24 Gorgeous Indian Bridal Looks In Celebrity Pictures & More

The Indian bridal profile is a thing of beauty, no matter which state or region you hail from. Today, we’re going to look at some beautiful Indian bridal looks from the north to the south, and east to west. So if your wedding is on the cards or you’re planning for it sometime soon, you would want to check these out:

1. The Kashmiri Bride

Indian Bridal Looks - The Kashmiri Bride

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The resplendent Kashmiri bride looks absolutely radiant in her traditional bridal attire which is called a tarang. The tarang is comprised of a pheran and ari or hook embroidery at the neck cuff and edges, which is traditionally in red, yellow or pink. Kalpush is the head ornamentation which comes with a white cloth and golden paper. Golden jewellery usually completes this Indian bridal look.

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2. The Punjabi Bride

The gorgeous Punjabi bride is characterized by her nath or nose ring, and while there are no restrictions on what she can wear for her wedding, the bride usually avoids black and white and opts for red, maroon or pink for her big day. Here we see Gul Panag rocking a resplendent red and gold lehenga. Her maang tikka complements her Indian bridal look perfectly!

Gul Panag 

Indian Bridal Looks - The Punjabi Bride, Gul Panag

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3. The Sikh Bride

Chooda and kalire – that’s what defines a Sikh bride, isn’t it? That with a lehenga or anarkali, her head covered in a veil throughout the entire ceremony. Other jewellery and gems complete this Indian bridal look. Her chooda may be comprised of pink, peach or white bangles which are a gift from her maternal uncle and aunt. Kalire are trinkets that may be in silver or gold and are supposed to be a blessing to the bride and are tied to the chooda.

Geeta Basra 

Indian Bridal Looks - The Sikh Bride, Geeta Basra

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4. The Assamese Bride

Traditionally, the Assamese bride dons her mekhela chador given to her by the groom’s mother. It is a type of saree that is generally in cream or off white and features gold work. The Assamese bride doesn’t generally opt for too heavy a makeup, and her jewellery is usually restricted to traditional jewels. An extremely auspicious and important part of the bridal profile is of course, the maang tikka.

Udita Goswami 

Indian Bridal Looks - The Assamese Bride, Udita Goswami

5. The Manipuri Bride

The beautiful Manipuri bride has a distinct, eye-catching look that features an elaborate and regal headdress accompanied by a distinct veil that is worn over the back of the head and shoulders. Jewellery features predominantly around the neck and is offset by a black blouse that highlights her embellishments.

Indian Bridal Looks - The Manipuri Bride

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6. The Bengali Bride

Benarasi silk with traditional zari embellishment in a bright red, maroon or even pink is the hallmark of a glowing Bengali bride. Sandalwood paste features heavily in the makeup as does the alta which is applied to her feet. Maang tikka, matha patti and a big red bindi complete the characteristic Bengali Indian bridal look.

Bipasha Basu

Indian Bridal Looks - The Bengali Bride, Bipasha Basu

7. The Bihari Bride

Indian Bridal Looks - The Bihari Bride

The Bihari bride truly has a distinct look about her with her traditional nathni or nose ring and the ever gorgeous neck piece that makes her stand out. A combination among any of yellow, gold and red make up her saree and her elaborate choodis complete this Indian bridal look.

8. The Rajasthani Bride

Indian Bridal Looks - The Rajasthani Bride

Every bit as regal as the land’s history would suggest, the Rajasthani bride is the very picture of bridal resplendence, so much so that a significant number of non-Indian brides choose for this very look for their dreamy wedding in Rajasthan. Gorgeous and rich colours meet exotic and exuberant ethnic jewellery, and the bride decked in glittering gold with a covered head is one of the most recognizable Indian bridal profiles.

9. The Gujarati Bride

The Gujarati bride is unique in that she wears her saree with the pallu facing the front instead of the reverse which is the norm. She also changes sarees in the course of her wedding – the panetar and gharchola, with the panetar being a rich saree in white that has been embellished with gold, green and red dots (bandhini). It is symbolic for being the last gift she will receive from her maternal family.

The gharchola is a gorgeous red silk saree with zari work – in a check and stripe pattern – and is given to the bride by her in-laws as an acceptance of her being their daughter.

