5 Fundamentals of South Indian Wedding Decorations

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South Indian weddings are usually traditional affairs. We are all used to the classic south Indian ceremony seeing the south indian wedding stage decoration pictures-the pictures of the gods, the jasmine floral arrangements, the banana leaf entrances – are all images that can never be erased from a South Indian’s memory. While this definitely has a grace of its own, many couples today choose a more innovative, creative and personalized theme from the many south indian wedding decorations theme available with the designers. The beautiful, time tested customs like the kaasi yatra, and unjal all take on a new aesthetic as young India steps forward to be wed in a grand style that Indians have rarely been witness to before. Wherever your wedding is going to be held, whatever theme you have chosen, it is the decorations that will really make your ceremony stand out from the rest. The south indian wedding decorations will set the ambience and the mood. Not only that, intricately detailed and innovative decorations would look great in all your wedding photography, which will give you memories that last a lifetime. These are pictures and photos you probably would love to show off to your children or your grandchildren! So, we have collected for you five innovative South Indian wedding decorations ideas to  to inspire you to give your wedding a new age twist.

1. White And Gold Decor

Image: Anup J Kattukaran Photography

When you think of the traditional Kerala attire and the south indian wedding mandap decoration, the colours that spring to your mind is white and gold. Not only do these colours share a marriage made in heaven, they also will look elegant and classy. Here, the pandal for the wedding is decorated with the traditional jasmine flowers, but minimally so. The traditional lanterns and the “para” look stunning at the centre, and the “para” is also used as a decorative piece! The dainty golden bells hanging all around the venue is an idea anyone would love to steal for their own wedding!

2. Crystals And Flowers

Image: Varun Suresh Photography

One can hardly imagine a South Indian wedding decorations without those jasmine and jamanthi (marigold) flowers. Stay true to that tradition with this decor, but add your own twist to it. The marigold garlands are interspersed wonderfully with crystal hangings. These would glitter and sparkle as they catch the light at every turn. Additionally, you could also add dangling glass bangles, or hand crafted bird figurines to further elevate this look.

Image: Varun Suresh Photography

Beautifully coloured flowers hanging from glass bottles will also definitely add a charm to your big day.

3. Golden Statues

Image: Manas Saran

Idols or statues of the gods is no uncommon feature in a south indian wedding decoration. But, statues that are made of gold-plated metal is an exquisite backdrop as you tie the knot with your beloved. You could further embellish this with traditional lamps and garlands that would make your venue stand out from the rest. [ Read more:South indian wedding photography ]

4. Floral Drapes

Image: Vivek Krishnan Photography

Flowers are one of the most important components of any south Indian wedding. If you are looking for something very simple and gorgeous at the same time, then floral drapes winding around the canopy of your mandap might just be what you are looking for. This not only carries tradition forward, it also brings in many hues that will perfectly capture the mood of your wedding. Add to this fancy pillars that hold up the mandap and you’ve got yourself a perfect marriage.

5. Island Floral Canopy

Image Courtesy: Devika Narain Wedding Designer

You can never go wrong with floral decor for your south Indian wedding. A hanging floral arrangement at the centre of your mandap, accompanied by weaving drapes all around the canopy can give a truly youthful and young vibe to the whole ceremony. Some hanging decorative pieces, bells, bangles and figurines would elevate the decor further. For a truly unique look, your mandap could come rising up from some water. Floating floral decorations would be something that no guest is likely to forget any time soon.

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