50 Inspirational Love Quotes To Bring Back The Mojo Of Life

There are few forces in this world that transcend beyond limits and borders, on the way touching as many souls without a single moment of disparity and discrimination. It is the emotion we often find solace in. It is the tranquil feeling of love. To capture this deep sentiment of love, we bring you 50 inspirational love quotes. Read and share.


Inspirational Love Quotes - Love Yourself First

Number on on our list of inspirational love quotes is the most important one. Like they say, charity begins from home. The emotion of love can grow and blossom within you only when you first plant the seed of self-appreciation and self-care in your heart.


Inspirational Love Quotes - Light In The Darkness

Love is known to melt even the hardest and coldest of hearts with its warm reassuring touch. It asks for little but gives you so much that you can’t help but appreciate the change which it inevitably brings in your life; truly, a gem among inspirational love quotes.

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Inspirational Love Quotes - Take Off Your Mask

Love and affection of any sort and amount is enough to melt a heart that has gone cold due to the fear of facing the world without it. It could be just because the world treated that person bad, but a tender touch of love is all it will take to mend it.


Inspirational Love Quotes - Different From Before

The magic of being loved and adoring someone brings a change to every pore, every cell inside you. If you had been morose, you feel lively now. If you had been sad, then you feel a sense of happiness in every task and every moment of your life, thus making you feel like a different person altogether.


Inspirational Love Quotes - That Purifying Fire

Inspirational love quotes are one thing, but this one’s a trick-answer. Everything throws a test once in a while and love is no exception. There are times when things get arduous even in the most ardent love stories. One needs to have patience and understand that this is a component of love that will work its way through to make love more brilliant and resilient.


Inspirational Love Quotes - You Don't Have Forever

There are many of us who waste a lot of time in waiting for the right moment to start displaying our love and care. Or there are many who hesitate in taking the first step towards a negotiation. One must simply not forget that if you plan to deal in a loving order, then there should not be any room for doubt and hesitation.


Inspirational Love Quotes - More Than Duty Or Right

There are tender moments in our lives which linger in our memory forever. They stay there till eternity and teach us the importance of being a loving, caring and a selfless person.


Inspirational Love Quotes - Seek And Find

This is a quote which points out the hesitation and mistrust we harbour in our hearts towards love. One should shun all doubt when it comes to being loving and caring.


Inspirational Love Quotes - Trust My Love

Where there is true love, there is a mutual feeling of respect and trust. And when you know you feel this feeling, you know there is a presence of deep love.


Inspirational Love Quotes - Too Great A Burden

The weight of perpetual hatred is the heaviest burden a heart can bear. It is never too late to shun this burden and adopt a path of love that leads to happiness.


Inspirational Love Quotes - It's The Same World

You’ll need to take inspirational love quotes like this one with a pinch of salt. Love and hostility reside in the same world. People who are hostile were not necessarily like that from the beginning and could have been tender and loving. This means that bad people are no different from the ones who love and all they just need is some care, affection and attention.


Inspirational Love Quotes - Love Is More Than A Feeling

It is a sensation that is received, and reciprocated back in twice the quantity that it came to you. If someone hugged you with open arms, then even you should hug back someone with twice the tenderness.

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Inspirational Love Quotes - The Love You Keep

This is one of those inspirational love quotes which share with us the importance of sharing and reciprocating love. Generosity received can always be doubled when given back with twice the care and affection.


Inspirational Love Quotes - Poetry

Did you end up writing a poem in the last SMS to your beloved? Well, congratulations! You have been bowled over by the vibrant and viral feeling of love that leaves us all breaking in poetic prose. It is no wonder because the true character of love is best captured by the cadence of rhythmic words and inspirational love quotes.


Inspirational Love Quotes - Who Are We?

You feel like a different person when you spend time with someone who loves you truly and deeply. The sensation of being with the person most of the time itself adds a new definition to your life.