Tina Ambani 

Indian Bridal Looks - The Gujarati Bride, Tina Ambani

10. The Maharashtrian Bride

The Maharashtrian bride has an elaborate Indian bridal look that sets her apart from the rest of the brides featured on this list. First, the paithani or two-tone silk saree that she wears features with a gold border and is usually worn by the bride in a style reminiscent of a dhoti.

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The mundavalya or flowers and pearls worn in a string is another distinguishing factor, and the bride’s hair is usually a tight bun that features mogra flowers and the bride matches her crescent shaped nath with her crescent shaped bindi, and of course, white pearls and gold jewellery compete her look.


Indian Bridal Looks - The Maharashtrian Bride, Genelia

11. The Kerala Bride

The traditional Kerala Indian bridal look is one of the most recognizable in all of India, and it is the glitter of gold that sets her apart. Almost from head to toe, the Kerala brides radiates exuberance as her heavy god jewellery takes the forefront of her bridal profile. Kerala brides usually also get their hair decorated with jasmine flowers.

Vidya Balan

Indian Bridal Looks - The Kerala Bride, Vidya Balan

12. The Muslim Bride

The garland of flowers reveals the radiant Muslim bride’s face after nikah, and her distinctive jewellery is immediately recognizable, especially the jhoomar which is an essential part of her attire. The silk on her hand that ties the gold or silver coin presented (tied) to her hand by her mother-in-law is another important part of her Indian bridal look. Bollywood brides Soha and Dia Mirza looked amazing on their weddings in traditional wear.

Indian Bridal Looks - The Muslim Bride, Soha Ali Khan

Soha Ali Khan

Indian Bridal Looks - The Muslim Bride, Soha Ali Khan With Her Mom And Kunal Khemu

13. The South Indian Bride

Gold jewellery, garlands of jasmine or rajnigandha flowers and plenty of gold to go with their heavily embellished bridal sarees – the south Indian bride is the very epitome of bridal perfection.

Gorgeousness on gorgeousness. Florals by @pellipoolajada ❤️

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Aishwarya Rai

Indian Bridal Looks - The South Indian Bride, Aishwarya Rai Bachchan

14. The Christian Bride

Christian weddings in India are as diverse and varied as the regions they take place in – Mangalore, Goa, parts of the north-east etc. Some Christians choose to go with brightly coloured sarees for their bridal attires while others opt for the traditional white tulle wedding gown. Veils, tiaras, trains (for the dress) and bouquets all make their appearances in the latter category.


Indian Bridal Looks - The Christian Bride, Asin

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Contemporary Indian Brides In All Their Splendour

1. Indian Bridal Looks - Pink And Cream

This gorgeous Indian bridal look ticks all of the boxes – a beautiful pink and cream saree that really highlights all of the splendid gold jewellery on display, intricate mehndi and traditional headgear.

2. Indian Bridal Looks - Floral Pink

This floral print lehenga is fit for a queen and that’s exactly what this gorgeous bride looks and feels like. The garland of flowers perfectly complements her dress as well.

3. Indian Bridal Looks - Wedding Red

The resplendence of bridal red is evident in this most stunning of Indian bridal look – the heavily embellished red lehenga. The jewellery around the neck as well as the choker necklace perfectly complement the getup.

4. Indian Bridal Looks - Resplendent Ivory

South Indian bridal goodness is on display here with the gorgeous jewellery and multi-coloured blouse that complements the soothing ivory saree. The gorgeous flowers woven into her hair as well as the long ponytail make up the rest of this Indian bridal look.

5. Indian Bridal Looks - Haute Red

The jewellery! Combined with the exquisite red saree and the nose ring, all we can say is WOW!

6. Indian Bridal Looks - Embroidered Bridal

If we’re talking about iconic wedding looks then the gorgeous interplay of pink, white and cream along with the floral themes and light jewellery on display here make for one outstanding Indian bridal look.

7. Indian Bridal Looks - Pinks And Blues

The resplendent beauty of the Punjabi bridal look, complete with kalire and nose ring.

8. Indian Bridal Looks - Regal Reds

A gorgeous red lehenga and the perfect complementary gold jewellery make up this bride’s exquisite Indian bridal look.

9. Indian Bridal Looks - Colours

It is amazing how many forms the bridal lehenga can take when it’s paired with different colours, blouses and ornamentation like above. This bride has got it perfectly right!

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10. Indian Bridal Looks - Golden Shehzadi

The quintessential Muslim Indian bridal look complete with choker necklace and jhoomar is truly most gorgeous.

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