8 Insanely Creative Wedding Photography Ideas To Steal From

How many times have you browsed through the same wedding photo albums? Remember those cheesy romantic quotes and family portraits with the stiff smiles? If you are tired of these traditional shots, and are looking for unique and creative wedding photography, you are in luck. Indians have boldly been moving away from these boring old albums and exploring the field of creative and contemporary photography.

And this is not just for the day of your wedding. We now have professional teams who will arrange a whole pre-wedding and post-wedding shoot that is tailor made for you two love birds. Do you both profess an ardent love for fine wines? Or are you the jet-setting globetrotters? Are you two the quintessential geeks? Whatever your flavour, creative wedding photography will give you some breath taking snaps that reflect who you both really are. The possibilities are infinite. You will only be restricted by your imagination. Here are some amazing snaps by some Indian wedding photographers that you would want for your own wedding!

1. Let The Shadows Do The Talking

Creative Wedding Photography - Let The Shadows Do The Talking

Image: Anup Kattukaran Photography

What could be better for a mysterious, camera shy couple than letting your shadows do the deed. Get crazy and creative, your shadows may just prove to be more versatile than you. This is not only fun and romantic, but a very novel way to cherish your love for each other.

2. Po-Po-Po Poker Face

Creative Wedding Photography - Po-Po-Po Poker Face

Image : Anup Kattukaran Photography

Creative wedding photography can make you look and feel bad-ass like this lovely couple right here! If you find romantic snapshots a tad too cheesy for your tastes, something like would be more tailored for you. So suit up, and get your poker face on!

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3. Sneaky Sunlight

Creative Wedding Photography - Sneaky Sunlight

Image : Vinay Venugopal Photography

The sun plays hide and seek as the couple leans in expectantly for a long kiss. Bring some creative wedding photography enabled romance in your wedding shoot with this idea. You can hardly go wrong with it. Let the sunlight glimmer radiantly, just like that solitaire on your finger!

4. You’ve Been Warned

Creative Wedding Photography - You’ve Been Warned

Image : Arjun Kartha Photography

Weddings do mark the beginning of a beautiful, new relationship – and chores! This bride knows exactly what his life is going be like. For the fun and quirky couple, a humorous shot like this would be perfect. Who doesn’t like a good laugh!

5. Mirror, Mirror On The Wall

Creative Wedding Photography - Mirror, Mirror On The Wall

Image : Radhika Pandit Photography

The passion of a true love’s kiss can make time come to a screeching halt for you. But to capture this moment for all posterity to see, is the photographer’s job. The mirrors in this photo tell us the whole story, a reflection of love at its most sublime. Remember, a mirror does not lie!

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6. Fly Away With Me

Creative Wedding Photography - Fly Away With Me

Image : Arjun Kartha Photography

Ah, being in love gives you that flowy, floaty feeling, doesn’t it? Creative wedding photography can capture that feeling with that bunch of balloons carrying you off into the infinite sky. Balloons are colourful, childlike, fun, quirky and will surely to get a smile on every one’s face.

7. Underwater Love

Creative Wedding Photography - Underwater Love

Image : Shaun Underwater Photography

Love and water – we need both to survive! If you are looking for something that is exceptionally creative, then underwater photography might just be your cup of tea. The aqua blue hues of the water, the ethereal billowing of your hair, the insane corals would definitely make you look like a princess from under water!

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8. Photo bombing

Creative Wedding Photography - Photo bombing

Image : Radhika Pandit Photography

Photobombing is something we all love to hate. But when it comes to your wedding photography, some level of photobombing may just be what you need. Not only does this add more depth to your snapshots, it also makes for some classic and elegant shots that no body is ever going to forget.