Irfan Pathan Marriage: Bowled Over By A Jeddah Girl

Irfan Pathan Marriage; Irfan Pathan won many hearts with his power-packed performances on the cricket field. But this lad from Vadodara got completely bowled-over by a damsel from Jeddah. The Irfan Pathan marriage to the Jeddah-based model Safa Baig was an extremely low-key affair with only close family members attending the main nikaah ceremony. Not even Irfan’s close buddies from the Indian cricket team were aware as to who exactly the bride was, and it was only at the lavish reception in Vadodara that everyone got to know about Safa Baig, his bride. The Safa Baig Irfan Pathan marriage has been mostly a mystery, and we unravel it here.

Irfan Pathan Marriage - Irfan Pathan

Meeting The Lovely Safa Baig

Irfan Pathan Marriage - Safa Baig

before the Safa Baig Irfan Pathan marriage not much was known in India about Safa. Safa Baig is a Jeddah-based model who has been active in the modelling circuit in middle-east for quite a decent amount of time. It is reported that she is also a professional nail-art artist and an executive editor in a PR firm. Safa Baig has worked with numerous popular fashion magazines, and is familiar face in the Gulf. It is said that Irfan met Safa in 2014, when he was on one of his cricket tours. While it is not known as to when and how the couple met, it is speculated that the duo happened to cross paths at a public event or social gathering. In spite of being 10 years younger to the 30-something Irfan Pathan, Safa built a solid rapport with the cricketer.

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Although Safa grew up in Jeddah, her family originally belongs to Hyderabad, India and she is an Indian national. After getting to know each other better for almost two years, Irfan is said to have invited Safa to Vadodara to introduce her to his family. Irfan and Safa’s relationship matured with time, and the two developed a strong bond. As time passed by, Safa and Irfan realised that they needed to take it to the next level, and thus decided it was time for an Irfan Pathan marriage in early 2016.

The Low-Key Irfan Pathan Marriage And The Grand Reception

Irfan Pathan Marriage - The Wedding Invite

Safa and Irfan chose the holy city of Mecca as the location for their traditional nikaah ceremony, which was followed by a dinner reception in Jeddah. Only family members from both sides and extremely close friends were invited to the wedding, which was a completely traditional one. Media was of course kept out of it, and wedding cards were handed out directly to the invitees.

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Irfan Pathan Marriage - Irfan Pathan And Safa Baig's Official Wedding Pic

Irfan Pathan Marriage - Irfan Pathan With Laxman's Family
Irfan Pathan Marriage - Irfan Pathan With The Team
Irfan Pathan Marriage - Irfan Pathan With Shaber

After the traditional wedding ceremony at Mecca on 4th February 2016, the newly-wed couple packed their bags for Vadodara. It was here that they hosted a grand reception at the splendid Laxmi Vilas Palace. It was a truly a grand affair indeed. The wedding reception was attended by some of the leading names in Indian cricket, and also by a slew of celebrities from the showbiz. The dinner was arranged in the huge palatial grounds of the Laxmi Vilas Palace. Irfan looked at his happiest best, and it was surely the moment for which he had been waiting for a long time. Wonder why? The next section should answer that.

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The First Innings Of Love!

Irfan Pathan Marriage - Irfan Pathan And Safa Baig

While many consider Safa as Irfan’s first crush, the thing is that she was his second love. Before falling for the Jeddah girl, it was a lady from Australia who charmed Irfan Pathan. The girl was Shivangi Dev, a Chartered Accountant working in Canberra, daughter of an Indian diplomat working at the Indian Embassy in Australia. In 2003, Irfan Pathan made his test début in Adelaide Oval, and it was during the course of the tour that the Indian cricket team was invited by the Indian Embassy for a honorary dinner. It was somewhere around dinner time that Irfan and Shivangi met each other, and the the two got talking. It is said that they became good friends.

It was confirmed that they were definitely more than friends by 2007, when Shivangi made an appearance as a spectator for one of Irfan’s Ranji trophy match. It was later learnt from the dressing room insiders that Irfan was very much serious about his relationship with Shivangi, and so was she. It is said that their families opposed their relationship initially but over a period of time agreed to it. By 2011, the couple had all plans of getting married, since it had been nearly eight years since they had known each other. But Irfan was keen on seeing his brother Yusuf settle down first, and had even shared in an interview that he would only marry when Yusuf would get married. It is said that Shivangi was keen on getting into wedlock as soon as possible but Irfan wanted to wait since his brother was not married yet. This apparently outright annoyed Shivangi, and it is said by late 2012, the couple stopped interacting with each other. They initially reduced the frequency of their interactions, and then broke up completely.

In an early 2013 interview, Irfan acknowledged his past relationship with Shivangi and shared that he is no longer dating her. He even added that he is completely single, and looking for a right girl to fall in love and marry since he does not want to have an arranged marriage. The once doting couple who courted each other for a long time sadly separated ways. Not much is known about Shivangi after that.

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A year later, Irfan happened to meet the pretty Safa Baig and the two eventually decided to tie the knot. We wish this adorable couple the very best.

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