Indian Marriage Games: Top 8 Games That You Will Love Playing!

I can’t remember the last time I attended a really fun wedding that didn’t have at least a few rounds of traditional Indian marriage games played between the bride’s and the groom’s side. Games are an essential part of any wedding party. If you’re looking for inspiration to create unique games (with the traditional element intact) for your own wedding or for a friend’s, this list of Indian wedding games should be printed out and stapled in to your all-important wedding diary.

1. Thengai Uruturathu

Indian Marriage Games - Thengai Uruturathu

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Once the couple has officially tied the knot, the bride and groom sit opposite each other, about 10 feet apart. Then come the coconuts! The goal of the game is for the couple to roll their respective coconuts towards their partner and get the fruit to collide mid-way. If they do it well, the coconuts could break when they hit—a sure-shot sign of success. The couple gets to try this three times. This is one of those Indian marriage games that is a good way to start honing communication skills and understanding each other. The guests’ constant banter and commentary keeps things interesting.

2. Ring Fishing

Indian Marriage Games - Ring Fishing

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The couple is presented with a big bowl filled with milk, turmeric, rose petals and small metallic things like nuts, bolts and coins. The bowl also happens to hold their wedding rings. The bride and groom are then mean to put one hand each into the bowl and search for both rings. The one to find both rings first wins the round—and bragging rights for the rest of their married life. They say whoever finds both rings will have the upper hand in the marriage—all the more reason to win at one of the most interesting Indian marriage games around one, right?

3. Spot Thy Name

Indian Marriage Games - Spot Thy Name

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This one’s probably the most popular traditional wedding game there is. The bride gets her groom’s name inscribed in her mehendi and the groom has to discover where it is later—he better find it or he won’t get to take his new wife home.

4. Joota Chupai

Indian Marriage Games - Joota Chupai

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So while the bride and groom are busy getting married, the bride’s sisters and friends kidnap the groom’s shoes and hide them someplace safe for a good solid ransom—a prank as old as any. What follows, post-wedding ceremony, is one of the biggest negotiation deals of the entire wedding—the groom has to bribe the bride’s side with a certain amount of sagan to get his shoes back- or opt for barefoot vidhai. A great way to make some cash on the side while having lots of fun!

5. Rasogulla Competition

Indian Marriage Games - Rasogulla Competition

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Indian marriage games are mostly fun twists to simple concepts and one of my favourite wedding game traditions is no exception. The rasogulla eating competition specific to Bengali weddings involves the two families set up to eat the maximum number of rasogullas, and the winning side obviously gets major bragging rights, and a very, very full tummy.

6. Test Your History

Involve the wedding guests by giving each couple (usually the lady) a pen and paper to write down his/her answers to specific questions like wedding anniversaries and birthdays. Now ask the other better half (usually the man) to answer the same questions and check back with the written answers for accuracy. A great way to find out the most compatible couple at the event!

7. Untying The Knot

Indian Marriage Games - Untying The Knot

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One of the most fun Indian marriage games around is also an excellent way to check the couple-of-the-moment’s patience levels and how in-tune they are with each other. The groom’s sister has to tie a long string around the couple’s left or right hands—effectively tying them together. Now the bride and groom have to work together to open the knots just one hand each.

Indian Marriage Games – 8: ID Your Bride

Take a big saree and cut 12 small holes in it in a horizontal line—big enough to put hands through. Now have 6 ladies, including the bride, stand behind the saree with their hands through the holes. The groom then has to guess which of the pairs of hands belongs to his lady love. If he guesses correctly he wins a prize, and if he gets it wrong, he has to perform some more tasks to win his lady love back.