25 Of The Most Innovative And Intimate Wedding Gift Ideas

Somebody you know is getting married, a once-in-a-lifetime celebration and you’re out of ideas on what to gift? Worry not, as we’ve been looking all around to give you this list of super-cool and unique wedding gift ideas that’ll not just make you jolly but also make for an exciting gift for the couple.

1. Home-Made Dinner For Two: One Of The Most Unique Wedding Gift Ideas

Home-Made Dinner For Two: One Of The Most Unique Wedding Gift Ideas

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Who wouldn’t love a romantic dinner, one that is completely home-made. You know their tastes, their preferences; so pick up a basket full of groceries to gift the couple, and throw in a few relevant recipes as well. It’ll not just be cool, but get you in their best books.

2. Frame Their Wedding Invite:

People have all sorts of memorabilia from their weddings – pictures, letters and what not. But they generally forget to keep a copy of their wedding card as they’re only left with a few, long before the wedding happens and as the date nears, they’ve too many things to do. So frame their wedding invite and gift it to them on their big day. Simple, economical and personal, it will be a gift they will surely love.

3. Dabble In Some Scrabble:

You know they’ve bonded over board games and scrabble’s their favourite. Gift a framed set of scrabble tiles spelling their names out. Now that will give you 3X love!

4. Lend ’em A Hand:

So you’re good at photography or singing, or painting or just plain managing? Or it could be anything else the to-be-weds might need a hand with. Lend them your services, help them cut costs and efforts. Volunteer and then do your best, it’ll be sure make the couple happy. A gift that is more personal and practical than most other things that you could do.

5. A Message On Bone China:

Pick some good Bone China, take some permanent markers and scribble your heart out! Bake it for a while in the oven and you’ll have a piping hot one-of-a-kind gift for the wedding.

6. The Melted Wine Bottle:

Encapsulate their wedding invite in a melted Wine Bottle. It is timeless, beautiful and a keepsake which will be a cool decorative piece newlyweds will love.

7. Wine Basket Tags For Each First Event:

A unique gift that is sure to impress! A set of wine basket tags with a poem for each first event in the new couples lives.

8. A Custom Wine Basket:

Better still, if your wallet allows it, go for the set of wine bottles for each first event of their lives. It will be unique, and it’s sure to be memorable.

9. A Painted Key Holder:

Gift them a key holder, custom made and hand painted by you- for that extra special touch that will make them go awww.

10. Sponsor A Honeymoon:

Wedding Gift Ideas - Sponsor a Honeymoon

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You love them like your own? Then this is the nicest gift you can give for kick starting their wedded life. Sponsor a Honeymoon trip, with all the zillions of tour packages and lovely places to see, it’s not going to be that hard to pick the one that suits their preferences and also your pocket.

11. A Personalised Stamp Set:

Wedding Gift Ideas - A Personalised Stamp Set

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Now they have a home, a common name and are a family. Gift them a customised stamp set that would make their stationery look cool. Off-beat, yes! Useful, definitely!

12. Framed Star Signs:

Wedding Gift Ideas - Framed Star Signs

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“Written in Their Stars” is a custom sun sign frame that’s sure to make their wall look good. It’s very uncommon and yet simple enough and makes for a great gift for the astrology lovers.

13. Custom Cake Toppers:

She’s tiny and pretty. He’s big, bold and beastly. If yes, gift them these funny, life-like handmade cake toppers to make their big day superlatively special.

14. The Sweet Suitcase:

Pick the sweetest, choose the choicest and pack ‘em up in a classy old suitcase! If you’re a master of chocolate churning, then this is something you’ll love to do, but it’s alright if you buy them off the shelf too. Chocolate works, anytime.

15. Commission A Live-Painting:

Wedding Gift Ideas - Commission a Live-Painting

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Make their wedding feel royal! This was a practice that the Royals all over the world had for their weddings. Commission an artist to paint the wedding – Live. It’s an idea that is killer, classy, relevant and it also could be an art piece that’ll be the centrepiece of their living room for ages to come.

