30 In Love Status Messages To Add A Little Magic To Life

When you are in love, the world seems a happier and brighter place to live in. You carry a smile on your face and wear your heart on your sleeve. Love is such a beautiful feeling that it brings warmth and joy that nothing else can. If you are lucky to have found love, it’s time to say it with these beautiful ‘in love status messages.’ How you choose to share them is up to you. Whatever medium you are comfortable with, let your partner know exactly what you are feeling.

1. In Love Status - I Smile Too Big

Aah! The sweet smile one can’t get rid off when in love… You have that smile plastered on your face when you wake up, at work, while travelling and while cooking too. If you have it, why not say it with a in love status update?


In Love Status - I Don't Like Waiting

When you know you are truly in love, you are ready to wait for a lifetime for your love to be yours. Time becomes irrelevant when in love.

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In Love Status - Stolen My Heart

That’s a cute way to tell someone how you’ve fallen for them. Go ahead… make them smile with this cute in love status.


In Love Status - The First Thing

Drive the point straight in… Love suddenly gets a clear image when you are in truly in love and find the person of your dreams. And when you do find that person, what’s stops you from saying it out loud?


In Love Status - Every Love Is Beautiful

Life is a story and love is a story within. Every love story is special in its own way. Make your love story beautiful with the right person!


In Love Status - When I Dream

Reality becomes more beautiful than dreams when you are in love and you can’t wait for your dreams to come true with the person of your dreams. Share this in love status update with the one you love and get one step closer to making your dream a beautiful reality.


In Love Status - I Love My Life

Your love makes your whole life better. And with that special person, your love becomes your life itself!


In Love Status - Ping Pong

Be adorable with this cute in love status message. You two are unique and special in your own unique ways. But together, you both are something special.


In Love Status - I'm In Love

Yes, that does happen! When you are finally in love, just the thought of it makes you joyous and merry.

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In Love Status - Not Drunk

And that’s quite the same! Being drunk or being in love both get you high.


In Love Status - The World In Her Eyes

When you find true love, you see the world through their eyes and search for them wherever you go, all the time.


In Love Status - Only Half Of It

That’s what makes life complete. First you find love and then you nourish it forever.


In Love Status - I Just Did

One just can’t plan to fall in love. It just happens. One cannot explain the hows and whys in love. It just happens and that too when you are least expecting it. And the truth of this fact makes it an ideal in love status update.


In Love Status - Not A Maybe

Many confuse ‘like’ with ‘love.’ If you are still questioning love, then you are still not there because when you are in love you won’t have questions no more.


In Love Status - The Second Best Thing

Finding the right person is what takes time, falling in love just follows. Don’t you think so?


In Love Status - Always

Make it poetic and make it rhyme because love deserves the best and more; so make your in love status update count.

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In Love Status - Just The Thought

That’s what love does. It makes every moment of each day much better and more filled with life than it ever was.


In Love Status - My Wish

It’s a hope all lovers have. And it’s a hope that drives you forward and one that fuels your life. Wouldn’t you want to fall in love all over again with that special someone if given a choice?


In Love Status - Kindness Flows

Tell your love how you love them for what they are inside and out. Express how much you appreciate the beauty within as much as the exterior beauty with an in love status update every now and then.


In Love Status - Every Reason Every Hope Every Dream

All our life, we dream and hope for love and beauty in life and it’s only when we find true love they all come true – all at once.

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In Love Status - Much More

Being in love gives you wings and the power to be the best version of you. And most importantly, it lets you be you. Isn’t that the bottom line anyway?


In Love Status - I Choose You

With this super intense in love status update, let your love know that know that no matter what, they will always be your first choice. Then, now, and forever.


In Love Status - Dreaming

Every moment of the day is somehow connected to your love and how they make you feel. No a second or a minute goes by without you thinking about them.


In Love Status - Everybody Knows

Now that’s the real task! If you find love but don’t work towards keeping it, you’ll lose it before you even realize it. And the feeling that you get once you lose the one you love is terrible. So why even risk losing it all?


In Love Status - I Don't Know Why

And you will never know… There are no reasons for some happenings in life. No matter how much you try and find a reason, you won’t.


In Love Status - The Day After Forever

Skip the boring ‘forever’ with this deeper and much more passionate promise of love for a lifetime. They will get the message, or in love status, in this case.


In Love Status - Crazy

Let the crazy you jump out! Love and craziness go hand in hand and that should not stop you from expressing your feelings.


In Love Status - Your Words

Arguments and misunderstandings are very much a part and parcel of being in love. Words have the power to make or break. Choose and use your words well. And patch-up before things spiral out of control.


In Love Status - Deeply Loved

And that in love status is one truth of life that only those lucky in love realize. True love gives you the strength and courage to overcome any and everything that life throws at you.

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In Love Status - Traffic Lights

Well, if only love was so easy… but darling you gotta take the risk!

I feel so in love just reading these in love status messages. And I hope you have felt the same too. So, are you going to put these statuses up and tag your loved one or keep the world guessing who it’s for? Share some cute ones if you have more. We would be glad to add them to our list.