Husband Gets His Wish Granted, Proves We All Get What We Deserve

Disney’s been spending a lot of time rewriting fairytales- Sleeping beauty to Maleficient, the Ice Queen to Frozen; so it was only natural that Michelle Chapman decided to write a fable, drawing inspiration somewhere between Cinderella and Alladin.


Image: Shutterstock

Michelle’s story follows the tale of a sexagenarian couple, a man and his missus, who’d been together for forty years. They decided to celebrate their fortieth anniversary in a nice little restaurant. So off they went, to have a quite night out. They were seated, and while they were waiting to begin the reverie, when something magical happened. A pretty little fairy appeares atop their table. She tells them that because they’ve been a model married couple, together for forty years, loving each other all this time, she’ll grant them each one wish.
The missus wished to travel the world with her husband. The fairy granted her wish with the wave of her wand, and she found herself with tickets for two to the Queen Mary II in her hand.
But the old goat didn’t want to play along. He thought about it, and then told the two of them that while he did appreciate the offer, he wouldn’t get an opportunity like this again. He apologized to his wife, saying he’d prefer a wife thirty years younger than him. This dampened their moods, and they very disappointed but a wish was a wish, so the fairy did her thing.

A moment later, he found he’d turned 92.

Michelle goes on to tell you the moral of the story: “Men who are ungrateful should remember fairies are female.” She encourages you to send this tale to a woman who needs a good laugh. And to any man who can handle it!

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