16.Trail Cans For The Wedding Car:

Trail Cans is a tradition that’s fading. Not many these days are thinking about it, or all the art deco and stuff has made ‘em forgetful. So Gift them a customised set of trail cans for their getaway car. It’s an age old practice that will never lose its charm, and the best part is, you can hand paint them in an hour. A simple gift that will surely be a memorable one for the couple.

17. Donate To A Charity:

Did you know that many cultures traditionally encouraged donations to social causes, instead of splurging on gifts for the newlyweds? It might sound philosophical, but this could be one of the most sensible gifts to give a couple who are happy, independent and wouldn’t really need a materialistic gift. Do some good in their names.

18. Minibar In A Jar:

A mini bar in a Jar! Read it real slow and the name itself sounds so good! An epic gift for the liqueur connoisseur couple. Pack a bunch of the best drinks in a simple glass jar and gift it to the couple. According to your budget, you can scale the idea, get more exotic drinks or even order a custom made wooden jar. The flexibility this gifting idea offers is phenomenal though, if you’re running low – you can just pick up their fav beers and bundle ‘em up or can go all out and buy the exquisite ones, a gift that is enjoyable and an idea that is scalable.

19. The Cutting Board Message:

Wedding Gift Ideas - The Cutting Board Message

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Cutting boards are cool, everyday use items that a newlywed couple will surely need. Gift them a custom made cutting board with a message. Write your own, or share your family’s heirloom recipe of granny’s exotic biryani. Whatever the message is, being read on a cutting board will give your gift a cutting edge.

20. Embroidered Gloves:

Wedding Gift Ideas - Embroidered Gloves

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Did you know that knitted gloves were a symbol of good luck? It is still a practiced tradition in the Latin American families for the maternal side to knit and gift gloves to the bride-to-be. It is considered as a “passing-on” of the motherly skills and good luck from one generation of women to the next. Knit them some love with your special customized gloves. Soft, embroidered gloves, that have their names on them. It will surely make the couple feel extra special when you tell them this tale or write a note along with the gloves.

21. Star Trek Phone Case:

Wedding Gift Ideas - Star Trek Phone Case

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Star trek was an epic, an epic that’s still one of the biggest franchisees in the world of sci-fi and cinema. This gifting idea is an easy DIY project for all the Star Trek lovers out there, a Spock phone case! You can even choose a character each for the bride and the groom and pair it up. As its all handmade by you, it not only makes it super special but also very pocket friendly. Once again proves that you don’t have to splurge to give a super cool gift!

22. Cat-Toe Flats:

Wedding Gift Ideas - Cat-Toe Flats

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Observation number one: Women love their footwear. Observation number two: They love to have ‘em in all the colors that an human eye can distinguish. Observation number three: They love to paint/customize and do quirky stuff with the things they’ve. Now mix ‘em all up and you’ll have this set of coloured cat-toe flats.

A funky gift that’s a good laugh. Pick a colour she likes and paint ’em up as you like. She can wear ’em if she’s adventurous types or even put them up on the showcase. The idea is scalable, you can mix and match or may be even paint some boots for the man too.

23. The Bear Key Chain:

Wedding Gift Ideas - The Bear Key Chain

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Keys here, keys there, keys everywhere! Wouldn’t a happy bear look interesting amongst the boring bunch of key chains. A DIY leather bear, that’s an overload of cuteness. A gift the newlyweds will find thoughtful and useful!

24. The Cat Cup:

Wedding Gift Ideas - The Cat Cup

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Cats are cute, cats are pretty, cats are cultured and so damn sophisticated that you can nothing but love them. For all the purring machine lovers out there, a DIY idea that’s easy and funny. Say hello to this friendly feline.

25. The Rope Vase:

Wedding Gift Ideas - The Rope Vase

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Did you know that vases were a symbol of love and good luck in the medieval world? That’s one reason why vases are always a part of the artifacts at any museum. And who wouldn’t like a handmade rope flower vase? Something they can wake up to everyday, a bunch of beautiful flowers in a lovely vase. Gift the couple this beautiful hand made rope vase and give them not just good wishes but also lots of love and good luck, just like ol’ times!