50 Indian Mehndi Designs That Are Beautifully Traditional

Henna art today is practised the world over (and no, we’re not bringing the size or proliferation of the South Asian population into this), but it originally (way back in the day) sprouted from the lands of India and Pakistan, and it’s Indian mehndi designs we’re bringing you right now.

So if it’s gorgeous Indian mehndi designs that you’re after, we’ve got you covered with 50 outstanding henna designs you can choose from:

1. In Circles

Indian Mehndi Designs - In Circles

If classic is what you’re after, it’s hard to go wrong with Indian mehndi designs of this astounding quality and clarity. Intricacy meets aesthetics to deliver a design that is at the very top of the mehndi artistry echelons.

2. The Ace Of Spades

Indian Mehndi Designs - The Ace Of Spades

If it’s intricacy you’re after, this gorgeous Indian mehndi design will surely appeal with its intricate patterns on the arms along with the beautiful spade or leaf designs on the back of the hands. The parallel lines on alternate fingers is a nice touch as well.

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3. Full Of Wonder

Indian Mehndi Designs - Full Of Wonder

Gorgeousness doesn’t always require too many differentiating elements, sometimes the design can be greater than the sum of its parts. Here, the circular and symmetrical flowers juxtaposed against the more organic trails makes for a highly appealing design.

4. Heavy Indian Mehndi Design

Indian Mehndi Designs - Heavy Indian Mehndi Design

A flurry of peacocks meet intricate mesh patterns, cross lines, solid fingertip blocks as well as the most bareek or intricate patterns to result in Indian mehndi designs that will appeal to die-hard mehndi fans and intricate design lovers everywhere.

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5. The Differentiating Factor

Indian Mehndi Designs - The Differentiating Factor

Sometimes you want nothing more than an accessory, it cannot take over your entire profile, but must serve to accentuate your features. Well, if you had such a request when it comes to Indian mehndi designs, then this is the design to satisfy all your needs.

6. Glam Picasso Dulha Dulhan

Indian Mehndi Designs - Glam Picasso Dulha Dulhan

This gorgeous full-bodied mehndi design shows off that essential element of many Indian mehndi designs – the incorporation of the dulha and dulhan into the design. This particular one features the motifs of the bride and groom in the palms, and gorgeously intricate designs taper out with peacock flourishes.

7. Mesh Pattern Mehndi

Indian Mehndi Designs - Mesh Pattern Mehndi

Getting the mehndi on the feet just right is a very important element of bridal mehndi, and we can say that this gorgeous net design nails that bit in just about every aspect. The leaf pattern on the ankle is also very appealing.

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8. Traditional Print Design

Indian Mehndi Designs - Traditional Print Design

There are certain patterns you just associate with India, especially western India, and this gorgeous and intricate mehndi design features all of them. The mesh pattern in the middle of the arm breaks up the monotony a bit, and makes for an excellent transition between the two halves of the traditional print design.

9. Dulha Dulhan Indie Graffiti

Indian Mehndi Designs - Dulha Dulhan Indie Graffiti

You cannot be blamed if you don’t manage to take your eyes off the centrepiece in this magnificent design, but it’s to note just how beautiful the work surrounding the dulha and dulhan is, especially the heart they’re enclosed in.

10. Fractal Mehndi Design

Indian Mehndi Designs - Fractal Mehndi Design

This is one of those Indian mehndi designs where the creator decided to let their experience dictate that they stray from the norm and create something entirely novel. The result is astonishing and most unconventional, and an overall win for the world of mehndi design.

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11. Differentiated Detail

Indian Mehndi Designs - Differentiated Detail

Refraining from taking the usual route of bundling together all of the designs that they have worked into this one design (an approach that has yielded some of the most beautiful Indian mehndi designs we have come to know and appreciate), this time the designer has gone with exquisite detail but has left out some gaps to make the designs stand out from each other.

12. Intricate And Elegant

Indian Mehndi Designs - Intricate And Elegant

This mehndi design looks absolutely stunning, especially when held against that dress, but if you were to look at the design as a whole, you would realize that it doesn’t need too much in the way of complementary attire to really stand out on its own.

13. Geometric Poetry

Indian Mehndi Designs - Geometric Poetry

Starting out at the toes and extending almost to the knees, the appeal of this entirely gorgeous mehndi design lies in the way it has been so carefully constructed to appeal to our penchant for organization and alignment.

14. Flowers Galore

Indian Mehndi Designs - Flowers Galore

The dark fingertips, the gorgeous floral patterns extending right from the wrist down to the nails, as well as the traditional prints on the periphery of the hands… it all combines to make a most appealing design.

