33 I Love You Messages For Your Girlfriend

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There’s nothing like a quick message to tell your girlfriend you love her. It will brighten up her day and let her know you’re thinking of her. But there are times when those three words just aren’t enough. If you’re looking for a special way to tell your love just what she means to you, we’ve got something right here. This list compiles some of the best love messages ever. So, let her know how much you miss her, how much you lover or just to tell her that you are thinking of her; we’ve got you covered I Love You Messages For Your Girlfriend. Keep reading to find something that describes your love story.


Do we really need to tell you why your girlfriend will love this message? This romantic message not only compares her to a dream, but also assures her of your everlasting love.


The promise of eternal love is always a heart-warming favourite. Let your girlfriend know that you will be there for her no matter what happens. Even if the sky goes dark, she can count on you.

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Living in the moment is what love is all about. Let her know that the past is not important, but the future is there for both of you.


This sweet message is sure to put a smile on her face. Everyone remembers the first time they met, there’s something magical about the first time you realised that this special was meant for you.


Lyrics from hit song Just The Way You Are by Bruno Mars. Let her know that you love her and accept her for who she is.


Powerful and dramatic, this message is great to tell her how much you love her. The reference to a drowning man loving air signifies your desperation for her.


Ever tried counting the stars in the sky? Or the fish in the sea? She’ll be grinning from ear to ear with this message.


Again, the promise of eternal love will leave her breathless. You could add a note of how she looked, or what she wore the first time you’ll met. This will help you personalize this message.


Short, simple and sweet — the perfect love message. This message tells her that she’s more important to you than anything else in life.


Your love for her will help you get through life. Through the highest high and the deepest low, make sure that she knows that the love you share is enough for both of you.

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Nothing is prettier than a smiling girl. Let her know that her smile has the power to make all of your problems disappear.


Let her know how far you would go for her, or in this case, wouldn’t, because you’d already be by her side, through it all.


If you want her to blush, this is the message for you. When you want to mention the connection between her eyes and her heart, this message is perfect.


Show her how much she means to you, with this message. Women often teach men what love is all about.


The longer you know her, the better she seems. She’s like fine wine, she only gets better and better.


This message is clever and sweet. Promise her that your present and your future is eternally inter-twined with hers.


Let her know how special she is, her existence is all you need to survive, and loving her is so easy, just like breathing.

She is beyond compare. In your eyes, there is no sight in the world more captivating than her. Loving her is the best experience you’ve ever known.


This message is timeless and elegant. Her effect on you is bigger than she can imagine. Her touch both calms and invigorates you.


Let her know how much her love means to you. Her love is your driving force, your reason for existing and the wind in your sails.


She’s as luminous as the moon in the night sky; she shines light even in the darkest situations and gives you something beautiful to look forward to every day.

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From the popular song by Etta James, you waited for her, for ages, and when she finally came along, she was better than you ever imagined.


Let her know she’s one in a million, there’s nothing that can compare with her, and she makes you feel like nothing else could.


Poetic and reassuring.  there’s something about her that lets you know she will be the person you will grow old with.


She brings your world to a stop. She’s like the sun to your solar system and the centre of all your attention.


Let her know you love her more each day. Growing love is a sign that you are meant to be. Every day the bond grows stronger, drawing you closer to her each day.

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You are incomplete without her. This sweet message tells her that she is what you’ve been searching for, the apple of your eye and everything that is right about your world.


No girl can resist smiling after this message. She’s the best and most important part of your life, and loving her gives you a meaning and purpose.


Romantic and sweet, this works on many levels. She’s part of your mind but more importantly she will permanently remain in your heart.


Tell her how perfect she is for you. Perfect even in moments when she isn’t expected to be. Loving her is the easiest thing you’ve ever done, because you can’t help but fall for her each new day.


Her love is more powerful than she knows. She supports you and guides even when she doesn’t realize it. In a chaotic world, she’s your anchor and your lighthouse, even in the stormiest of seas.


She’s your strength. As hard as life gets, as difficult as each day may seem, you are confident and assured because you know her love will catch you when you fall.


No one else can come close to replacing her. She adds value to your life even when she is not around.

There you have it, 33 messages that will let your girlfriend know just how much you love her. Whether you both just met or you’ll have been together for years, we hope you found the message you’ve been looking for. What are you waiting for? Let her know now!

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