Indian Wedding Suits For Groom: 12 Designs From The Best Designers

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There are suits. And then there are wedding suits! In contemporary times, there has been an advent of several designs and styles of Indian wedding suits for groom. There are suits which are conventionally stylish while some borrow heavily from traditional Indian wedding attires. In case you plan to wear the finest of one on your wedding day, then you can be assured of lots of choices. There are numerous designs when it comes to Indian wedding suits, and we are present to you 12 latest Indian wedding suit designs for groom, created by leading Indian fashion designers.

1. Gray Textured Jacket By Manish Malhotra

It is a pair of gray textured jacket and dark gray trousers. The design has quite a modern look to it, and has a fusion design. For example, the base of the trouser has ring-like circumference, which clearly indicates that it is quite inspired by the traditional churidar pyjama. A nice design choice, especially if the groom intends to make an impression of fine style with his wedding attire.

2. Purple Jacket With Peach Shirt

This one will work great when you are planning a destination wedding. The design is dapper looking and is definitely made for the groom who is looking beyond the conventional black wedding jackets. This set comes with cream coloured trousers to offset and enhance the colour of the jacket. You can also pair it with some navy blue trousers as well.

3. Royal Blue Suit By Sahil Aneja

It is surely going to turn heads on your wedding day. This striking royal blue suit is made from Woollen blend, thus making it an ideal one if you are planning for a winter wedding. The trousers are non-pleated, slim fit type. You can make things more nifty by wearing a matching coloured tie to enhance the appeal of the suit.

4. Cream Coloured Linen-Satin Suit By Nitin Chawla

If the one above was ideal for a winter wedding, here is something that will work great when you are tying the knot in summer. The linen and satin fabric makes it a breathable one and you will feel cool and comfortable all throughout the wedding festivities. The best part of cream colour is that it works with a variety of other colours, and you can pair it with shirts of white, sky blue or even light orange colour.

5. Light Purple Lines Suit By Nitin Chawla

In case you are looking for pure linen fabric then you can consider this trendy light purple coloured linen suit that comes with a four button front layout. Since it is a purple suit, it will work great with shirts of almost every shade of blue, violet and purple. The lapels of the suit have a unique snazzy cut, making it something that you can wear even without a tie.

6. Blue And Beige Jodhpuri Suit By Sahil Aneja

Jodhpuri suits are one of the most popular Indian wedding suit options for grooms because of their modern look that bears an ethnic touch. This bright blue Jodhpuri jacket features buttons that are a dazzling shade of gold that complement the beige colour of the slim-fit trousers really well. You can accessorise this suit with a watch chain and a pink handkerchief to enhance its overall appeal.

7. Black Bandhgala Suit By Ashish N. Soni

The colour black has its own charm, and in case you plan to break the Indian wedding paradigms with your wedding then you should consider this suit. It is a black bandhgala with an array of jet black buttons and a black non-pleated trouser. Overall, a stylish and purely unconventional Indian wedding suit design.

8. Embroidered Navy Blue Jacket By Manish Malhotra

It has a chic look, thanks to its distinct design. This one comes with a navy blue bandhgala jacket that features a single button on the top. There is some decorative embroidery done along the arms and shoulders of the jacket that increase its appeal. The jacket comes with a off-white trouser, which goes well with the white floral embroidery around the shoulder area of the jacket.

9. Navy Blue Bandhgala By Manish Malhotra

If you are looking for a stylish wedding attire without being too deviant then here is something that will work great. It is a navy blue bandhgala that has streaks of stylish golden embroidery along the cuffs and near the pocket. The collar is given a shade of white, which creates an interesting contrast with the darker tone of the jacket. The central seam of the jacket features an array of seven brass coloured buttons and makes a nice colour combination with the white trousers.

10. Beige Dual Panel Suit By Kanika Goyal

If beige is the colour of your choice, then here is a dapper looking beige suit. The fabric of the jacket is made from dual colour tones with the inner layer sporting a darker beige shade. It is a suit that will pair well with a white slim fit shirt with thin collar that will augment the overall style quotient.

11. Brown Bandhgala With Black Trousers By Ashish N. Soni

This one has an inverted lapel finish to it at the collar section, and features silk fabric inner lining along the middle seam. The look of the jacket is quite distinct, and will work great with a trouser of brown or black shade. You can accessorize it with an inclusion of a orange silk handkerchief.

12. Classic Jodhpuri Suit By Raghavendra Rathore

A classic does what a thousand contemporaries cannot. Nothing beats the good old charm of the Jodhpuri classic suit, and this one is chic and timeless.

So what do you think of our selection of Indian wedding suits for groom? Have you found the one you were looking for?

Images Source:  Manish Malhotra , perniaspopupshop

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