Inspirational Love Quotes - 'Tis Not Always

Is a list of inspirational love quotes ever complete without Shakespeare? Well, when you are in love, it brings a change within you which displays itself in every deed you do in your life. You become more thoughtful of what you are doing and understand the importance of doing things with love and care.


Inspirational Love Quotes - Dead Flowers Under The Sunset

Life without love will turn into a insipid journey towards an end where you realise that you achieved nothing despite all the materialistic things you gained.


Inspirational Love Quotes - It's Never Enough

We can never have enough of what we receive with love. In the same way, we should never cease to do things that showcase our love, care and affection.


Inspirational Love Quotes - Learn And Let Love Teach

You learn to love things, start showing tender care and then realise that everything that now comes through your door is a gift of love, packed exquisitely to appreciate all the affection you had showered.


Inspirational Love Quotes - Love Is Not The Art Of War

There are times when things seem hopeless while bringing change to a cold and aloof heart. The best thing to do is to continue to have faith in the power of love and continue to stay determined to follow the path. Perseverance will surely pay off yielding you the desired result; so persevere and read all the inspirational love quotes you can find.


Inspirational Love Quotes - A Bare Tree

Life can get trying and testing. In these moments, you will realise that what will fuel your perseverance will be the unconditional love for your loved ones. It will be this love that will fuel your persistence to continue on the journey of life with strong determination.


Inspirational Love Quotes - We Are Alive

Love brings a strong change even in the driest of hearts. It can brighten up lives with its radiance and lead to sensation of feeling livelier and happier.


Inspirational Love Quotes - An Education In Pain

When we share love, we also learn what it feels to be someone who is deprived of the tender care of affection. It helps us realise the void felt by such a deprived heart. This eventually helps us understand the importance of showering love and showing care. So go ahead, share a few inspirational love quotes with your world.


Inspirational Love Quotes - Judgement Is A Burden

Inspirational love quotes like this one best capture the sentiment of unconditional love – a love which is pure, unrestricted and non-judgemental. The more we spend time judging in love, the more we realise that we have started loving less.

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Inspirational Love Quotes - The Brave

It is that when you have love by your side, then you invariably become brave and develop the courage to face the various ordeals of life.


Inspirational Love Quotes - If You Would Be Loved

When love blossoms from the heart, its fragrance spreads everywhere, every time you do a deed of love and kindness. It also means that it comes back reciprocating to you as an eternal gift. So go ahead, and start an sms chain mail train of inspirational love quotes, and make someone’s day; you never know what you’ll get back.


Inspirational Love Quotes - Lovers Are Not Hunters

When doing something in love with an intention to dominate, you invariably end up cultivating that love in the heart of the receiver. A love which blooms and comes back in reciprocation.


Inspirational Love Quotes - Do Well All That You Do

Inspirational love quotes can be a perpetual source of strength, inspiration and encouragement. Every time you do something in love, you eventually serve yourself these attributes.


Inspirational Love Quotes - Reach For More

It is the love which leads to a deep self-realisation of thoughts and purification of actions that awakens the soul.


Inspirational Love Quotes - Tender Love Is The Best

The simplest of the numerous sensations of love is the feeling of being special in the eyes of that one person who adores, admires and cares for you all at the same time. It is that person who makes every day of your life worth enjoying, and memorable.


Inspirational Love Quotes - Unconditional Masochism

It takes a large heart to love unconditionally and a larger one to do so in the most adverse conditions. Expectation is a trait which is least associated with love and that is what makes love special and unique.


Inspirational Love Quotes - Love Is Not Need It Is Want

Inspirational love quotes teach you stuff. True love is unconditional and is not weighed down by preconditions. When you find love, that very instant you devote all your time and entire life to nurture it for perpetual bloom.


Inspirational Love Quotes - Complete You

It is about falling in love with a person in absolute totality through acknowledgement of their perfections and imperfections and their achievements and shortcomings. It is when you accept the person the way they are that you sow the seed to cultivate true love.


