50 I Love You Sms That Are Way Better Than Saying I Love You

When love is in the air, there is no moment to spare for sending a cute and romantic I love you sms to your beloved. Thanks to ubiquitous mobile phones you can share your mushy thoughts with your dearest anytime, anywhere. So if expressing love in 160 characters is your thing, then check out these 50 ideal text messages that perfectly communicate your affection.


I Love You Sms - Like A Cloud

When you have to use as many similes as possible to compare your love, then this I love you sms works great to get the point across.


I Love You Sms - My Love Is Luv

This I love you sms is definitely going to leave your SO smiling. Send one of these in the morning and your loved one will begin the day with a radiating smile.


I Love You Sms - My Angel

Sometimes your loved one is more than what you had wished for and all you want to do is express joy of finding the right person.


I Love You Sms - Luv The One Who Sticks

A good choice I love you sms when you want the cadence of your love-words to captivate the attention of your beloved.


I Love You Sms - I Love You Daily

Waiting for your beau to be back from work? Drop this I love you sms that communicates the deepest of your heart’s feelings and you will be delighted by the response.


I Love You Sms - The Way I Understand It

The best I love you sms for the days when you have a tiff with your beloved. This one is surely likely to lighten things up.


I Love You Sms - No Matter What You Think

This one makes a great one to cheer your better half. Sweet and subtle.


I Love You Sms - How Big An Impact You Have On Me

Kick off the day with this sweet I love you sms that shows your Bae how much you enjoy being with her.


I Love You Sms - A Part Of Me

In true love, distances do little to fade the love. No matter how far you are physically, you will always find your heart beating for your beloved.


I Love You Sms - It Scares Me

Love is in the eye of the beholder and behold the amiable gaze of your beloved. Nice SMS to express this sentiment.


I Love You Sms - Life Is For Living

This makes for a great text message, one that captures the emotion of feeling like ONE. There is a reason why your spouse is often referred as your other half.


I Love You Sms - Yesterday And Tomorrow

Perhaps the simplest way of expressing your perennial love through a SMS. If you just want to keep it simple then go for this one.


I Love You Sms - Time And Time Again

It is always nice to acknowledge the affection and care showered by your dear one. This I love you sms is a great way of expressing just that.


I Love You Sms - Love Is Cellphones Ringing

A bit cheeky yet effective in bringing a wide smile on the face of your lover.


I Love You Sms - One Lifetime With You

True love lasts a lifetime and even has the power to transcend beyond that. This I love you sms is a great way of capturing that very sentiment that our love is – forever.


I Love You Sms - My Gift To You

This makes for a great I love you sms to send to your loved ones on their b’day. It aptly captures the sentiment of love being perennial and timeless.


I Love You Sms - A Great Reminder

This one is for those in long distance relationships and looking for a fitting SMS to express their heart’s yearning.


I Love You Sms - My Description

When your love story is all about you, your partner and your passionate relationship, then these are best words you should use to describe.


I Love You Sms - No Buts

One should never be ashamed of laying the weapons down first in an argument with a beloved. So what better way than that to end an argument with an I love you sms followed by a kiss later.


I Love You Sms - You've Never Left

When love is on your mind, then all that you think, all the time, is the one who you love dearly.


I Love You Sms - That's Why

Great way to break it down! Works well when you want to make your message hit the right chord.


I Love You Sms - All Over Again

Every moment you spend with a loved one often feels like a new one. If you had lovely date then sign off the day with this I love you sms.


I Love You Sms - Roses Are Red

Flowers make a great catalyst for intensifying the romance. They also make this I love you sms cute and adorable.


I Love You Sms - I Will Love You Forever

If you stopped talking with your loved one after an argument and would like to rekindle conversation then this is a great message to begin with.


I Love You Sms - It's Absolutely True

A great way of expressing your love and feelings for your better half.


I Love You Sms - No Logic

The no-nonsense variant. Good one to strike a conversation and initiate a chat with your partner.


