50 Totally Shareworthy I Love U Messages For Boyfriend

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Love is such a beautiful thing! Short messages, notes, letters, SMSes, quotes… anything that expresses love holds so much meaning and value. I mean imagine a sweet love message from your boyfriend in the morning when you wake up, or randomly in the middle of the day or right before you hit the sack, will it not make your heart warm with love? Will it not bring a silly smile and perk up your mood? So why not share this feeling? Yes, when you know how it feels to receive a love message, it’s time to start sharing that feeling of love. Here’s a list of 50 cute I love u messages for boyfriend that are totally shareworthy. Take a look.


Nature is beautiful and inspires love! Add elements of nature in all their beauty to express your love wth this I love u messages for boyfriends.


This message is like a walk through a visual. It’s sure to make your boyfriend want you right there and love you.

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If your boyfriend is away or if you are in a long distance relationship, lovely I love u messages for boyfriends show how much you miss and love him.


As far as ‘I love u messages for boyfriend’ go, which man would not want to be called ‘a knight in shining armour?’


Appreciation and love walk hand in hand. Appreciate your boyfriend for his hard work and he will feel the love coming his way.


A beautiful message that promises a beautiful forever. It’s the I love u messages for boyfriend that make you believe in the ‘forever kind of love.’


Short, crisp and sweet. Tell your him he is your support and strength with I love u messages for boyfriend dearest, ones like these.


It’s a profound thought that makes it a lovely message. Why even imagine living without your love when you can think of the beauty of living with him?


Aah! My favourite of the I love u messages for boyfriends on this list! True love sees and loves the imperfections and flaws. No one is perfect.


A play of words. Tell your boyfriend your love for him grows with every passing day.

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When you fall in love, you start appreciating things you never even noticed before. Say them out loud, say them with these I love u messages for boyfriends.


Now it may sound cheesy to you, but it’s sure to bring a silly smile on your boyfriend’s face.


Love has no definition and your lover becomes the definition for you. Let your boyfriend know he’s all and everything about love you know.


Everyone finds love, but tell your boyfriend how lucky you feel because love found you. I love u messages for boyfriends always work their charm.


Now that’s cute. It may sound silly but love is all about being silly together and enjoying it.


Such a dramatic way of saying something as simple as ‘I love you.’ But then, love deserves a bit of drama now and then.


Maybe a cliché, but it sure works every time!


You don’t have to write pages and pages of text to express your feelings. Sometimes the three magic words, I love u messages for boyfriends, every now and then, are all it takes.


Simple statement, bundles of love and an assurance of your feelings.


Falling in love is definitely easy because you have no control, it just sweeps you off the floor.

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Such an adorable love message. After all, there is no greater happiness than finding true love.


A couple of sweet goodnight ‘I love u messages for boyfriend’ are a nice idea; ending the day on a note of love and longing is the best.


The age old saying of ‘love is blind’ is beautifully contradicted in this love message.


It’s so important to find your best friend in your boyfriend. It’s the very basic need for a strong relationship. And if you have, say it with ‘I love u messages for boyfriend’.


No one can resist the love upon receiving this uber cute n warm love message. Any time of the day can be made perfect instantly with this message.


Sunshine is all things bright and warm and beautiful and calling your boyfriend that is calling him all that too.


Your boyfriend deserves to know how he stirs the best of emotions in you…


Now that’s interesting! Love is always associated with all things sweet, bring in the salty with a taste for love; unique I love u messages for boyfriends are always appreciated.


Absolutely heartfelt and beautifully put. No poetry, no rhymes… pure and honest love message.


Love cannot be defined but if only…

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Use the power of language in every way to express your love with I love u messages for boyfriends!


The age old ‘Roses are red…’ gets a love-ly twist with this message. Cute and simple message for your boyfriend.


No one, not even your boyfriend, can control how much and when you love. Say it with authority mixed with love. Every guy likes a few of his ‘I love u messages for boyfriend’ with a dominatrix vibe.


Fighting and ups and downs are a part of every relationship. As long as you know how your heart truly feels, it makes no difference.


Very beautifully expressed heartfelt love that shows how your boyfriend has an impact on your life and happiness.


Now this one’s really cute, isn’t it?


Sometimes clichés like ‘I love u messages for boyfriend’ make perfect sense and sound perfect. That sometimes is when you find true and pure love.


Let your boyfriend know how he fills energy and excitement in every moment of your life.


When life gets tough and throws challenges, it’s important to reassure your love that you’ll stand by him, no matter what.


An old love message that has become a classic expression of love and loving; one of most iconic ‘I love u messages for boyfriend’ ever.

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Whether you love dogs or not, you know the true joy this message expresses. Barkingly cute I say!


Now that’s a serious commitment. Only true love can come between a girl and her love for shoes. Funny, cute and an adorable message.


A very honest statement; when texted in the quite of the night, a few minutes before going to bed, those words form a poignant promise of true love, better than most ‘I love u messages for boyfriends’ can.


Tell your boyfriend how much you appreciate the fact that he loves you for the real you and not something he expects or wants you to be.


Life is unpredictable but it’s important for your boyfriend to know that no matter what, your love remains unchanged.


You know the feeling ‘I love u messages for boyfriend’ like this one is talking about. When you find true love, you don’t want to spend a minute apart.


Appreciate your boyfriend for standing by you through thick and thin. It’s a message that shows your appreciation and also reflects your love for him.


Of course you are annoying sometimes and you know it. Tell your man you love him for handling you at your annoying best!


Another adorable message that compares your love for him with all things beautiful and happy.

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A short and simple way to express your love and how lucky you feel to have him in your life.

So go on… start with these 50 ‘I love u messages for boyfriend’ and let’s add more to the list. Let there be love!

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