Indian Bridal Hairstyles: The Perfect 16 Wedding Hairdo Pics

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Some Indian bridal hairstyles are best suited for certain hair types while some go well with any hair type. But no matter whether you hair is short, medium-length, curly, long, manageable, barely-manageable etc. you will find something of major value here.

Here are the different styles you can choose from to make your tresses look every bit as gorgeous as the rest of you, come wedding day!

1. Long Wavy Side Down ‘Do With Curls And Maang Tikka

The beautiful brides with long tresses can wear their hair in the form of a down ‘do parted to one side, which is wavy at the top and features curls at the bottom. This style looks naturally gorgeous without any fuss; and ornamentation and accessories in the form of an Indian bridal accessory trend setter, the maang tikka can make it look even more resplendent. It is not one of the more traditional Indian bridal hairstyles, but it’s lovely.

2. Stylish Side Braided Ponytail With Mini-Bouffant And Maang Tikka

This gorgeous hairstyle is for those with long tresses or those looking to use hair extensions to achieve the perfect, cute wedding hairdo. The stylishly done braiding makes the hair manageable while looking excellent, and the mini bouffant adds to the glamour quotient of the entire hairstyle. When paired with a maang tikka and even a nose ring like above, it makes for an entirely gorgeous Indian bridal hairstyle.

3. The Side Swept Beauty With Bun

Another Indian bridal hairstyle that is making all the waves (literally) these days is one of the trendiest ones you can choose to fashion your hair. A low hanging bun is accentuated with a gorgeous side swept hairstyle in front making for a most contemporary and chic look perfect for the modern day stylish bride. Brides with shorter hair can choose to go down this route with the use of a wig to get the bun in order.

4. Flapper 20s Chic Hairdo (Kangana Ranaut Style)

If you’re a short-haired girl, one of the best Indian bridal hairstyles for short hair that look extremely stylish for the wedding is to follow in the footsteps of Kanagana Ranaut, and opt for the 20s flapper hairdo! The side parting and sensual curls towards the end of the hair is sure to make the guests and the groom stare in awe.

5. South Indian Classic Plait With Flower Embellishments

An open back blouse, a gorgeous, long plait and flowers stunningly worked into the hair – this has been the very essence of the classic South Indian wedding hairstyles for eons now (especially in Andhra Pradesh and Telangana), and really, when you look at the picture, it’s not hard to understand why. A true classic!

6. Wavy Flowing Side Down ‘Do With Veil And Maang Tikka

Many a times brides tend to go over the top when it comes to their wedding hair, but that’s not something that is required. Indian bridal hairstyles are all about looking your best come wedding day, and not about sporting the most complicated or time-consuming hairdo. This beautiful side-parted flowing down ‘do is perfect, especially for girls with wavy hair. And when paired with the right embellishments like the maang tikka, choker piece and gold earrings as above, it does look quite stunning indeed.

7. Side Styled Bouffant With Large Wavy Curly Bun With Veil And Maang Tikka

The bouffant and maang tikka combination is a sure-fire stunner in this context, while the large wavy bun with embedded curls worn at the back brings a lot of volume and substance to this gorgeous Indian bridal hairstyle.

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8. Wavy Side ‘Do With Braided Plait And Embellishments

This is a classic Indian bridal hairstyle. The gorgeous plait, when paired with the stylish floral embellishment and other bridal jewellery such as the neck piece, the maang tikka and the nose ring, makes for a highly alluring look.

9. Stylish Semi Curls With Side Parting And Bun Updo With Veil

Another classic Indian bridal look, this gorgeous hairstyle is a very stylish way of wearing your hair for the wedding, featuring long, loosely curled locks to the side that add an element of “messy” that complements the perfectly styled parting up top and the immaculate bun. A maang tikka and the usual bridal embellishments and jewellery complete the look.

10. The Contemporary Chic Braided Bun Updo

One of the most Indian bridal hairstyles comes in the form of the braided bun updo which is as unusual as it is stylish. The braids serve as the perfect base for the bun updo which then leaves a clean look for the face that can be accentuated with the usual gorgeous jewellery, maang tikka, earrings, bindi, and whatever other embellishments the bride so desires.

11. The Simple Bun Worn Up With See Through Veil And Neckpiece

If you’re looking to achieve a “flowing” look without actually leaving your hair open, then this is one of the best Indian bridal hairstyles to rock your hair in for the wedding. The gorgeous and embroidered see through wedding veil adds a gorgeous charm to the beautiful bun, while the perfectly styled and parted hair gives the face a gorgeous and clean look. Further accentuate this with the usual set of embellishments and you’re every bit a princess for the upcoming wedding!

12. South Indian Bun Hairstyle With Flower Embellishment And Maang Tikka

Sleek black hair worn in the form of a traditional bun with a centre-parting, maang tikka and heavy gold jewellery – there are many reasons why it is the classic south Indian bridal hairstyle look, and one of those is the sheer gorgeousness possible when it is done right.

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13. The Retro South Indian Beauty Re-Imagined

When you take a classic hairdo and give it a contemporary twist with modern methods, you have a truly exceptional hairstyle. The jasmine flowers accentuate the hair in a most beautiful manner, and the gorgeous parting allows the focus to remain on the sleek black hair and its beautiful lustre. Add the colour-coded attire and gorgeous south indian wedding jewellery and what can we say… the bride who pulls this off will be a true stunner on her wedding day.

14. The Queen Pull-Back Updo With Matha Patti

Sometimes, everything comes together to form a final profile, a winner among Indian bridal hairstyles, one that is much more than the sum of its already gorgeous parts, and that’s exactly the case with this exceptional design. The hair worn up in a pull back fashion, the stunning matha patti and the overall clean look make for a radiant, youthful, stunning bride – you.

15. Long Wavy Down ‘Do With Medium Curls

Long curly hair worn to one side is a most stylish wedding hairdo in its own right but when it’s done in the fashion depicted above – hair that starts out straight and progressively get curlier as it goes on – it attains an even more ethereal quality and becomes one of the trendiest, most gorgeous, most elegant ways to wear your hair for your wedding.

16. The Layered Bun

Adding texture to your hair is one of the most rewarding and excellent result-yielding tactics that you can choose to adopt for your bridal profile. The gorgeous hairstyle, as shown above, achieves a very contemporary chic look that combines the “messy” and stylish elements to excellent effect. Show off with your gorgeous makeup and your usual set of embellishments and you have an excellent photogenic and ultra-modern look.

17. The Floral Bun With Flower Embellishments

What is the key point here? A beautiful hairdo for your wedding, sure, but also the fact that the hair is fashioned in such a way that the hair that forms the bun itself looks to be made up of flowers. Pair that with actual flowers and you have a gorgeous hairdo for your wedding!

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18. The Stylish Side Sweep

A gorgeous look for those with short hair is the ultra modern, ultra gorgeous side-swept hairdo. A maang tikka and a set of matching earrings and neckpiece completes the look and this will have you looking every bit the beautiful bride that you are on your big day.

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