I Love You Quotes For Him: 81 Best Quotes That'll Blow His Mind

You will find the best I love you quotes for him! Love quotes are meant to inspire a lot of emotions in the heart and soul of your loved one; the one who is in your thoughts and dreams, and whose very existence you are thankful for. Scroll down for some truly amazing I love you quotes for him that will blow everyone’s minds.


I Love You Quotes For Him

An appropriation of a greater, but longer quote by the inimitable Dr. Seuss, this love quote for him is almost self-explanatory. But it just confirms that you have a wonderful life; well that, or you’re daydreaming.


I Love You Quotes For Him - 2

A promise that will ring through the ages, reminding him and the world at large of your deep and intense emotional and spiritual connection. Our choice from the list of I love you quotes for him.

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I Love You Quotes For Him - 3

That is always the problem with love, it’s such a hard emotion to capture and pin down. The expression of love is a pursuit that has kept all of humanity busy ever since we were done with creating methods to make fire.


I Love You Quotes For Him - 4

An undying love deserves eternal words of promise and affection. The world could wind itself down, but your love will still be going strong.


I Love You Quotes For Him - 5

A love quote for him that will let your loved one know just how significant he is to you. The root of all your happiness lies in this one person and what better thing than that?


I Love You Quotes For Him - 6

A simple and yet profound message that is more than just a love quote for him, it is a statement of a pure and plain fact. Our pick from the list of I love you quotes for him.


I Love You Quotes For Him - 7

My favourite from those innumerable ‘I love you quotes for him’, this one recognises the truth about love; love is not selfish, and it is not concerned with the self, but focuses all your attention outside your person, onto your significant other.


I Love You Quotes For Him 8

Again focusing on the premise that love is not to do with one’s own selfish needs, but everything to do with a wholehearted acceptance of every aspect (present and potential) of your loved one. You are not with him to change him to suit your needs. You are with him because that makes you happy.


I Love You Quotes For Him - 9

A love quote for him that acknowledges the fact that you are a more complete person for having known your loved one and having him in your life. A simple message that is very real.Our favorite from the list of I love you quotes for him.

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I Love You Quotes For Him - 10

A love quote for him that shows that you always knew that you were connected to your significant other through the red string of fate and destiny.


I Love You Quotes For Him - 11

A wonderful love quote for him that will let your partner know exactly what is in your mind, body, heart and soul.


I Love You Quotes For Him - 12

An everlasting proclamation of love, this love quote for him will hit him in all the right places. Well, in the heart area anyway.


I Love You Quotes For Him - 13

A simple message of love that tells your loved one a very simple thing; that life just wouldn’t be the same without them by your side.


I Love You Quotes For Him -14

An almost racy love quote for him, our censors finally approved this dangerously and highly emotional message that will go off like a firework inside the head of your loved one. He will know that he is with the one for him.


I Love You Quotes For Him - 15

Finding love is the inception for all sorts of things in your life, the least of which being reasons to smile and laugh. Perfect love quote for your husband.


I Love You Quotes For Him - 16

The eyes are always a window into your soul, and what better way to see all your aspects than from the eyes of your partner.

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I Love You Quotes For Him - 17

A love quote for him that speaks straight to the heart of the matter, that there is no one else on this wide and wonderful world that is capable of replacing your lover in your eyes. He is your oxygen, your reason to be.


I Love You Quotes For Him - 18

Forever is supposedly a long time, but we can assure you that time has absolutely no meaning in love, and especially during a kiss, which some people only break to come up for air.


I Love You Quotes For Him - 19

A very popular theme for wording for love quotes for him, this message is abundantly clear ans simple and will strike a chord in his heart.


I Love You Quotes For Him - 20

Such is the power of love, that even the voice of your partner alone can transport you into a realm of bliss and contentment.


I Love You Quotes For Him - 21

A love quote for him that clearly emphasises that there are no losers in love, in a win-win equation there are only winners.


I Love You Quotes For Him - 22

Forget Red Bull, it’s love that truly gives you wings. You will soar through the world two feet above the ground with this beautiful love quote for him.


I Love You Quotes For Him - 23

A heart-felt message that is more than a mere love quote for him, this line perfectly captures the elementary logic of love.

