I Love You Status Messages - 30 Most Popular Ones

I love you – three words, trillions of emotions and two people crazy about each other. When you are in love, there is no limit to how, where, when and how many times you express your love. In fact, I’d say why ever stop? For those hooked to WhatsApp or Facebook (or your social media platform) putting up a romantic I love you status update will instantly brighten up your partner’s day as soon as he/she sees it. Take a look at my favourites:

1. I Love You Status - This Distance

Love knows no distance; you could be continents apart but true love remains unaffected. If you are missing him/her terribly then put this I love you status up and let the message be loud and clear.

2. I Love You Status - No Matter What You Do

Ah! Sometimes our loved ones test our love and patience. It is not always a smooth ride, right? And even though the love remains, it creates some differences. But what fun is life if everything is smooth? Let every misunderstanding or fight only strengthen the love you both have for each other.

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3. I Love You Status - More Today Than Yesterday

Love only grows. Every day and every minute only makes the love blossom more and more.

4. I Love You Status - Not As Much As I Love You

A true lover knows the depths and heights of his/her love. It’s something that no one else would be able to even measure or gauge. Only you know it best. And it’s usually relative, so this I love you status update counts.

5. I Love You Status - All We Ever Need

Do you really need anything more? If you have true love, you have the world by your side! Agree?

6. I Love You Status - One Of The Reasons

That’s how it is. When in love, you always have that smile plastered on your face even when you are going through your daily mundane activities. That stupid permanent smile, the guts to use an I love you status update, those are the first sign of love, it’s not just you but your heart smiling from within.

7. I Love You Status - Stars And Seas

They say love cannot be measured in numbers. But only if it was possible to do so then even all the stars put together wouldn’t be enough.

8. I Love You Status - Because I Love You

This I love you status quote can sound a bit tricky but if you understand what the quote implies then you will know that it is true.

9. I Love You Status - You Can't Keep Me From Loving You

Now that’s a reality, ain’t it? You can’t choose who you want to fall in love with. It just happens.

10. I Love You Status - No One Else

The feeling your true love gives is a feeling nothing or no one else can. It’s a feeling your heart and soul rejoice in.

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11. I Love You Status - 3 Words

This I love you status, a simple word play with the most beautiful meaning!

12. I Love You Status - The Other Half Of Me

We’ve all heard how love ‘completes’ a person. When you feel that that way, then you know you are truly happy and at peace.

13. I Love You Status - Who You Are

And that’s more important. Looks fade away but it’s the beauty within that remains forever.

14. I Love You Status - Actions Speak Louder

Actions do speaker louder than words. Saying ‘I love you’ is only appreciated when you say it without words too. Well, and I love you status updates are words that are actions.

15. I Love You Status - The Last Time

Ouch! Losing love is a pain that only the ones who have felt it can explain. Never stop telling the person you love how you feel, you never know when life takes an unwanted turn.

16. I Love You Status - Jealous

A little jealousy always comes hand in hand with love. After all you don’t want to share your world with anyone else, right?

17. I Love You Status - I Will Always Love You

Now that’s a true love promise and one that mustn’t be broken.

18. I Love You Status - Always Have, Always Will

Now that I love you status is cute way of making a promise of ‘forever love…’

19. I Love You Status - Somewhere Along The Way

Well, one can’t really plan and organize love and that’s the beauty of it. One day you suddenly and beautifully wake up and find yourself in love with someone and are completely engulfed by it.

20. I Love You Status - More Than Words Can Define

Can you really measure love? Words and feelings can never express your love fully, but that doesn’t mean you don’t use some great I love you status updates.

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21. I Love You Status - All Of You, Yesterday, Today Tomorrow

A very powerful I love you status that can make your partner go weak in the knees. It is all about love and the belief in it and in the person.

22. I Love You Status - The Sweetest

Love is the biggest reason and sometimes the only reason that makes a relationship loving and beautiful. It’s ‘just’ and the only love you need.

23. I Love You Status - A Million Reasons

You may find every reason to break a relationship, but as long as there is love, that’s the only reason you need to stay. This I love you status update works great with hate-love couples.

24. I Love You Status - Forget It All

Who isn’t flawed? And who really is perfect? Love sees beyond these and only sees the beauty… true beauty of the soul.

25. I Love You Status - The Only Thing

That’s the greatest surety one can have, and probably the best one too. It just makes everything else easy to take and be sure of.

26. I Love You Status - The Sun And The Moon

Love does make the world a better place to live in; it makes your heart lighter and fills it with joy and happiness.

27. I Love You Status - Forever

Awww… that’s an adorable I love you status message sure to melt anyone’s heart.

28. I Love You Status - Don't Ever Forget

The three powerful words that only need to be said once. And when said with sincerity, the other person will know how true and earnest it is.

29. I Love You Status - You Make It All Worthwhile

Your whole day, from morning to night becomes twice as beautiful when spent with love blooming and blossoming within you.

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30. I Love You Status - I Finally Found Out

Love finally gets a definition and a meaning when you have someone special to share your new I love you status update with.

So much love! All the above ones simply express one message, one feeling and one emotion. Go on… say it out or put up a status message and let your partner feel the love coming their way through these beautiful ‘I love you’ status messages.