Indian Wedding Stage Decoration Ideas: 9 Ideas That'll Inspire

The stage takes centrepiece at many Indian wedding functions, and as such, it is probably the single most element to get right when it comes to wedding décor (not that the others are to be taken lightly). Perhaps more important than even that is the fact that the stage is the designated area where the rituals that unite two souls take place, and for this reason as well, they assume a prime importance in all wedding decorations. These 9 glorious Indian wedding stage decoration ideas are examples of couples and planners/designers being spot on with their vision and execution.

1. Pink Paradise: Elegant Indian Wedding Stage Decoration

This sensational wedding stage decoration is an excellent way to starting off the list as it teaches us certain lessons when it comes to wedding stage décor. The first of course being that less is more when done right. Next, note the subtleties in colours that manage a contrast that is both highly striking yet very comfortable. The three bunches of flowers play a huge part in adding life, so to speak, to the set. And the chandeliers are the perfect lighting. Bravo.

2. Traditional Indian Wedding Stage Decoration

indian wedding stage decoration - The Traditional Wonder

Image: Shutterstock

More in tune with the traditional Hindu ceremony, this gorgeously decorated stage is just about ready for the wedding to take place. The marigolds are a familiar touch and have been laid out in exquisite fashion. The sheer white backdrop is also a familiar but welcome touch, giving a bright and soothing tone to what is essentially the reason why everyone has gathered – the wedding ceremony itself.

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3. The Great Outdoor: Indian Wedding Stage Decoration Ideas

indian wedding stage decoration - The Great Outdoors

Image: Shutterstock

Unlike Hindu weddings, Christian weddings don’t require a stage in it’s explicit form, but if there were ever a stage set for the most epic of ceremonies, this would be it. Granted, finding such a locale is not the easiest thing to do, but it would be entirely worth your time to check, as you can plainly see. What’s not plain? All those white flowers. Wow!

4. Vibrance In Union

indian wedding stage decoration - Vibrance In Union

Image: Shutterstock

For those with a penchant for colour, this astonishing arrangement could be just the sort of thing that brings the entire wedding to life. The blue makes for a pleasant backdrop while the red carpet adds a bit of contrast. The white back, chairs and drapes finish off the look.

5. Regal In White

indian wedding stage decoration - Regal In White

Image: Shutterstock

Sticking to an all-white theme can really work in your favour as can be seen by this most exceptional of Indian wedding stage decorations. Shades of cream and white make up the majority of the décor, even flowers, and the dash of gold and brown of the cushions really adds warmth and keeps it from being too sterile. An excellent combination, all around.

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6. Resplendent White Rose Indian Wedding Stage Decoration

indian wedding stage decoration - Resplendent for wedding

Image: Shutterstock

There’s so much life in this arrangement, and even though the stage isn’t the biggest, it is decorated just right to have it looking very cozy. The rectangular floral arrangement in white is a most refreshing take, and the red of the rose petals, cushions and the floral arrangement in the backdrop gives it just the right amount of rouge for you to take notice. And the sofa is quite the classy piece as well.

7. Red And Pink Indian Wedding Stage Decoration

Another example of how to get some of the classiest wedding décor by keeping it simple, this magnificent stage decoration achieves a most desirable look that any couple would remember fondly. The lattice candles in the backdrop are a gorgeous touch as well as the rose arrangement as the table centrepiece. The row of rose petals just in front of the table as well as the large rose bouquets towards the roof keep the flowers simple and elegant.

8. Magnificent Mandap Style Indian Wedding Stage Decoration

indian wedding stage decoration - Magnificent Mandap

Proving that purple and pink, when done just right like in the picture above, are one of the most solid colour combos for any wedding, this gorgeous decoration sure has some thought behind it, and it shows. Truly a delightful stage to be wed on.

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9. The Swing Indian Wedding Stage Decoration

indian wedding stage decoration - The Swing

If you’re feeling adventurous, you could do much worse than this gorgeously decorated swing to serve as your stage for the most beautiful and important ceremony in your lives. The swing itself is an antique that would look amazing even without the floral arrangement. But once you factor in the gorgeous pink and whites, you have something entirely special and all too unique on your hands.

So there you have it, some classic and some fresh Indian wedding stage decoration ideas that you can incorporate into your own beautiful wedding (in part or as a whole) to get the breathtaking results you’ve always wanted – the type which you can never forget.