9 Indispensible Bridal Eye Makeup Tips For Invigorating Eyes

Big, bold and beautiful eyes – especially those with a twinkle in them – always garner plenty of attention, and with your wedding day inching forwards, we’re sure you have been scrounging through the various wedding magazines in an effort to select the eye-makeup that would best suit you. If you’re still hunting for that perfect look your wedding day, here are 9 eye-makeup ideas that you can take inspiration from, and make yours for the big day:

Bridal Eye Makeup Tips - Shade Me Double


1. Shade Me Double

Colours bring in vibrancy and life, and on D-Day when a bride needs to look her best, a little riot of colours running amok is a must. You can opt for a double shaded look in vibrant colours for the lids and the rims, with light blue and pink for the eye shadow to get that dreamy look.

2. Nude Is The New Look

Neutral tones with a just a touch of pastel shades are also something that brides opting for a ‘nude’ look are going for. The rims of the eyes are enhanced with dark kohl, one of the bridal makeup essentials, for an intense look, while shades of peach and brown do the rest in dolling up the eyelids.

Bridal Eye Makeup Tips  - drama smokey eye look

3. Smokey Eyes With A Twist

Smokey eyes needn’t be restricted to just black and gothic like always, and when contemporary brides are willing to experiment, a little searching reveals that there is always a hue or shade bright enough to totally enliven the face. A bright sea-blue eye shadow with a touch of grey-white tones on the inner corner of the eyes, and a line of kohl coupled with thick eyelashes does the trick!

4. Add A Little Drama

Throw in a little more drama into the smokey eye look with subtle hints of the shades and colours that match the bridal ensemble. Deep – kohl rimmed – eyes for the lids up and down, with smoky grey-black touches on the upper, inner corner of the lids, and shades of peach for the outer section is all you really need to carry off this look.

Bridal Eye Makeup Tips - roll in the shimmer

Image Courtesy: Dream-Weavers

5. Roll In The Shimmer

A little shimmer and matte rolled into one and applied on the eyes in deep, intense colours: For the lids – grey, steel and dark black kohl lines does the trick. You can embellish the lids with false eyelashes or use two coats of mascara for the lush lash effect!

Bridal Eye Makeup Tips - arched eyebrows

Image Courtesy: Tejasvini-Chander

6. Arch Those Eyebrows

Should the bride not prefer too many tones and shades for her bridal eye makeup, the minimal arched and highly defined look is what she’d be pleased with. Double kohl rimming on both ends with a long lasting kajal liner will get her the winged look, and coupling that with matte shades of lighter colours – white, pink and peach, say, works towards a more dramatic look.

Bridal Eye Makeup Tips - double winged liner

7. Double Winged Liner – It’s Back

Double winged liner for the eyes was the norm back in the swinging sixties and the early flower-power days of the seventies. Reviving that look now, with the bouffant hairdos and intense kajal rimming the eyes, if the bride-to-be doesn’t mind touches of metallic and very unconventional dark shades for her eyelids, they can bring out a defined, yet soft look.

8. Double Up On Mascara

Another bridal makeup commandment of sorts is steering clear of pinks, reds, and peaches, brides can opt for matte shades of yellow and rust for the inner corner of the eyes, with metallic shades of green and light blue mixed into the outer corner of the eyes. False eyelashes can be applied to accentuate the look further, or two coats of mascara to curl the lashes are usually more than enough.

9. Add Glamour, Add Grey Shades To Tone

A little on the quirky side, but still plenty of fun, are the rhinestone embellished eyes – a hot trend among brides these days. Keeping the lids shaded with very dark and metallic tones is the key here – greys (especially steel grey), dark blues, and even intense browns or caramels (matching the bride’s couture) can be used. The lashes here, though, steal the show with their chunky, tiny rhinestones!