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I Love You Quotes For Him - 24

A classic love quote for him, this message will perfectly convey the depth of emotion that you feel towards your partner. The flame that you carefully tend and keep burning alive will never diminish as long as your love for your partner goes strong.


I Love You Quotes For Him - 25

It is an established fact among leading professionals in the field that there is nothing more satisfying that pleasing the one that you love. And this love quote for him speaks it like nothing else.


I Love You Quotes For Him - 26

This love quote for him, like many others, gets straight to the heart of the matter. It will make him smile and want to envelop you in a warm hug.


I Love You Quotes For Him -27

Love makes you immortal, love makes you capable of great and wonderful things and amazing acts. Surely a bird’s song is no comparison to the boiling nest of emotions that you hold for your partner right?


I Love You Quotes For Him - 28

Sometimes, it seems like it is an uphill task to stay together through life in love, because life delights in throwing all sorts of obstacles in your way, But with strength and belief in your own love, together you shall ride forth into the world.


I Love You Quotes For Him - 29

According to Hindu mythology, when you are born your fate is written on your forehead. In the case of you and your partner, this love quote for him will ably demonstrate that there was no writing needed, just two hearts entwined.


I Love You Quotes For Him -30

A love quote for him that plainly states certain inalienable truths about love. It is always hard to put love into words at the best of times, and when you are confronted by the sheer physical proximity of your love, then it is even harder. A truly wonderful little appropriation from Robert Saxton.

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I Love You Quotes For Him - 31

Love is sometimes simply past any form of explanation; at certain levels, if you’re lucky, there is only a deep sense of appreciation. Boris understands the profound effect of love on a person, and you can communicate this with your message.


I Love You Quotes For Him - 32

Such is the cumulative property of love, that even this brilliant love quote for him captures it perfectly. It is always with a sense of wonder that you recognise that your feelings for your partner just keep on growing stronger and with increasingly deeper roots.


I Love You Quotes For Him - 33

When you are in love, the rest of the world largely becomes immaterial, since you now know just what is precious to you. This love quote for him will leave him all teared up.


I Love You Quotes For Him - 34

A love quote for him that will make him smile and roll up his socks, because here you go again! When every day seems to be wild and intensely exhilarating, you know it’s love.


I Love You Quotes For Him - 35

A Wildean love quote for him, hehe, that is tongue in the cheek, while being completely suffused in the romanticism of his age.


I Love You Quotes For Him - 36

A small but beautifully meaningful poem that brings about the true qualities of love to the forefront. What you look for in love is not one particular aspect, or one fraction of emotion; you fall in love because it completes you.


I Love You Quotes For Him - 37

Delightfully risque as always, this love quote for him by the indubitable Oscar Wilde will send all sorts of shivers down the spine of your significant other and will release whole storms of emotion that will be entirely welcomed.

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I Love You Quotes For Him - 38

Simple and profound, it doesn’t get more real than this love quote for him. The amount of emotion that you can convey to your partner with just a few words will surprise you and hopefully pleasantly surprise your loved one as well.


I Love You Quotes For Him - 39

A delightfully endearing and simple love quote for him, it is also the best sort of wish that you can make for in life. Unlimited cuddles, ah the beauty of it all.


I Love You Quotes For Him - 40

The timeless quality of love also makes being in love seem both like forever and just like it was yesterday. A superb contradiction that we wouldn’t change for anything. Say this to your dear one with this love quote for him.


I Love You Quotes For Him - 41

Love is a lot of things. Sometimes, it can come at you like a storm, blasting away everything else in its path. But most often, love is something that grows over time with loving nurture and affection. And it is the best sort of fruit that you can ever attain in the garden of life. This love quote for him addresses this observation perfectly.


I Love You Quotes For Him - 42

Something so crucial as love cannot be ignored, indeed it refuses to be ignored. And compare it the sun; without it we would die.


I Love You Quotes For Him - 43

Sometimes love is a sense of surrender to the inevitable, because sometimes you don’t have a choice who you fall in love with. It could be the most unexpected person, but then you’ll know it’s all the more real for that. This is a superb love quote for him that you can share.


