Indian Wedding Photography Poses: 10 Most Innovative Ideas

Indian Wedding Photography Poses: Top 10 List For The Season. A wedding is a once-in-a-lifetime affair. A celebration of love, bonding and togetherness. So why cut a boring picture on your big day when you can frame all the craziness and fun you’ve had at your wedding.Here we’ve got some funny, quirky, interesting Indian wedding photography poses for you!

1. The Vintage Bye-Bye: Indian Wedding Photography Poses

The Vintage Car

Image Courtesy: Ramitbatr Photgraphy

Say hello from the back of an old topless vintage car. Looks classy, feels cool and you’d look like a royal couple on a ride through London. Wave goodbyes to your friends and family with this memorable pose from the back of a Buick or a beetle with its top down. complete with a couple of fancy wedding car decorations to boot.

2. The Royal Portrait

The Royal Photo

Image Courtesy: Wed5

Strike a pose like the royal couple of an erstwhile Indian princely state with a picture like this. Not only is it regal, but also a stylish ode to our history and culture.

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3. Haathi Mere Jeevan Saathi

Haathi Mere Jeevan Saathi

Image Courtesy: Radhika Pandit Photgraphy

Strike a pose with a colourful Indian elephant in the background. Well, it isn’t uncommon for couples to have baraats with horses and elephants in tow. So if you are one of those lucky couple to have an elephant at your wedding, get clicked with it; or go for a pre-wedding Indian photo-shoot. A unique picture that looks like it is straight out of an old romantic movie on kings and kingdoms is just magical.

4. Camels In The Thar

Camels In The Thar

Image Courtesy: Radhika Pandit Photgraphy

This is epic. Strike a picture in the desert with a sunset in the background. It is a silhouette but it still is one beautiful shot with the couple and camels standing on the dune. A picture that will be etched on your memory forever.

5. Magical Monochrome: Elegant Indian Wedding Photography Poses

The Black And White Beauty

Image Courtesy: Sarang Atre Photography

A black and white picture taken while exchanging your vows or when you are doing a puja together makes it not only beautiful but also timeless.

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6. The Umbrella In The Beach

The Umbrella In The Beach

Image: Arjun Kartha Photography

A simple silhouette of the couple face to face holding an umbrella on the beach while there is light thrown in to give there silhouettes a form. Absolutely brilliant. Reminds me of those Mughal era silhouette paintings of the prince and the princess.

7. The Romantic Round About

The Romantic Round About

Image Courtesy: Arjun Kartha Photgraphy

The perfect pose for the cinema loving couple makes for the cutest bridal couple picture. Strike a pose like your favourite star as you dance your dreams away with this beautifully balanced shot which captures the mood and the history. A beautiful backdrop for the perfect Indian wedding photography poses.

8. Cinemascope: Bollywood Style Indian Wedding Photography Poses

The Perfect Pose

Image Courtesy: Arjun Kartha Photography

Well, it doesn’t get any better than this, a beautiful picture with the bride and groom hugging each other and looking eye to eye – engrossed in their only dreamy world. The flying colour papers and the deep orange hues of the setting sun make this picture surreal.

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9. The Mr And Mrs Balloons: Indian Wedding Photography Poses

The Mr And Mrs Balloons

Image Courtesy: Arjun Kartha Photography

A lovely pose as the couple share a light hearted moment together. They are holding colorful balloons with Mr and Mrs written on them. A picture that will always make you smile, one that’ll inspire your children and grandchildren. A romantic and a light hearted picture of the couple madly in love.

10. The Biker And His Bikerini

The Biker and His Bikerini

Image: Two Fireflies One Camera, Mumbai

A pose that’s perfect for the couple who love to live, love and ride together. A simple picture of the bride ride a bike as her groom rides a pillion. A picture so simple and real, a creative wedding photography idea that it is naturally beautiful. A timeless pick from from list of 10 Indian wedding photography poses.

We hope you like our collection of Indian wedding photography poses you could use for your shoot. You can comment on this post and also can share your best candid wedding pictures with us below.