Inspirational Love Quotes - Live Dream And Love

This one’s the shortest of inspirational love quotes, but it captures the point that love is in fact one of the support pillars which provides an important reinforcement to life. It is like without love, life turns dull and uninteresting.


Inspirational Love Quotes - Don't Judge

Imperfection becomes irrelevant in the eyes of true love which doesn’t judge by the external characteristics, but rather has an eye for seeing the inner beauty within.


Inspirational Love Quotes - Love Is Freedom

The pursuit of love is in fact the first step towards freedom from various burdens of life. It is an emotion which relieves us not just by the happiness of what we get, but also by the joy of what we can give.

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Inspirational Love Quotes - The Greatest Thing

Knowing how to appreciate love and return it back to the ones who deserve it is the best way of attaining eternal joy and happiness. It is the feeling which stays and lingers every time you perform an act of affection.


Inspirational Love Quotes - A Song You Hear

Some inspirational love quotes really capture the true bare essence of what love really is, like this one. It is the song that enchants you, keeps you transfixed because it is a song that is not heard by ears but felt by the heart. The way it touches your heart, creates a longing for that emotion and that is when you realise you are in love.


Inspirational Love Quotes - The World

For the one who loves you, you will always be the centre of their existence; the mere reason why they breathe, live and survive each day, just to live another day of their life with you.


Inspirational Love Quotes - Life Is Lovely

There is no facet of life untouched by the warmth of love. When love wraps its arms around life, it nourishes life in a way which is both adorable and awe-inspiring.


Inspirational Love Quotes - Chaos In Melody

This one best captures the reality of modern times where materialistic triumph is given precedence over the virtues of love. Little do most of us realise that materialistic things cease to exist at some point whereas love stays around forever.


Inspirational Love Quotes - Life Needs Love Too

It is what we sow, is what we shall reap. When we fill every moment of our life with at least a single act of love, that is when we realise that the next moment, our life gives us back something in love.


Inspirational Love Quotes - A Walk To Remember

Inspirational love quotes, especially this one, are another nice way of laying emphasis of understanding love by first putting yourself at its centre. Once you do this, you realise that the deeper your love and understanding for yourself, the more you share love with others.


Inspirational Love Quotes - It Finds You

No matter how much you ignore the various avenues and agents of love, you eventually reach a point where you find yourself being embraced by this emotion. Once this happens, you spontaneously love it back thus beginning the wonderful cycle of loving and being loved.


Inspirational Love Quotes - The Journey Matters Just As Much As The Goal

Life can get difficult and there is nothing else that would make a better cheerleader than love. It helps in overcoming the various obstacles of life by teaching us to appreciate the situations where we have received unconditional love from people who always stood by our side.


Inspirational Love Quotes - The Lonely Vastness Of The Universe

The vastness and hardships of life are best made supple by the tenderness of love. It is that emotion that can bring a purpose to whatever we do and whatever we aspire to do.


Inspirational Love Quotes - Love Is A Gift

Unconditional love is the utmost form of love where one reaches a stage of becoming free from the shackles of selfishness. It is a point where you realise that you gain little from various materialistic aspects of life and path of love is the real way of gaining happiness.


Inspirational Love Quotes - Attachment Theory

You can never get tired of loving and caring. What makes love even more special is that it doesn’t adhere to a limit. The more you spread love, the more vibrant and joyous the world begins to feel.

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Inspirational Love Quotes - Love Is Grace

It is feeling of being grateful to the people in your life who have loved you at every turn and corner of life. It is about solemn acknowledgement of their sacrifice and the promise of reciprocating love twice the amount it came to you.


Inspirational Love Quotes - A Habit

When the basis of every act in your life is for the purpose of showering love then it does not take much time for this to transform into a habit. It is a habit which leads to happiness and satisfaction with the world around and life.

So these were some inspirational love quotes to stir things up. Do you have anything to add? Do let us know what you felt after reading these quotes.