I Love You Quotes For Him - 44

A love quote for him that essentialises the quintessential essence of love, it is a message that we feel is best left unexplained. Like the rest of the best things in life.


I Love You Quotes For Him - 45

A surprisingly tender and delicate love quote for him from the inimitable William Makepeace Thackeray, this message will travel to your loved one and be recovered with great grace.


I Love You Quotes For Him - 46

The only true growth a person actually can go through is if he is in love. Because it leaves aside your consideration of yourself, and opens your mind to other newer possibilities.


I Love You Quotes For Him - 47

These gorgeous words come from the prolific brain of the great American writer Mark Twain. As a love quote for him, it will make his heart skip a beat as he realises the profound depth of emotion that you show for him. You will be surprised at the kinds of thoughts that can wash up on your combined seashore after that.


I Love You Quotes For Him - 48

This is a great pick from our list of I love quotes for him, that perfectly captures that feeling where when you’re in love, everything is just a little, if not a lot better. Colours are brighter, sounds are more pleasant, tastes are sweeter; the whole world figuratively comes to life in front of you.


I Love You Quotes For Him - 49

This is one of the popular I love you quotes for him and will tell him that there is nothing in this realm of creation that can compare to the charming allure of your simple smile. Nothing at all.One of the best from the list of I love you quotes for him.


I Love You Quotes For Him - 50

It’s these short and sweet love quotes for him that really get you, right? We mean, how much more romantic could you get? Our choice from the list of I love you quotes for him.


I Love You Quotes For Him - 51

When kindred souls meet, resonate and dance together in a symphony of life, then there is nothing in the world that is more entrancing. And this love quote for him amply proves that.

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I Love You Quotes For Him - 52

A plain statement of truth, this love quote for him will also stoke his ego slightly as you explain to him how helpless you were before his charms.


I Love You Quotes For Him - 53

I love you quotes for him like this one make the premise of comparing love to a sword, making it invincible. This love quote for him will have more than simple appeal, it will have meaning.


I Love You Quotes For Him - 54

From the mouth a woman who knew her way around love and attraction, the iconic Marilyn Monroe captures the essence of attraction in love with this one of the most brilliant love quotes for him.


I Love You Quotes For Him - 55

One of the best I love you quotes for him that will speak straight to his heart and make him feel precious and important. If you are willing to go that far for love, then you know the secret to a long and happy life already.


I Love You Quotes For Him - 56

If you are into the idea of spiritual reincarnation and multiple lives along the turning wheel of dharma and karma, then this one of the best I love quotes for him is the one you are looking for. Love is a transcendent thing, and sometimes when you meet a person, you know that you’ve already loved him in a past life, as you will in this life and for every life that is yet to come.A surefire love quote from the list of I love you quotes for him.


I Love You Quotes For Him - 57

This is one of the best I love quotes for him is a wonderful sentiment wrapped in a poetic line that will have your lover tearing up at the thought of how much he means to you and your life.

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58. Follow Your Heart

I love you quotes for him - Follow Your Heart

When you fall in love, you don’t really rationalize it. In fact, you could try to rationalize it, but it would not help you. Sometimes your heart can be wiser than you give it credit for. Your heart has led you to your sweetheart and you can’t wait to share this with him. One of the simplest and sweet love quotes for him.

59. Hold Me Softly

I love you quotes for him - Maya Angelou

These words from the celebrated author Maya Angelou perfectly describe that comfortable relationship of love. When you are truly in love, you do not feel like you are home except when you are with your significant other. You could be anywhere in the world with him, but it is his arms around you that will make you feel at home.

60. My Heart’s A Stereo

I love you quotes for him - Plato

With some of the most beautiful metaphors, the great philosopher Plato reminds us of that special bond you share. The person who can truly listen to the song that remains hidden in your heart, no matter how off-key it may be, is the one who you’ll love. Even if you can’t paint, love will make you want to paint. Even if you can’t sing, love will make you do that. Even if you have no way with words, love can make a poet out of you. One of the best love quotes for him from one of the greatest philosophers ever.

