10 I Still Love You Quotes For Lonely Hearts

‘But I still love you’ is probably the most difficult thing to say to someone else! For some reason, we tend to hold on though every nerve and sinew in our body tells us to let go and move on. Rudyard Kipling in his poem If writes, ‘If you can force your heart and nerve and sinew to serve your turn long after they are gone… hold on… Yours is the Earth and everything that’s in it, and which is more you’ll be a man, my son!’ We should thank our lucky stars for making sure that this isn’t the case in love, or we’d have to say ‘you’ll be a crazy, lonely, depressed man, my son!’

However, does this have to be the case? Saying ‘I still love you’ can’t be all that bad. Those five words still have the three magic words, ‘I love you’ and sometimes, you have to say what is in your heart, no matter how much anyone tells you not to do otherwise. The thing is, the admission of still having feelings for a person must be carried out with no small amount of tact, so we’ve put together a list of the best ways for you to say the words you need to say without letting go of your self-respect in the process:


I Still Love You Quotes

Now, that’s a different story all together. Unrequited love! Only one thing to say to the one sided lovers, ‘as long as you’re happy, no one’s complaining’.


I Still Love You Quotes 2

It’s probably the most difficult thing to understand, how two parts of the same human beings can be so different, yet so similar. The matter of the head and the heart, that is. One doesn’t listen to the other but then, one can’t function without the other.

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I Still Love You Quotes 3

Don’t pause my friend, just don’t pause. Keep on doing what you’re doing and you’ll pull through. As a famous Coldplay song goes ‘Just because I’m hurting, doesn’t mean I’m hurt’.


I Still Love You Quotes 4

Aww! You are fine my friend, F.I.N.E as in ‘freaked out’, ‘insecure’, ‘neurotic’ and ‘emotional’! Just kidding, cheer up buddy, there are plenty of other fish in the sea, and a whole world out there, just waiting for you.


I Still Love You Quotes 5

That’s actually sweet. You must be good at Math.


I Still Love You Quotes 6

Now, we’re talking, 2015 style. It’s all business, it’s all relative, but unfinished business in reference to people can only mean two things. Which one is it? He loves me, he loves me not, she loves me, she loves me not. But is it really love we’re talking about? Something to ponder, don’t you think?

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I Still Love You Quotes 7

A classic tune! No doubt. No but really, the fact that it’s a song written by ‘the Beatles’ tells us that it just doesn’t apply anymore, it’s time to get with the times, even if doing exactly that is the hardest thing.


I Still Love You Quotes -8

This little quote will be your own way of saying that true love exists. The day you met the love of your life is a day you won’t forget, It’s a thought that will make you smile, a memory that you will cherish for a very long while.


I Still Love You Quotes 9

True, isn’t it? Somebody once asked me, how long will you be together and I said, always or forever, whichever is longer! Its statements like these that love is all about. You don’t love someone for a while and forget them. You don’t love someone “because” of something and you certainly don’t love someone “if” they do something. True love just is.

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I Still Love You Quotes

No one is perfect, and no two people the same. But two people together can iron out each other’s creases and make love perfect or perfect love for that matter. Whoever said ‘opposites attract’ certainly knew what they were talking about.