The Way You Hold Hands With Your Partner Reveals A Lot About Your Relationship

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There are parameters to measure the intensity of any relationship that are clear indicators of your comfort factor with the other person, be it between a mother and child, teacher and student, friends, or even husband and wife. There are certain aspects that are a dead giveaway even if you wished otherwise. The most basic way to show you are united as a couple is by holding hands. We often spot celebrity couples walking into an event hand in hand while a few others wish to maintain a certain distance. Now, just one look at the couple, and it’s easy to understand the stage of the relationship they are in. If you are new to this kind of study, we will help you decipher the body language. Here’s what the style of your gestures reveals about your relationship. Shall we begin?

  •  Down-Facing Palm

 If you find a couple holding hands this way, it means they share a lot of affection for each other. But this gesture doesn’t necessarily depict passion in their relationship. Also, the person whose palm faces downward is said to be dominant among the two with a clear hold over decision making.

  • Interlocked Fingers
Interlocked Fingers
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This is like holding on to each other, come what may. The gesture itself symbolizes a sense of security in a relationship. It also shows that the two have a strong bonding. If you see that the hands are interlocked firmly, it simply means they will stand by each other, no matter what. However, merely holding hands loosely in the same style shows that they are casual about their relationship.

  • The One-Finger Hold
The One-Finger Hold
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How often have we seen this? At least in India, most couples hold hands this way during the marriage ceremony. But, should you continue to do so even after your wedding? It just means one thing – such couples respect each other’s privacy. They value independence and give each other enough space to breathe. This means there is no suffocation and each can do their own thing.

  • Reinforcement
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Several partners hold their partners’ hands and then use the other hand to reinforce their control. This just means one thing – the person who holds the hand this way takes charge in the relationship and wants the partner all to herself. This signifies a sense of possession. Such couples are possessive and want to show that in public too. It also means the two are serious about each other, particularly when both are comfortable holding hands that way.

  • Linked Arms
Linked Arms
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There are examples aplenty of couples holding hands this way. This is a very common body language seen among celebrity couples when they attend events together. More often than not, you see the wife holding her partner this way. This clearly signifies a sense of insecurity in the relationship. Couples who hold hands this way seek a sense of security from their partners.

  • Pulling The Hand
Pulling The Hand
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This is a sign of restless couples. When you see a couple holding just the edge of the finger and trying to pull away, it apparently means he’s hastening her up and trying to exercise control. It also means that there is no harmony in their relationship. The bottom line is that they are not on the same page.

  • Not Holding Hands 
Not Holding Hands
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As I have stressed enough in my earlier articles, what is love without expression? It’s okay to be private in certain ways and not let the world know about your relationship. But shying away from even exhibiting small gestures, such as holding hands, is taking it beyond the limit. We often see couples walking together without even touching each other’s hands. This can be interpreted in two ways –

either the couple prefer to restrict all physical gestures to the confines of their homeor

they are just not into each other too much.

The Way You Hold Hands With Your Partner Reveals A Lot About Your Relationship
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I am not saying that merely holding hands will establish you as a lovey-dovey couple. A relationship thrives if both partners are in it for all the right reasons. Besides, if you want the relationship to survive, have minimum or no expecations. This can prevent disappointment and also ensure that you go a long way. The most critical factor is communication. When you stop talking, so many words remain unsaid, which kills the relationship. Always talk; discuss what you like or don’t like about the person. This will ensure your partner knows exactly how you are feeling. Having said that, remember, no name calling or blame game. Mutual respect will take you a long way and also ensure there’s no love lost between the two of you. There’s nothing that can’t be solved with communication. One thing you should never forget is that no person remains the same all his life. There are bound to be changes according to the situation, so just learn to accept the person with all his imperfections. Remember, you were madly in love once with the same person.

So people, that’s all for today. Should you have anything to add, please feel free to share your views in the comments box below.

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