61. It Ain’t Just A Feeling

I love you quotes for him - Paulo Coelho

William Wordsworth, the celebrated romantic poet, may have claimed that poetry is a ‘spontaneous burst of emotions’, but nothing could be farther from the truth. Ask any of the artists and they will tell you about the hours and days they have spent honing their craft. And just like any artist working on his craft, your love too is a blank canvas that you will have to fill in. The strokes are all yours for the making. The important thing is to put in the effort and watch your masterpiece come to life. Tell your special guy that you are willing to make the effort with this quote.

62. You Raise Me Up

I love you quotes for him - Thomas Hardy

Nothing can make you feel giddy, childlike and lose your composure the way love can. When you truly love somebody, it means you are opening yourself up, you are becoming vulnerable. But instead of seeing love as something that weakens you, the truth is that only the courageous can truly love. To love is to put yourself and your heart out there and that always takes courage. So, celebrate how courageous you and your significant other are being with this beautiful love quote by Thomas Hardy, the renowned Victorian author.

63. Your Touch Is Enough

I love you quotes for him - Isabel Allende

This is one of the most honest and heartfelt admissions you’ll ever see. We’ve all felt this way at some point. Just that special someone’s presence can make you smile; just holding their hand can make you forget the rest of the world; and just one kiss can make you feel like the queen of the world. How do you stay angry with someone who can melt your heart and soul with one kiss? This is love meddling with your brain. You’ll overlook his faults and accept him for who he is. If this is not love, woman, I don’t know what is! So let him know about your abiding passion with one of the most amazing love quotes for him!

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64. You And I Fit Together

I love you quotes for him - Lana Del Rey

This quote by the singer Lana Del Rey is sure to ring a bell with all of us. We all have that special tattered old sweater or sweatshirt that makes you feel incredibly comfortable and snug during those cold winter days. You know you wouldn’t give it up for the world, no matter how raggedy it gets. And what could be a better compliment to your guy than to tell him that he makes you feel more comforted than your favourite sweater?

65. Closer To You

I love you quotes for him

Sometimes this all you want or expect from your loved one. If you have had the crappiest of days and you come back to a warm hug from your guy, all those bad feelings would vanish in the blink of an eye. Just lying around with your love, your head on his chest, his arms shielding you from the world is a joy that is almost inexplicable. Let him know exactly what you want right now and he’ll be waiting for you. Once you get back home, who knows what the night could lead you to!

66. You’ve Taken My Heart

I love you quotes for him - You've Taken My Heart

All the forensic science in the world would confirm what you already know in your heart. Your heart has never truly belonged to anyone else until you met him. I didn’t mention any name here, but your mind would have already thought about that special someone. So, do not hesitate to send him this quote and make him feel loved like never before.

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67. Like A Heart Needs A Beat

I love you quotes for him - Like A Heart Needs A Beat

A heart that doesn’t beat is what will kill you. The very function of the heart is to beat. If your love for that special guy comes so naturally as your heart beats, you know you are in trouble! When you haven’t seen him in a while, tell him how much you miss him with this quote. This quote is straight, simple and will definitely make him feel like a star.

68. I See Fireworks

I love you quote for him

Love can make us feel so many things. When he flashes a quick smile at you, or even just tousles his hair while talking to you, this small act can make you feel those butterflies in your tummy. You may be feeling like a teenager again, unable to control those heady, powerful emotions for him. If he can make you see fireworks with just one word, well – you’ve got to let him know! What are you waiting for? Still wondering if it is the right love quote for him?

69. Love Is Magic

I love you quotes for him - JK Rowling

There is ostensibly nobody who has made magic quite their forte as much as the author JK Rowling has. The Harry Potter series in its entirety could be seen as a saga of love, friendship and bravery. So when she says this about love, you know you better believe her. Love can motivate you when all else fails, love can make you do things that you never imagined yourself doing, love can heal someone’s life. That is great power that we all carry within ourselves. This is probably what she means with this lovely quote.

70. Like Spring

I love you quote for him - Pablo Neruda

This is one of the most beautiful metaphors on love you’ll ever find. The Nobel laureate Pablo Neruda really tugs at our heartstrings with each word. The spring does so many things with the cherry trees, bringing it to bloom, blossom and to life.

