Inspirational Love Poems: 15 Love Poems To Get Motivated Today!

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Once in a while, even love needs a bit of inspiration to persevere and exist. On days when you feel low, just think of all the awesome things about you, your partner and your relationship. That would charge you up. And if you are looking to give your beloved some dose of inspiration and love, then inspirational love poems are the best means to do so.

We have compiled a list of 15 best inspirational love poems.

They’re guaranteed to charge-up your relationship with some good old motivation.


Looking back on all our years together,
It is amazing and inspiring,
To realize how far we’ve come,
How close we’ve grown,
The tough times we’ve endured,
And happy times we’ve shared.

And now, as I live in this moment,
Reflecting on the past and looking ahead,
I want you to know that after all this time,
What I find most amazing and inspiring…
Is you.

It is wonderful inspirational love poem that works great in reminiscing what was awesome about your relationship, and how it has endured all ups and downs to continue to exist even today, like Disney love quotes. Great choice in inspirational love poems to share with someone special when you want to reignite the spark in the relationship.


I would move the largest mountains,
I would leap the highest buildings,
I would brave any kind of danger,
All for you.
But I will never have the courage to do one thing,
To give you up.

It is like saying that you will always be there by the side of the one you love, ready to do anything for their good. At the same time, you will never give up on that person no matter how bad the situation goes. Nice inspirational love poem to share.

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We have something, that holds us tight,
Something we like and treasure together.
Something called, being a friend,
we have blended, nice and tight.

And, you’re my one and only true friend,
That’s here to stand, by my side.
With lots of love, you give to me,
remember this, at every time, you are my friend!

Your soul mate will always be your best friend, confidante and life partner. Even if the world turns its back on you, you will always have that person along with you. Here is another one of our inspirational love poems to reinforce this point to your soul mate in the sweetest manner.


We can’t be undone, that’s the way it is,
We’re going through this life, side-by-side.
Nothing, or no one, can come between us,
This is the way it will be, we agree.

I really want for you to know,
even though, we are so far apart,
I’ll never stop being your sweetheart.
This is the way it will be, I know.

This should be the choice for those looking for long distance relationships poems. The lucid yet touching words are motivational making it a nice one to reiterate the point that no amount of distance is going to weaken the love-bond you share with your sweetheart.


You are my other half,
You’re the one who can make me laugh,
You’re the one who makes me feel good inside,
And you’re the one I want to live beside!
There has been so much hurt and so many tears,
But look we are still here;
And stronger than ever.
And I can honestly say that this is forever.

Read the first line and you will realise it is one of the cutest inspirational love poems for your spouse. In case you’ve got a funny love story, and have got bored by the mundane means of expressing love, you can try this love poem to bring a smile on the face of the one you love the most.

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I’m always thinking of you, that’s nothing new,
I thought of you, just yesterday, the day before that too.
For every day, good or bad, you’re always on my mind,
I hope you understand, the way I feel inside.

You’re everything I need and everything to me,
You’re exactly who I want, in every way.
You always make me smile, it’s nothing new,
Just remember this, I’m thinking about you!

Doesn’t it feel amazing to cheer up someone you a love a lot? In case you feel like bringing some extra cheer with dorky yet earnest inspirational love poems, then you should definitely consider this adorable inspirational love poem. It communicates the point that no matter how many dips comes in life, you will always have the love and thought of your beloved on your mind.


Flowers to flowers, oceans to oceans,
Heart to heart, both always in motion.
So powerful this love, linked as one,
It’ll never go out, it’s as bright as the sun.

My soul is your soul, never it split,
Always a candle, forever lit.
No one will separate us, forever we’ll be,
Always together, you and me.

This one focuses on the purity and strength of your bond with your life partner. It will bring joy to the one who reads it.


Listening to the rain
Seeing the sun set
Hearing the rustle of leaves
Were never so aesthetic and sensual
As they have become since I met you
For you are my butterfly
You are my inspiration
The love of my life
My butterfly

Everything becomes beautiful and sensual once you fall in love. You start paying attention to various wonderful things in the world, and it is love that you can attribute that to. Inspirational love poems render this thought in some nice words.

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Caring for each other,
through the worst of storms.
Leaning on the arms of love,
and never need any more.

This is how I feel for you,
I’ve known it all along.
You are my one true love,
My world.. My heart.. My soul!

This winner among inspirational love poems is a great way of telling someone special that your love and relationship will always endure and stay true. Surely will inspire and motivate the recipient to love you back more!


I love all of you,
Your nose, your lips, your hair, your feet.
I will never stop loving you,
You are so amazingly sweet.
I love that I love you,
I have loved you from the very start.
I now hand you the key to my heart.

No matter what your sweetheart thinks of herself/himself, you will always find that person to be absolutely perfect. You should never shy away from sharing this point since it can help bring the much needed motivation to the person. In case you are looking for some good inspirational love poems to do so, then here is a lovely inspirational love poem for that.


I look at you and can only see,
My love, my life, my eternity.
With you there is no end,
Let’s hold each other, our love to tend.

In this chaotic world of ours,
One thing is for sure in my heart.
You finish the circle throughout my life,
Like a never ending fire through the night.

Like they say, your soul mate will always be that constant to which you will go back in this ever-changing world. This love poem says exactly that using some wonderful motivational and major inspirational love poems that would work great to rekindle some amorous feelings back into your relationship. And you can follow it up with a good night sms for her.


All I ever wanted was to be part of your heart,
And for us to be together, to never be apart.
No one else in the world can even compare,
You’re perfect and so is this love that we share.

We have so much more than I ever thought we would,
I love you more than I ever thought I could.
I promise to give you all I have to give,
I’ll do anything for you as long as I live.

Getting married soon? Here is something from our inspirational love poems to share with your fiancé/fiancée. It is an inspirational love poem that shares your love as well as the life-long promise of togetherness with the person who will always stay by your side, be it high tide or low tide, and you can always follow it up with a love sms for him. What if you are getting married tomorrow? Then check out the next poem.


I can’t wait until we finally belong to each other.
The day we both say “I do”.
And the gift that we will exchange.
The gift we’ve saved our whole lives to give that special one.
So forever you will be my one and only.
The one and only love of my life.

A perfect inspirational love poem to share with your to-be life partner and soul mate. The words are simple and the message is clear.


Eternal love
Together forever, cast in stone
Together forever, never alone

Together in life as well as in death
Together forever, even after their last breath

Unconditional love between the two
Unconditional love, like me and you

Some inspirational love poems talk about eternal love that exists among true lovers. If someday you are asked to define your love, then here is a love poem that you can fall back upon.

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You are my love,
And my only light,
I get gloomy,
When you go out of sight.
My love for you,
Is so very true.
My love for you,
Is like sea.
Gives me peace and motivation,
That powers me.

This poem wonderfully puts down in words the power of love the fuels every moment of your life. It is that sensation of encouragement you feel when you think of your love and beloved. It is the thing that keeps you going even in the most low moments of life.

Hope you liked our collection of inspirational love poems. Have something to share? Do leave a comment.

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