15. The Yin Yang

Indian Mehndi Designs - The Yin Yang

If you’re looking for something entirely fresh when it comes to your choice of henna tattoo, then you cannot go wrong with this yin yang application of mehndi. The interplay of the design with the clean spaces also makes for most delightful viewing.

16. Vine Mehndi Design

Indian Mehndi Designs - Vine Mehndi Design

Just because this is simple doesn’t mean that it’s not absolutely gorgeous to boot.

17. Simple Hand Design

Indian Mehndi Designs - Simple Hand Design

Similar to the above foot mehndi design, this simple mehndi design will do much more than just get the job done. Its minimal design gives it an elegant and aesthetic look.

18. Magnificent Minimalism

Indian Mehndi Designs - Magnificent Minimalism

Sometimes less is more. Don’t believe us? Just check out this gorgeous design.

19. The Floral Vine

Indian Mehndi Designs - The Floral Vine

Having a “vine” of flowers running down your hand can make for the most beautiful Indian mehndi designs. Just goes to show that you can get creative and also you don’t have to cover every inch of skin in order to have a good looking design.

20. Peacock Inspired Mehndi

Indian Mehndi Designs - Peacock Inspired Mehndi

The bangles hide the bajuband pattern on the wrists, but the rest of this design is perfectly visible and excellent. The solid fingertips provide a certain meat to the design whereas the delicate pattern provides the artistry.

21. Simple And Traditional

Indian Mehndi Designs - Simple And Traditional

It doesn’t really get much more classic than this when it comes to Indian mehndi designs. It is a good choice for those looking for something traditional.

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22. Contemporary Elegance

Indian Mehndi Designs - Contemporary Elegance

The mehndi may not be dry yet, but you can picture the gorgeous and delicate marks it will leave on the arm and hand. Just the perfect amount of embellishment for those looking for a casual and attractive design.

23. Heavy Mehndi Design

Indian Mehndi Designs - Heavy Mehndi Design

Highly intricate details, beautiful patterns, delicate work, flowers, leaves, traditional patterns and everything else combine to make this one of the most striking and rich Indian mehndi designs on this list.

24. Dulha Dulhan Geometricly Asymmetric Funk

Indian Mehndi Designs - Dulha Dulhan Geometrically Asymmetric Funk

This most excellent design features two sets of dulha and dulhan patterns with the dulha on one palm and dulhan on the other palm, and then the two of them together on the right hand. The middle is filled with a mehndi design of the highest quality featuring a number of highly intricate patterns that combine to form a truly outstanding overall design.

25. The Elegant And Clean Design

Indian Mehndi Designs - The Elegant And Clean Design

A gorgeous floral wheel in the middle of the back of the hands seems to almost reach out to try and touch the extended design on the fingers, and it all makes for a most appealing mehndi design that while not the easiest to replicate, doesn’t require three hours of sitting still.

26. Mehndi Blooms

Indian Mehndi Designs - Mehndi Blooms

Those enthralled with floral patterns and designs will love the look of this simple and elegant mehndi design.

27. The Vine Of Love

Indian Mehndi Designs - The Vine Of Love

We’ve seen the single vine kind of mehndi design before, and we must say that each time we do they seem to make a stronger case for themselves compared to the previous time we saw one. This graceful mehndi design is highly appealing, not too heavy, and suitable for most occasions.

28. The Intricate Delight

Indian Mehndi Designs - The Intricate Delight

Every once in a while, a mehndi design comes along that is so well crafted that you just have to admire it in wonder. This is one of those Indian mehndi designs – clean lines, gorgeous detail, the beautiful couple in the palm as well as the single flower surrounded by extremely delicate detailing… it’s all so good to look at.

29. Contemporary Patterns

Indian Mehndi Designs - Contemporary Patterns

This excellent mehndi design borrows from traditional aesthetics but adds a modern twist to create a wholly contemporary mehndi design and a highly appealing one at that.

30. Classic Bridal Mehndi

Indian Mehndi Designs - Classic Bridal Mehndi

The quintessential bridal mehndi is a mix of all the various traditional Indian mehndi designs, and it sure is a treat to look at.

31. The Geometric Gem

Indian Mehndi Designs - The Geometric Gem

Geometric doesn’t have to mean what we Indians have become accustomed to call “same to same.” It can merely mean that the use of triangles, edges and lines – as in this design – can be a most powerful tool to getting a beautiful mehndi design.

