11 Astonishing Indoor Wedding Ideas For This Wedding Season

If you’re looking to do your wedding planning now, and you’re going for an indoor wedding, we’ve got just the thing for you. Check out these beautiful pictures of indoor wedding decoration ideas. We’re sure you’re going to want most of these in one form or another at your wedding.

1. A Rustic Affair


Image: Shutterstock

These tables, chairs and lights have been arranged beautifully in an all-white theme, which when paired with the wooden backdrop makes for a truly delightful set-up. The dashes of colour brought in by the table centrepieces and other fauna adds a most desirable effect. And the lighting is simple but gorgeous.

2. Branches And Flowers


Hanging flowers and standing branches, when used in the right arrangement and combinations, can have a most beautiful effect on your wedding décor. Make sure to co-ordinate with your tent/logistics person for feasibility.

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3. A Love Sign

Custom-made, hand-painted, minimum fuss and the effect is ‘oh so wonderful.’ Hang this creation up at the entrance to the venue where guests first arrive at to let them get a picture of the proceedings to follow.

4. Centrepiece


Image: Shutterstock

White and pink flowers in a silver vase make a most excellent dinner table centrepiece, especially when the rest of the décor features lighter colours.

5. Modern Wedding Décor


Image: Shutterstock

Gorgeousness can be achieved even with simple and low tech materials; all you need is an idea. The light-bulbs, white paper circles and balloons do an exceptional job of making for highly memorable décor.

6. Elegance In Décor


Image: Shutterstock

Setting a most stylish tone, shades of purple and white have been used here to make for a setting that is most comfortable, intimate and sufficiently bright even without lights, simplifying your planning if you’re going for a day wedding.

7. Candles And Flowers


Image: Shutterstock

And elegant candle holder, preferably in silver or white, tall white candles and a dash of floral colour is all you need for most elegant décor that can be used to to good effect as a centrepiece.

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8. A Few Creative Touches


The photo-wall (which involves having a polaroid camera handy and having guests hang up their pictures instantly) and the starry candle holders and decorations add a most magical aspect to the overall décor, and are an entirely different touch to what guests may have been expecting.

9. Nailing The Lighting


Image: Shutterstock

The lighting is a very important element of your overall wedding décor and with just the right touches you can absolutely nail yours. The combinations of candles and electric lights as above can be played around with to get a highly desirable effect suitable to your own, or indeed any venue.

10. Cute And Charming Touches


Sometimes, the simple touches make the biggest impact in your décor. This gorgeously decorated wooden ladder features a few flowers and mason jar lights. It sure is going to get more than a couple of comments. The candle-holders on the other hand are standard wine bottles that have been painted with gold spray paint – a unique and beautiful touch.

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11. Flower Power


Image Courtesy: Velvet Fern

There is a reason they say that flowers are the ultimate and most important décor tool. The range, the colour, the vibrance, and the resplendence that you crave, are almost always to be found in beautiful flower decorations.