport to shed those extra calories excite you? Well, if it does, you should consider reading this post. We will look at Kayaking and how it can be beneficial for your body.

Why Kayaking?

Gyms can be constrictive and make you feel bored. Sometimes you are just lazy and sometimes you feel trapped and exhausted. Kayaking is quite fun and people usually forget that kayaking is an exercise. While you are in the kayak, you get so involved in paddling that you forget to realize that some of your muscle groups get toned.

Now that you know Kayaking can be a good exercise, you might want to know how it is beneficial for your body.

1. Strong Arms:

One of the best things about kayaking is how it affects your arms. Kayaking enhances your arm size and strengthens your arms and forearms. As you paddle, you work against the water and this resistance training helps develop and tone your muscles. Regular kayaking helps increase the circumference of your arms.

2. Better Grip:

On the kayak, you usually tend to hold the paddle quite firmly. This helps strengthen your grip and in turn helps you improve your grip strength to a considerable extent.

3. Strong Shoulders:

Kayaking is the best way to build your shoulders, back and chest muscles. Kayaking helps broaden your shoulder and helps tone your body. Kayaking usually involves:

  • Lifting the paddle
  • Paddling
  • Pushing the paddle
  • Twisting your upper body

These actions have a brilliant impact on your back, shoulders and chest muscles. When you regularly kayak, you will witness a steady increase in your upper body size.

4. Heart Healthy:

Swimming may be the best exercise for treating heart conditions, but kayaking is surely the most interesting one. Kayaking regularly ensures that you don’t have to perform other cardio workouts. Moreover, kayaking on a river is more fun than simply running on a treadmill.

5. Increases Core Strength:

Your core is the most important part of your body. Instead of spending hours and hours in the gym performing arm, back and lower body routines, get in that kayak and work your core along with these important muscle groups. The controlled upper body twist that kayakers usually have helps enhance your core strength.

6. Improves Body:

Kayaking helps you build muscles and burn fat, which improves your body. Kayaking also speeds up lean muscle development. To improve your body composition, make sure that you can reduce fat content and increase your muscle mass.

7. Improves Lower Body Strength:

Although your legs are usually stagnant when you go kayaking, they are used quite effectively while you are on the kayak. You need to apply constant pressure with your legs to maintain a balance and be stable while you paddle. This motion usually helps you increase and improve your lower body strength.

Apart from all this, Kayak exercise routine can also help patients of Parkinson’s disease as it improves their bed mobility and trunk rotation (1).

So, if you are flabby and out of shape and don’t want to go to gym, or can’t work up the motivation to exercise in a closed room, you should consider kayaking. It helps you de-stress and enjoy the ride, along with building your muscle groups and providing you with an important workout.

Even if you begin this activity wanting to get into better shape, you will realize that it is wicked fun. If you don’t know how to swim, consider wearing a life vest when you go out on your kayak. If you regularly perform the kayaking exercise or you consider beginning soon, don’t forget to tell us. Leave a comment below.

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