5 Gorgeous Contemporary Indian Bridal Hairstyles For Reception

From the moment a woman gives her heart to a man, she starts dreaming about her perfect wedding day, right from her princess like lehenga to her make-up and hairstyle. And no bride wants to wear the same look for all the wedding functions, right? Think of all the effort taken to scout the city looking for the perfect lehenga; browsing through magazines and internet for that gorgeous hairstyle etc. Phew! It is not as easy as we think. So to make things a lot easier, and hassle-free for the brides, we have shortlisted 5 gorgeous contemporary Indian bridal hairstyles for reception wow moments.

1. Floral Twists



This hairstyle gets every woman thinking as to how did the hairstylist do that? Instead of accessorizing your hair with colourful flowers, you twist the hair into little roses, and hairspray them to make sure they don't begin to open up when you are busy posing with your groom. In this hairstyle, the hair is pinned back and tail is swept to the side. The crown hair is back-combed into a pretty puff, and strands of hair at the back are twisted into rose-shaped flowers. It has a very fairytale-like look that will simply make the bride feel like a princess. And not to forget, the pictures from the back will just look perfect!

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2. Wine Twists Updo

Begin by curling the hair. Then take strands of curls and pin them up nicely into an updo. Either embellish the look with sparkling accessories or pin up pretty flowers of your choice. And for that dramatic look, pull out a few strands of curls and let them hang from the updo. It gives a nice look like the soft curls of the wine plant. This hairdo is perfect for brides who don't want any hair falling on their back, and would want to show off a sexy back and the cut of the blouse.

3. Clean Pinned Back Hairdo

This gorgeous hairstyle is very feminine, and makes every bride with an oval cut or a long face look stunning. The hair is swept to the side and the crown area is puffed up. The hair is tonged into loose curls, and is pinned up at the back very neatly; letting the soft curls fall on the back and the shoulders. Pin up up flowers of your choice on the side, and get rolling!

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4. Dainty Twirls Updo

Of all the indian bridal hairstyles for reception moments, this hairstyle will give every woman a reason to want to get doll'd up. The hair is back combed and tied into a pony tail, slightly puffing up the crown area. Then the pony tail is tonged into curls. Few strands of curls are taken and pinned into delicate twirls. This hairstyle can be a little time consuming because of the intricacy of the style, but it is totally worth all the time. The twirls have to be nicely pinned up into a side twirly bun. And the other side can be balanced out by pinning flowers of your choice.

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5. Classic Floral Twisted Updo

The last century was a good time for hair, and Indian bridal hairstyles for reception too. This hairstyle looks so classic and classy that it reminds us of the 50s Bond movies. And if you are one of those classy brides who has a hint of classic element in her style, then this hairstyle is just perfect for you. Hair is divided into three sections — the hairline section, the crown section and the back section. First, the back section is nicely combed and tied into a bun. Then the crown section falls on the bun and covers it. With a good amount of hair cream and spray, the crown section hair is twisted into flowers that cover up the bun. The hairline section is neatly combed into a side swept style, and twisted into a flower. Now ain't that just gorgeous?! So which one appeals to you the most? Share the style that you like the most with your hairstylist and get ready to look gorgeous.