71. To Kiss You Good Night

I love you quote for him - Ernest Hemingway

Every kiss has its own rhythm, its own intensity. No two kisses are likely to be exactly alike because the passion, intensity and intent are different each time. This quote from the dashing Ernest Hemingway delves into this aspect of love.

72. I Never Want To Live Without You

I love you quote for him - A.A. Milne

This is what great love can do to you. Even if you spend an entire lifetime with him, it just may not be enough. You will still want to spend more time with him and the thought of carrying on without him may just be too unbearable to conceive. So much so, that you would rather die just one day before him than suffer through a day without him in your life. This quote will definitely touch his heart. Talk about beautiful love quotes for him and you just can’t miss this one.

73. My Love Is As Deep As The Sea

I love you quote for him - Shakespeare

This summarizes one of the essential conditions of being in love. For true love makes you want to give everything and anything you can to your loved one. You’ll be surprised at how patient and understanding it can make you. And Shakespeare expresses this beautifully by comparing your infinite love to the infinitude of the wide ocean. It never dries up, it is deeper than anything else around. The more love you give, the more you have within you, that is the essence of one of Shakespeare’s amazing love quotes for him.

74. I Asked Santa For You

I love you quote for him

This light-hearted love quote for him is definitely going to put a smile on his face. This would also take you right back to your childhood when you asked Santa for whatever you wanted the most. This would definitely brighten up his day today and perhaps there will actually be a gift for you to unwrap at midnight.

75. You Give Me Da Fever

I love you quote for him - stendhal

Stendhal was one of those profound writers who thought and wrote a great deal about love, and this is one of those love quotes for him that he is best remembered by. Here, he talks of the fact that we cannot really choose who we love. It just happens to us. It is independent of our will. The heart is blind to distinctions of age, religion and class. We never ask to fall ill, but we do anyway. Love is a similar affliction, only it is enjoyable and you don’t have to lie in bed all day. Or maybe you can.

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76. You And I Are One

I love you quote for him - Ernest Hemingway

When you are in love, the distinction of me and you, mine and yours become arbitrary and pointless. You want to share everything you have with the one that you truly love, whether it is your possessions or even your heart. You feel such a strong bond that the other instinctively understands you, just like you understand him. If you are married to the love of your life, what better love quote for your husband than this?

77. I Call You Love

I love you quote for him - Pablo Neruda

You know that love and everything that has been written about it did not particularly mean anything to you until you met that special someone. That’s when you actually understood what that word meant. All else until then was nothing more than an illusion. In accepting and owning that love, you know you’ve found your path in life when your lover’s heart showed you the way, and the rest of your life.

78. Tell Me All Your Hopes And Dreams

I love you quote for him - 21

Do you think you could ever have enough of your significant other? Each day, each month, each year that passes by is an exciting adventure of discovery. There is so very much to learn about the other person that you’ll feel like listening to him/her talk all day and all night. Learning new things about the man you love will give you some wonderful surprises and twists along the way. So embrace this, and let him talk. When you listen with an open heart, you may be surprised at just what you can understand.

79. I Can’t Look Away

I love you quote for him - 79

This one wins hands down compared to all other love quotes for him from the heart. This quote is honest and explains the vagaries of being in love. Even if you try hard, you just cannot help but be swept away when he walks into the room. And if he smiles at you, oh boy, your heart may as well be a puddle on the floor! If you have been having these giddy feelings of love, then this is the quote for you. Tell him how crazy and irrational he makes you. You know the only cure for this is to get more of him.

80. I’ve Loved You Since Forever

I love you quote for him - 23

Who knows why we meet some people at the time that we do? You may meet your soul mate and then realize that you guys liked the same TV shows or music as kids and laugh about it. If you had met when you were kids, you know you two would still have hit it off. The love that you hold in your heart would have blossomed so much sooner, if only you had met. If this is how you feel about that special someone, let him know today with this lovely quote.

81. My Hand And My Heart

I love you quote for him - 84

You know that you’ve been together only for a while, but it feels much longer. It doesn’t really matter how many days or weeks the two of you have been together. If you truly feel the love for someone, you will feel like you’ve known each other for all your lives. And when it comes to tomorrow, you know you can’t imagine it without him. Let him know how he makes you feel with this amazing quote.