10 Awesome Indian Wedding Invitation Templates You Will Love

Do you love your Indian heritage? If yes, then we suggest you sprinkle Indian motifs throughout your wedding paraphernalia. Adding cultural depth to your wedding memories is easy. There is nothing more appealing than adding a touch of tradition to your wedding prep. This cultural infusion can start right from the design of your wedding invites. We have curated a list of indian wedding invitation templates with some much loved Indian motifs to guide you in your efforts. You will learn the symbolism associated with each motif to pick the one that suits your ‘couple philosophy.’

1. Peacock Motifs

The peacock motif has been popular as an ornamental motif since millennia, particularly so in India. Lord Krishna adorned peacock feathers (mor pankh) in his hair. Popular belief in India associates the arrival of rain with the peacock spreading its feathers in an ornamental display. Apart from its cultural ancestry, the popularity of peacock motifs in the modern times can be attributed to the fact that it makes for a beautiful graphic image too. We suggest you pick Indian wedding invitation templates that let the peacock unfurl its magical feathers to announce your wedding.

2. Ganesh Motif

The Lord of auspicious beginnings is a much loved Indian deity. The Ganesh motif is everywhere in India. Any worship or prayer starts with a prayer to Lord Ganesha. According to custom, he is the remover of obstacles. Having a Ganesha motif on your indian wedding invitation templates will invoke blessings for the marriage ceremony to proceed smoothly.

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3. Paisley Motif

The paisley motif resembles a mango. Though of Persian origin, it gained widespread popularity in India. It is a familiar theme in clothing (both embroidered and printed versions). The Mango is a symbol of love and fertility, and mango leaves are used in weddings to echo those ideas. Paisley would be a great motif for Hindu-Muslim Indian wedding invitation templates as it is special to both cultures.

4. Boat Motif

Marriage and travel are similar in one respect; you can never completely prepare for either. The boat motif symbolizes the vehicle that helps a couple sail through life together. Romantic boat rides have been popular in India for ages and should be on your to-do list for sure. Before you get on the love boat for real, get it onto your Indian wedding invitation templates, pronto!

5. Lotus Motif

The Lotus is India’s national flower. Wonder why it occupies this place of honour? The lotus blossoms into glory unaffected by the muck surrounding it. Thus, it represents purity and resurrection. It is also a symbol of prosperity and learning. The Indian goddess of prosperity, Lakshmi, is often shown holding a lotus flower in her hand. Similarly, it serves as the seat of the goddess of learning, Saraswati. The lotus design melds modernity and heritage together beautifully and looks fabulous on Indian wedding invitation templates.

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6. OM Motif

OM is a symbol of spirituality. It denotes the trinity of Hindu gods. The written symbol is symbolic of Lord Ganesha. Starting texts with the OM symbol is customary. The custom was extended to wedding invitations as well. It is meant to infuse peace and spirituality into the marriage. And it looks great in custom calligraphy on Indian wedding invitation templates.

7. Palki/Palanquin Motif

Indian Wedding Invitation Templates - Palanquin Motif

Image: Shutterstock

Palkis symbolize the transition that’s inherent in marriage. The bride was often transported to the groom’s house in a palanquin in the earlier times. Nowadays, the palanquin is only sporadically used, and that too for bridal entry. But it’s a great way to add the exotic touch to your Indian wedding invitation templates.

8. Taj Mahal Motif

What better way to herald an everlasting union, if not the symbol of eternal love? We are talking of the Taj Mahal. Get the monument of love onto your indian wedding invitation templates and declare that you will form a bond that transcends time.

9. Elephant Motif

The elephant is the symbolic representation of Lord Ganesha and is considered auspicious. Elephants are thought to denote dignity, wisdom, mental strength and earthiness. Get the motif on your Indian wedding invitation templates and hope that wisdom accompanies love in your marriage.

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10. Temple Bells Motif

Temple bells are supposed to ward off evil spirits and invoke the gods to accept the worshipper’s prayers. Bells have become a popular theme in Indian weddings of late as décor elements. As you hear the wedding bells ringing, you can see them too.

Several Indian motifs are waiting to adorn your wedding invites. Try using one of them in your wedding invite for that truly Indian vibe. Let us know which of these motifs is most dear to you. #WeLoveTraditionsAtTBB and want to see how you bring it to your wedding.