9 Indian Engagement Invitation Wording Ideas To Impress

There was a time when engagement invitations were lengthy, formal and quite honestly, boring. Thankfully, with time invitations have become simpler and easier to read, and some of the invitations today truly are refreshing, when compared to labored texts of yesteryear. Now if you’re looking to avoid falling into the same trap as people of yore, we have some very simple, classy and personal Indian engagement invitation wording ideas that you could use for your interesting invite.


Indian Engagement Invitation Wording - A Night Long Celebration

A pretty enagement invite that welcomes everyone to the “engagement ceremony and a dance party”. We are sure it is going to be one heck of a combo!


Indian Engagement Invitation Wording - Cordially Invited

A short and courteous engagement invitation wording that is a personal message from the parents of the couple, inviting guests to the engagement party of their children.

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Indian Engagement Invitation Wording - Wedding Bells Are Near

A poetic engagement message that doubles up as an engagement invitation and specifies that the celebration is hosted by friends or family of the couple.


Indian Engagement Invitation Wording - The Honour Of Your Presence

This is a formal engagement invitation wording that is gracious and precise. The small note in the end which tells the guests that their blessings are the only gifts the couple would need, is a nice personal touch that speaks volumes about the sensibilities and the progressive outlook of the family.


Indian Engagement Invitation Wording - An Engagement Party

A light hearted and a happy engagement invitation from the couple themselves, inviting friends and family to be present at their engagement dinner party. A very informal invite that is short and sweet.

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Indian Engagement Invitation Wording - Love Birds

Another simple engagement invite that is pretty and precise. “Join us to celebrate the engagement of our favourite love birds” adds that personal touch to this engagement invitation wording.


Indian Engagement Invitation Wording - Down The Aisle

A very informal invite for the friends and family of the couple to join them for an engagement party or a grand get-together before the couple can officially be man and wife.


Indian Engagement Invitation Wording - The Afternoon Session

A simple engagement announcement from the couple that invites guests to their engagement and nothing more. It has all the required data – the venue, date and time as a simple and precise message, making for engagement invitation wording that is easy and pleasing to read.

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Indian Engagement Invitation Wording - With Drinks And Good Cheer

This poetic and personal engagement invite is sure to make the guests smile as they read. A pretty invitation for a engagement celebration that nobody is going to miss.