I Love You Sms - My True Love I Choose

Your are and will always be the special one among the rest; forever. And ever. Just what your partner wants to hear from you.

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I Love You Sms - Just Remember

This I love you sms is a message straight from the heart and will strike the right chord with your Bae. This staright from the heart message effortlessly communicates that no matter what, your love will always be unadulterated and unconditional.


I Love You Sms - Like Words In Silence

Great I love you sms for the poetic types and a good one when you want to compare the love of live to the beauty of nature and sweetness of sugar.


I Love You Sms - Please Check

A wonderful I love you sms when you want to add an element of perky humour to your communication.


I Love You Sms - I Don't Have A Heart Anymore

If you receive an adoring message from your beloved, reply back with this message and see how it brightens up their day.


I Love You Sms - A Special Gift

Elementary with rhythmic words to create the best impression on the reader.


I Love You Sms - Darling

Having a beloved partner adds an element of fun and joy in the life. It’s good to share that I love you sms with your partner.


I Love You Sms - My Heart Races

It is that feeling when you meet your sweetheart after a long time. Share it and express it with this text message.


I Love You Sms - For All That

Change influences a lot of things but barely touches love. Love can be timeless and this I love you sms message works great as an acknowledgement of this perpetual love.


I Love You Sms - Saying The Three Words

Works great when sending SMS to your beloved is on the checklist of your daily activities.


I Love You Sms - You Will Be The Only One

There are times when you would like to give a proclamation of your loyalty and commitment even if your partner never asked for it. Good I love you sms to give a sense of assurance and reassurance to your beloved.


I Love You Sms - The Best Thing I've Done In My Life

That feeling when every moment spent with your beloved feels outright blissful. And why not let them know just that with this mushy I love you sms.


I Love You Sms - The Shortest Definition

When what defines you is the love for your partner and the perpetual affection you bear in your heart for the beloved.


I Love You Sms - Sending You All My Life

In times before the advent of mobile phones, postcards used to be the mode of choice of sending love greetings and tender messages of affection. Nice message which captures an image of the bygone era.


I Love You Sms - When I Think About It

A stage comes when you are in true love and when all you see on closing your eyes is the image of your beloved. The feeling fills you to the brink and all you want to do is express it out.


I Love You Sms - My Love Is True

This adds a twist to the age-old rhyme, making it relevant for today’s 160 character limit communication.


I Love You Sms - Truly Madly Deeply

This I love you sms has deep connotations and are words that really mean a lot. Once you have found the ‘One’, don’t shy away from expressing your affection and undying love that promises to stand the test of time. In this lifetime and next.


I Love You Sms - Love Depends On Trust

Love and Life work in complex conjunction with heart and trust. If your heart trusts what you love then life is going to be easier. This I love you sms is a great way to express this manifestation in a sweet subtle way.


I Love You Sms - A Heartbeat

Another I love you sms that helps in delicately communicating to your beloved that your love is pure and will help both stay happy even in the most testing times.


I Love You Sms - I Love Two Things

Flowers wither and their fragrance scent fade with time. But love, when true and pure, stays afresh for years and ages to come.


I Love You Sms - My Love Is A Passion

Feeling amorous? The perfect I love you sms for your beloved to either establish your love or rekindle a old flame.


I Love You Sms - When I Hold Your Hand

When defining love is what you want to do, then these words fit well for the definition. Simple words which capture the emotions you feel, every second, every moment with your beloved.


I Love You Sms - I Love My Life

Love can add a new meaning and new purpose to your life. And with an ideal partner by your side, it can make all the difference between just living a life and experiencing it.

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I Love You Sms - Proud And Happy

The best and simplest way of sharing your love, care and acknowledgement for your special partner and how it has made a world of a difference to have them in your life.

We hope you enjoyed our collection of adorable and heart warming I love you sms. Do share it with your partner or SO because love grows more when it is expressed.