20 Greatest Decor Ideas For The Perfect Wedding Reception

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Wedding receptions are great, warm and informal gatherings of people you call friends and family. They’re almost mandatory ways of celebrating one’s wedding by throwing a party that is unique in its own way. In fact, now-a-days weddings have become very personal and private affairs with only your closest buds and immediate family in attendance. It is nicer that way, and nobody would feel left out when you’re throwing open an awesome reception party for everyone who has known you since you were nine. We have made a list of the most fascinating and cool wedding decor ideas that are “in” right now. Browse through and we are sure you’ll find an idea or two that you can definitely borrow! We present to you, our dear BB reader – 20 of the coolest, nicest and dare we say the best decor ideas for your picture perfect wedding reception.

1. The Colourful Table Runner With A Tiny Succulent

A killer table decor for a minimalist and modern wedding reception. It is a DIY idea that’s easy to execute and affordable. In a modern, minimalist space, come up with a killer table decor plan and execute it using a runner and simple flowers like this couple did here with a bright green and white chevron fabric and tiny succulents in simple glassware for the centrepieces. It’s easy, quick and classier than you think, something you should try and we’re sure you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

2. “Paper Sky” Lanterns All The Way

We all know that paper lanterns are nothing new. But just imagine multiplying the number of lanterns at your reception space by 100, and it’s a totally different story altogether. It is beautiful, bright, and simplistic and something that will sure make the guests go gaga.

3. Hanging Chandeliers And Flower Vases

If you’re planning an outdoor wedding reception, it doesn’t get better than this. Elegant, neat and unobstructed – your guests will love it and you’ll be happy, making for the perfect wedding reception decor.

4. Handcrafted And Handwritten Art Cards

Escort cards and menus are a necessity. You could hire an art student and get handcrafted and handwritten cards like these at a fraction of the cost you would’ve paid for printed snazzy ones that have become the norm. As these are completely customisable, you could even have a personalised message from the couple on the backside too.

5. Ice And Spice!

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You could have an ice sculpture featuring fresh crab, fish and oysters. You can have tiers for the ice table and if you can get hold of an ice sculptor, you could even have a picture of the couple etched onto it!

6. When A Cheese Cube And A Fork Turn Decorative

This decor idea has been styled by the now-famous Tom Kat Studio for the real California Milk Party. It is simple, stylish and surely adds to the decor. You could have an array of cheeses paired with rare fruits and veggies served on standing forks – not just tasty but also unique and stylish, complementing the whole decor and theme of the reception.

7. A Spud Bar Like No Other

Why not have a retro styled spud bar featuring a host of spicy and tasty munchies made of potatoes? You could have wedges, fries, chips, tater tots and more. Maybe even add a bit of desi tadka with alu tikka and kebabs to it.

8. A Classic –Hanging Coloured Bottles From A Tree

The idea of having bottles dangling from tress is timeless and beautiful. You could personalise and customise it with flowers and ribbons to make it your own.

9. Takeaways – In Style

You can get custom-made wine bottles with stickers and tags, or could get them painted too. Takeaways from the reception are wonderful for the guests who’d surely love the wine and then they will also have the bottle that definitely is a keepsake. So you now have a personalised bottle of wine that’s a gift for the guests, adds to the decor of your reception and is also a keepsake that they can put in their showcase.

10. Untamed Flowers: The Bouquet Goes Wild

Image: Shutterstock

Well, being nice and neat is passé. Have a wild bouquet of untamed and unkempt flowers to jazz up your decor. You could have peonies, jasmines, roses and anemones – hand-tied to give it a lush and wild feel. A DIY idea that’s easy and quick – perfect for your JIT reception.

11. Pastel Place Settings Like No Other

A brilliant new spin on the omni-present place card. You can have personalised names and table numbers or even personalised messages from the newlyweds on the table mats. Or you can have a crossword puzzle, a guessing game or more. Doing it up with pastel colours adds a different and unique vibe to your decor without sacrificing the space for flowers or anything else on the table. Another easy DIY idea for your reception, something the guests will want to save.

12. The Bohemian Styled Indian Teepee

Why not have a bohemian styled tepee that’s so uncommon in our country? Well, Indians were known for their colourful and artistically done teepees but hey, they were RED Indians. An idea we could surely borrow from our namesakes and make your wedding reception decor stand out like no other.

13. A Laidback Party: Of Rugs, Lanterns And Pillows

If you’re planning a laidback and casual lounge-like wedding reception, this decor idea is for you. A casual seating area with simple rugs, colourful lanterns, and easy-go pillows.

14. Vintage Like A Victorian

A cozy, vintage-inspired seating decor with velvet couches, table tops and antique furniture giving the whole area a classy and stylish European vibe, much like those old Victorian scenes from B&W English movies.

15. Dress Up Your Tables: The Linen Bow

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Well, it’s as simple as tying a plait. Gather all the table linen and tie it up as a bow and ta dah! You have a unique and awesome looking table decor that’s so easy and eye pleasing that your guests will be stunned.

16. Elegantly Pink, With Lace Here And There

Image: Shutterstock

If understated elegance is your thing, then this pink and white decor with lace here and there is the perfect idea for you. You could customise a bit, and have stuff like chairs with initials for the bride and groom at the back.

17. Vineyard Inspired Boho-Decor

It doesn’t get simpler than this. Fill your wine crates with flowers and you have it – a vineyard inspired bohemian style decor setting that is minimalistic and stylish too.

18. The Grandest Of Them All

Well, no words. If grand, royale, regal and classy are the words that come to your mind when you’re thinking of the theme for your wedding, then this is it. The grandest of them all!

19. Elegantly Formal

With a golden centrepiece with flowing flowers, gold chairs and white floral table tops – it doesn’t get classier than this. An elegantly formal theme that is sure to make your guests happy if you’re planning a suit and gown reception party.

20. Everything Yellow And Orange, In The Greens

Image: Shutterstock

The perfect setting for an outdoor wedding reception. It isn’t in-your-face or jarring or overdone and it still isn’t a subtle decor theme that’ll go unnoticed. Having contrasting colours like bright orange and yellow in the greens only enhances their appeal and makes your reception look stylish and pleasant.

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