10 Funny And Inspiring Informal Wedding Invitation Wordings

Lost for words again? And you thought you had crossed that bridge when you were struggling to come up with the perfect proposal. But here you are, back to trying to find the right words and this time it’s for your wedding invitation. You feel like going the informal route but don’t want to end up with an invitation that’s too nutty! Here are a few carefully curated informal wedding invitation wording samples that will help you pick the right words for your informal wedding invitation card.

1. Go Colloquial

Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication – Leonardo da Vinci. Well, he had it right! This informal wedding invitation wording takes conversational language onto the invitation frame. Different font sizes and colours are used to differentiate between the announcement and the key details regarding the event. The mix of bright and dark colours on the white canvas lends a casual cool feel to the invite.

2. This One’s Got The Green Signal

A simple and minimalist invitation that is sparse with informal wedding invitation wording. Though it looks plain at first glance, tucked away in the corner is a little quirky touch (did you miss the BYOB in the corner??!!). The green background is an unusual but refreshing choice. The addition of the classic damask pattern on white edges gives it the right amount of solemnity to make it wedding worthy.

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3. Greying Together

Eat, drink & be married! Is there a better way to describe the wedding festivities? The words have been carefully chosen to deliver a heartfelt message to be a part of the couple’s special day. Also thrown in is a promise of being greeted with open arms and more importantly, an open pantry! And the use of grey font lends it a formal touch despite the merrily informal wedding invitation wording.

4. Honest To The Bones

There isn’t a hint of pretension in this informal wedding invitation wording. The brown card announces its purpose boldly, in letters titled “THE BIG DAY.” The information is neatly laid out in different blocks, giving out crucial details about the event to the guests. What we liked most was the couple minced no words in conveying their expectations to the guests. The decision to not have children among guests and the request to contribute to their dream honeymoon were both addressed brilliantly in simple honest words.

5. And The Story Begins

This one borrows its title straight from the bedtime stories. But here the informal wedding invitation wording has been adapted to tell us a simple tale of love. The old poster style design is well-suited to the brief overview of the courtship it presents, taking the guests on a brief walk down the memory lane of the couple.

6. Starring Together Forever

This movie poster styled invite is a jolly good way to extend an invite, we say! The creative use of informal wedding invitation wording in the RSVP sets the perfect tone for a fun-filled wedding celebration. The use of big, bold letters to announce the star cast (in this case the couple) adds a touch of drama to the overall design.

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7. Front Loading The Romance

Some couples infuse romance into their wedding celebrations right from the beginning. This one has a bunch of elements we loved – the creative use of wedding vows as a title, the fun way that the dress code, the décor and cuisine were described. Words such as ‘Boots, Bouquets and BBQ’, ‘Honky Tonkin’ Boot Stompin’ show that someone likes their words to rhyme. This one is easily one of the classiest examples of informal wedding invitation wording.

8. Cowboy Love

Pick the cowboy theme and adapt it, you are sure to end up with an informal wedding invite that’s truly unique! We did not think informal wedding invitation wording like ‘lassoes’ and ‘trails’ could be used to describe a love story before seeing this invite.

9. The How And Why Of Marriage

This couple not only included their love journey in the invite but also shared their thoughts on what love means to them in this colourful invite that is high on symbolism with a simple informal wedding invitation wording style.

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10. This Question Is Settled Forever

Informal Wedding Invitation Wordings - This Question Is Settled Forever

Source: Po tweet

A few lines that convey the story of their romance are a great way to add personality to the invite. This one here also added a hashtag before the classic wedding sign. What a great way to remind guests to tag all the wedding photos!

informal wedding invitation wording is not only about avoiding the use of formal language in favour of wording that’s more true to your normal speech style. They can be much more! Which of these cards did you feel best utilized the informal approach to create a rocking invite?? Let us know.