4 Tips For The Perfect Indian Pre Wedding Photoshoot

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Pre wedding photography India style is now a certified thing, as pre wedding photography has gained a lot of popularity in the recent years here in India. Earlier, photography was just limited to the engagement and wedding. But now a lot of couples are opting for it as they want to capture all the beautiful things associated with the culmination of their relationship. With photographers open to experimenting and trying out all unconventional methods to bring out beautiful pictures, it is a win-win situation. And the results are for everyone to see. How is Indian pre wedding photoshoot different? Just add the Indian-ness to it. That’s it.

There’s nothing called the perfect pre wedding photoshoot. There is little in the way of convention and set patterns, so we’ve put together a little guide to help you get the best out your Indian pre wedding photography shoot:

1. It’s All About The Photographer

Image Courtesy : Dewang Singh Photography

When it comes to hiring a photographer, the process is very similar to how you would go about picking a wedding photographer; it has to be someone who’s work you like and the stylistic and aesthetic elements have to appeal to you in a way that you will be happy to revisit the shots again and again long after the date when they have been clicked. And of course, the nature of the photographer, as well as your comfort level and the ease of communication are very important factors as well.

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2. There Are No Set Templates

Image Courtesy : SZ Photo & Films

The Indian pre wedding photoshoot has no set patterns or poses that you are to follow. Remember, pre wedding photography is all about creativity and expressing the love that has seen you two commit the rest of your lives to each other. The loving bond that you two share can be brought about to be represented in images in a number of ways. So get creative and have your photographer suggest ideas as well. Looking online for pre wedding photoshoots is a good option as well. But just remember that there are no rules. Even if the jumping couple photo is said to be a cliché, it is most beautiful when done right, so explore all your options vis a vis your Indian pre wedding shoot.

3. Shoot In Different Locations If Possible

Image Courtesy : Arjun Kartha Photography

Your journey as a ‘soon to be married couple’ did not start in just one day or at one place and that is the essence you want to carry over to your pre wedding photoshoot if possible. Look at all the locations that are meaningful for you – whether it is the place you first met, your regular lunch spot or the beautiful park that you visited with your beloved at every chance you got. The college gates, the university library (if you can get to it) and places which are special to you both will add a memorable aspect to your Indian pre wedding photoshoot. While creative wedding photography has many ticks up it’s sleeve for memorable photos, the chemistry of the couple in a particular location always manages to find it’s place into the photo as well.

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4. Things To Carry: Extra Clothes And Some Props

Image Courtesy : SZ Photo & Films

Changing into different attires may not be possible at all of the spots where you are having the photoshoot but it is always a good idea to do so when it is possible. Dressing in a style reminiscent of the way you used to dress when you first met or wearing a similar dress to the one you wore when he first complimented you is a nice personal touch. Props can be added into the mix whenever possible. In an effort to make it all the more memorable, a personal touch is warranted.

So there you have it, just remember to not get too worried about the end result. Just have fun with it and we’re sure you’ll end up with the most beautiful photos that will provide a lifetime of wonderfully cherished memories.

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