32. Intricate Feet Mehndi Design

Indian Mehndi Designs - Intricate Feet Mehndi Design

Mehndi for the feet can be highly intricate as well, with this pristine design being a prime example of how to do it right.

33. Delightful Detailing

Indian Mehndi Designs - Delightful Detailing

Just like something out of Rajasthan’s famed and intricate embroidery work, this mehndi design only gets more appealing with each viewing.

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34. Flower Power

Indian Mehndi Designs - Flower Power

It doesn’t take much to get a highly appealing henna tattoo as we’ve already seen with many of the above Indian mehndi designs. Here, the cupped hands come together to form a beautiful flower design in the centre of the palms. The design as well as the imagery is simple yet powerful.

35. Attention To Detail

Indian Mehndi Designs - Attention To Detail

Here, the overarching theme remains floral, but it is the detailed and intricate execution that really brings this design to life.

36. Contemporary Goodness

Indian Mehndi Designs - Contemporary Goodness

While most Indian mehndi designs rely on the interplay of a number of gorgeous patterns for their appeal, this particular one makes use of usual patterns and creates a design that is on the whole very refreshing as well as highly appealing.

37. Peacock Motifs

Indian Mehndi Designs - Peacock Motifs

When outstanding creativity meets intricate and excellent execution, the result is a mehndi design as beautiful and memorable as this one.

38. Star Flower Power

Indian Mehndi Designs - Star Flower Power

Yes, we know that those are flowers (connected to each other through vines), but you can be excused for thinking that they are stars, and the design on the whole gets five stars from us anyway.

39. Peacock Feathers Pattern Mehndi Design

Indian Mehndi Designs - Peacock Feathers Pattern Mehndi Design

An excellent full-hand mehndi design that is heavy on the detailing, this gorgeous peacock-inspired design is a safe bet when it comes to sticking to traditional and beautiful bridal Indian mehndi designs.

40. Symmetry Through Asymmetry

Indian Mehndi Designs - Symmetry Through Asymmetry

If you look closely at this mehndi design, you will realize that it is symmetrical and clean, but features very few, if any, straight lines. Overall, an excellent and detailed pattern.

41. Marginal Mehndi Design

Indian Mehndi Designs - Marginal Mehndi Design

A beautiful pattern interspersed with clean skin, that doesn’t cover the whole of the hand and yet makes for a highly elegant and desirable mehndi design.

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42. Intricate Curls

Indian Mehndi Designs - Intricate Curls

Wonderfully different in its finger designs, this excellent piece of art features a mix of the traditional as well as out-of-the-box patterns to create a unique and memorable final design.

43. The Coloured DulhaDulhan Design

Indian Mehndi Designs - The Coloured DulhaDulhan Design

Gorgeously intricate and expertly crafted, this mehndi design is nothing short of a masterpiece. Myriad exotic patterns come together, and when combined with the masterfully crafted and placed dulha and dulhan motifs, create a most wonderful overall mehndi design.

44. Considerably Colourful

Indian Mehndi Designs - Considerably Colourful

You can be excused for having missed the peacock the first time, but that’s only if you were admiring the overall layout of this gorgeous Indian mehndi design.

45. Details For Days

Indian Mehndi Designs - Details For Days

It may require you to sit completely still for much longer than you’re accustomed to, but it’s hard to deny that the final result isn’t worth your time, especially if heavy detail and full hand indian mehndi designs are what you’re after.

46. Pattern Explosion

Indian Mehndi Designs - Pattern Explosion

Symmetry meets asymmetry in this gorgeous mehndi design that features floral, circular and mesh patterns working beautifully in tandem.

47. Impeccably Inked

Indian Mehndi Designs - Impeccably Inked

There is a lot going on here but there is no need to go into the details. Just a quick glance will show you just how beautiful and intricate this piece of art is.

48. Flowers And Leaves

Indian Mehndi Designs - Flowers And Leaves

Leaf patterns are some of the hardest to conceptualize and create (the use of space matters a lot here for the overall aesthetic), but when done right – as is the case here – they do look absolutely gorgeous.

49. Flower Worship

Indian Mehndi Designs - Flower Worship

This entire mehndi design is an excellent representation of how to use space properly (for the budding mehndi artist), but for the rest of us, it is a gorgeous and natural mehndi design.

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50. Flowers And Bajuband

Indian Mehndi Designs - Flowers And Bajuband

What can we say? Sometimes the traditional patterns can take on a semi-contemporary form and the end result is absolutely gorgeous.

Images: Google, Shutterstock