Hrithik Roshan Wedding : Not-So-Happy Wedlock With Suzanne Khan

It is no surprise the topic of the Suzanne Khan – Hrithik Roshan wedding receives so much attention. One of the leading men of Bollywood, one of its greatest and most lusted after heartthrobs; Hrithik Roshan has broken a lot of hearts, on multiple occasions. But never more was he responsible for so many wistful sighs and perhaps racier daydreams, than when he got married to his childhood love Suzanne Khan.

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An immediate and longlasting hit, Hrithik Roshan made a lot of hearts sway and numerous eyelids to start fluttering and throaty sighs when he appeared before us on the silver screen in all his muscular and toned glory in Kaho Na Pyaar Hai; and let’s not forget those doe brown eyes and that ludicrously photogenic smile which only accentuates his boyishly good looks. If we had a response to David or Adonis, this sculpted god among men would be it.

Hrithik’s meteoric rise to fame left many people gasping from the alacrity of it all. Launched into the industry by his doting and loving father Rakesh Roshan, a legend in his own right, it seemed that he was almost truly destined for evergreen stardom. He quickly gathered a tremendous fan following that adored every tug of his lips and every swish of his immaculate and gorgeous hair; in fact we’re pretty sure that his fans are equally split between all genders, given that appeal drips off every one of those gorgeous contours we’d guarantee it.

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So, it comes as no surprise to us that a lot of people were very concerned about his views on holy matrimony, but he jumped the gun on everybody when he married his childhood sweetheart, the fabulous Suzanne Khan. An independent entrepreneur and gifted interior designer, this fashionable lady was beyond reproach though, and even his most die-hard fans had to admit that their star had found someone better to be with than themselves. The Hrithik Roshan Suzanne Khan wedding was on the cards.

On replying to questions of how his millions of fans would receive the news – in a press conference that he attended in the midst of the Haldi ritual, decked in black jeans, a shirt covered with a mustard coloured sports jacket adorned with a garland of jasmine around his neck – he broke out the staggeringly charming smile and quipped “There will be no heartburn” as he laughed; accompanied by his father Rakesh Roshan and his soon-to-be father-in-law Sanjay Khan, he was not accompanied by his soon-to-be wife Suzanne Khan however, as it is still considered bad fortune for the bride and groom to see each other before the wedding. He went on to continue “They (the fans for those who weren’t paying attention) are my well-wishers. They will continue to wish me luck and success. They will wish be all the best.” We know where we stood on the matter. When asked if he was nervous, the dashing young man replied with a counter-question: “Should I be? It’s my first (wedding)” he joked.

Suzanne Khan – Hrithik Roshan Wedding: The Dream Relationship

The Dream Relationship

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A lot of people were surprised at how fast Hrithik Roshan got married to Suzanne Khan after his rise to stardom in his debut film Kaho Na Pyaar Hai, but even more people were completely ignorant of the fact that the Hrithik Roshan wedding wasn’t out of the blue, these two had known each other for a long period of time, for an eternity in fact, ever since their childhoods.

It cannot be said, however, that it was love at first, or even twenty seventh, sight. Having grown up in the same neighbourhood, they were always friends. Hrithik always used to say that he happened to fall in love with her when he chanced to see her under a traffic signal. The lady Suzanne however had a different tale to tell, as she said that love only bloomed between the two after she had returned from her stint in the United States of America, where she had gone to complete her graduation in an Associate Art degree course in the field of Interior Designing. Suzanne Khan, who by her own admission was a rather timid person in her earlier days, was too shy for anything to happen with anybody. But after her triumphant return, she had developed that innate confidence which allows anybody to be devastatingly attractive. Transformed as she was, she immediately managed to impress Hrithik Roshan with all these sterling qualities, and this was way before his Bollywood debut in Kaho Na Pyaar Hai. After that, they just happened to keep encountering each other in some fashion or the other. After moving through the best friends stage at a rather fast pace, all the unvoiced emotion and building bonds between the two could no longer be suppressed. Their relationship soon deepened with the flavour of love, and there was no turning back. Well, at that point.

Sanjay Khan had gone on record and said that religion is no bar to true love, and recalled how Hrithik Roshan’s love for his daughter Suzanne Khan had blossomed from the days of his childhood.

The Marvellous Suzanne Khan – Hrithik Roshan Wedding

The Marvellous Wedding Mehandi

The rumour mill had been in full swing for a while, with the buzz about Hrithik Roshan’s then impending marriage to his love Suzanne Khan filling the ether. With many murmurs over weeks, it was clear that the star and the families involved were not at willing to confirm the date of the nuptials for numerous reasons. It was only the flight of the families from Mumbai to Bangalore that precipitated the confirmation of the date. The parents of the happy couple, especially the fathers Rakesh Roshan and Sanjay Khan, had planned to have the wedding ceremony at the Golden Palms Resort in the outskirts of Bangalore, which is owned by Sanjay Khan, to get way from all the hustle and bustle of the raucous city of Mumbai.

They held an enagement ceremony on the 19th of December, and the suzanne – Hrithik Roshan marriage was arranged to happen the next day on the 20th. Along with a party hosted by the uncle of the then soon-to-be bride, Feroze Khan, they also had elaborate mehendi and sangeet ceremonies.

