6 Fabulous Wedding Gowns to Have Everyone Blushing

It is customary to look fabulous on one’s wedding day, without exception. Thus, the acquiring of a stupendous trousseau becomes of the utmost importance. As you choose the layers of your look, and tactically position some elements to maximise the aesthetic and visual appeal of your overall profile, you will slowly be transformed from a beautiful, confident, sagacious and dashing woman into someone who is all that and is also the one of the epitomes of femininity; a blushing bride.

If you think that this is unfair, and that you shouldn’t be the only one blushing, then do we have the weddings gowns for you! That was a rhetorical statement, don’t bother.

Browse through our selection of some of the most stunning Indian wedding gowns in the market. Drop jaws, and send pulses racing as you sashay into the wedding venue in these shimmering creations that will spark more than a few embers, if not more, in those who are blessed enough to see you in all your regal glory.

Bring on The Gold

gold and white wedding gown

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One of the most gorgeous gowns for Indian weddings, this stunning dress will highlight the vision of loveliness that you will present while in it. Made by the fabulous duo of Shantanu and Nikhil, this high couture dress is part of their Renaissance Collection, and is sure to gently run a single finger down the cheek of collective attention. With the twirling lines of the gold leaf details on the scintillating corset, this full net corset gown distils the essence of opulence and luxury and presents them in utterly classy lines.

A wedding gown is necessarily elegant, and nothing adds more to a gown, quite literally, than a long and sweeping train. The row of bows down the length adds to the sublime effect that is managed to be invoked in the eyes of lucky beholders. You will feel like a princess whose fairytale has just only begun. The long trailing lines of this superb gown will only be complemented by the long, trailing stares of the audience, all of whom will be feeling very lucky suddenly.

wedding gown

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Prettier than a picture, this titillating gown comes from the stables of ace fashion designer Anita Dongre. Part of her India Modern bridal collection, this eminently simple and completely divine gown sears the imagination, setting it aflame with appreciation as the light falls on the beautifully done sequin work that runs the entire elegant length. Glittering splendour will be the words that come to most that see it, and the desire you see in your partner’s eyes will have both of you doing more than blushing a little later.

Flaunt That Flowing Fabric

white lace wedding gown

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The sheer and yet subtle allure of this beguiling Christian wedding gown will make it the material of legends. Wars will be fought over you, books will be written about the sagas that arise from contention for your hand. Indeed, your partner will fully be cognizant of the fact that they are extremely lucky. The gentle and yet captivating lines of this gown are superbly accentuated with the beautiful lace work and sensuous transparency of the layered feel.

red and green gown

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If you’re looking for Indian wedding gowns with the propensity to drop jaws, look no further than this absolute stunner which comes from the bold and vibrant fashion dynasty of JJ Vallaya, and is part of his couture collection. The gradation of dynamic colours melds seamlessly from the blue to the gold, and finally to the shock of red at the collar. The brilliant work done over the chest is riveting in its detail and flawless execution.

Go for That Divine Look

If you want to truly leave an indelible impression on the minds and hearts of your guests, and more importantly your partner, then go with something ultimately more daring. This Aphrodite-esque ensemble will etch itself onto the retinas of everyone who sees it, as they follow the bedazzling curves and sensuous lines. For an extra bit of verve, try and get the tone of the fabric as close to your skin tone as possible. This ethereal creation will not leave an ephemeral or fleeting impression.

So there you have it, six of the most enchanting wedding gowns in India for the ravishing bride looking to steal the show on her momentous and perfect day!