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Both the mehendi and sangeet ceremonies were a laugh-out loud fest of happiness and dizzying emotion. A Gujurati mehendi specialist, the noted Vina Nagada from Mumbai was flown in especially to do the application of the mehendi for the couple. Vina Nagada had strict instructions earlier to not have any figures resembling the traditional Muslim forms of mehendi where mostly flowers and kairee motifs are employed. After Suzanne had hers done, it was time for the blushing groom. It was his soon-to-be mother-in-law, Zarine Khan, that got the first dab of mehendi on his skin, as it was an honour that she had already claimed from the start. She first drew an H and an S on his palm with the mehendi cone. Suzanne Khan was spotted wearing a beautiful light purple, almost lilac lehenga with amazingly rendered thread work. The handsome groom, Hrithik Roshan, was dapper as always in a cream-sandalwood paste sherwani with some absolutely tasteful embroidery. For the sangeet ceremony, it has been inferred that Hrithik sashayed to the grooves in a stunning white sherwani with absolutely elaborate embroidery. His soon-to-be wife joined him on the dance floor, along with all their guests, in an olive and red number that was simply stunning.

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As to the actual wedding itself – on the 20th of December, 2000 – it was conducted solely at the Golden Palms Resort, which was the venue of all the ceremonies. In accordance with Muslim traditions, Sanjay Khan arranged for Hrithik Roshan, followed by his baraat, to arrive at the wedding venue on a gleaming white horse, which was driven in by truck. He no doubt was practising for his future acting roles, because he looked princely and kingly in the same moment, a truly regal look. It was a wedding that was a beautiful confluence of Hindu and Muslim tastes, but with an absence of overt rituals, with no Nikah happening or even important Hindu rituals taking place. The bride’s father Sanjay Khan had stated that observing both the hindu and Muslim rites was a reflection of the amity between the two communities, and that the Hindu and Muslin ceremonies would culminate in the conducting of a registered marriage service. The couple arrayed themselves in front of the resort’s pool, and happily signed the register at the strike of 9, and were joyfully proclaimed husband and wife. The continuous chanting of mantras from both sides happily ended in cheers as the sky erupted with fireworks, shot in celebration of the happy and auspicious moment.

In a later interview Hrithik revealed the details. “We did our own thing,” he gushed, like any other recent new bridegroom, “We had neither a Hindu ceremony nor a nikaah. Actually, both of us had always wanted a church wedding. I’ve always been inspired by them, I’ve seen them in films! Church weddings look so lovely, so short and sweet. We had something very close to that in Bangalore. The pool in Golden Palms is the biggest in Asia and right in its centre is something like an island. There’s a bridge extending from there to the edge of the pool. The bridge acted like an aisle for us. We walked down the entire stretch, went to the centre of the pool, stood there, took our vows and signed the register. It was even better than a church wedding. It was so special, so different!”

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There was entertainment in the form of belly dancers and a musical performance by Sukhbir, and a dazzling array of Indian cuisine, of which the hallmarks of the evening were apparently the kebabs. After all the ceremonies, the union was officially registered in the Sub-Registrar’s office in Bangalore North. It was decided that a grand and lavish reception would be held in the following month of January. They planned to have their honeymoon in Europe, but that’s all she wrote.

The marriage was entirely a family affair, with only 70 odd people attending the function. Excluding close family members, there were a number of stars that attended including Rishi and Randhir Kapoor, Jitendra, Dimple Kapadia. The guest list also included the likes of Karan Johar, Uday Chopra and Abhishek Bachchan, as well as Prem Chopra, Dabboo Ratnani, Farhad Nathani, Sujit Kumar and Faroukh Ruttonsey. Megastars Shar Rukh Khan and Amitabh Bachchan were also supposed to end up partaking in the festivities, but declined to do so for some reason.

Suzanne Khan – Hrithik Roshan Wedding: The Dazzling Clothes

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The handsome groom Hrithik Roshan was decked out in a superb creation by RockyS, it was a three layered off-white angarakha with heavy embroidery all over done in dull gold, which was also in spun organza and crushed tissue. He also wore a crushed dupatta around his neck, and employed a second dupatta to lay around his arm and shoulder. Hrithik Roshan completed his bridegroom profile with a turban and splendid mojris. The stunning bride, Suzanne Khan, wore a maroon lehenga-choli and a golden dupatta designed by the Tarun Tahiliani.

Suzanne Khan – Hrithik Roshan Wedding:The Happily Ever After – For A While

The Happily Ever After – For A While

Bollywood’s new golden couple went strong from the start, wowing everyone and their aunts with how good they were together. They even had two beautiful baby boys together, and are clearly loving parents. But in the week before their 13th wedding anniversary, Hrithik Roshan stunned his fans, and made a media frenzy, when he announced that he and Suzanne Khan had decided to end their relationship of 17 years. With a slew of rumours questioning both of their integrity in terms of their marital fidelity towards one another harming everyone involved, they both have come out to say that malicious and vicious rumours will always persist, and that it was an amicable, but irrevocable separation.

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After being separated for the larger part of a year, the divorce between Hrithik Roshan and Suzanne Khan was finally finalised in November, 2014. A divorce by mutual consent, the couple share equal joint custody of their two children, Hrehaan and Hridaan. They also had a very mature and quiet break-up with no demands for alimony or anything of the sort. It was apparently an example that all other couples should try and emulate, as they parted in a classy way, that assured both their respective dignities.