How To Write A Love Story – 11 Pointers To The Rescue

How To Write A Love Story

Yes, We really are going to tell you exactly how to write a love story. The real deal. No games.

A love story is something that almost everyone loves (Yes! Even the boys!). Love stories have their own special way of charming the heart. What makes a love story special is how each reader is able to connect with it in their own special way. They should be able to find some relation to the characters. Yeah, writing a love story is no child’s game. So, like, how to write a love story ? Trust me, it is a labour of love, but isn’t that difficult also. All you need to do is keep these pointers in mind and you’re good to go.

1. Observe

Observation is how you get to the main idea of a story. If you wanna know how to write a love story, then you need to watch and see things, people, and lifestyles. Observe the people around you. See how they react to the things happening around them. Understand the different kinds of personalities people can have.

2. Visualize

How To Write A Love Story - Visualize

Develop your characters and a base of the story in your mind. You need to have a vivid imagination to be able to write the story of your dreams. Let go of your inhibitions and imagine the wildest version of the story. This will help you know how to cut down and make it more believable when you actually get down to writing one.

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3. Characters

How To Write A Love Story - Characters

The most important part of a love story, or any story for that matter, is the personality of the characters. How to write a love story that people connect with? Characters people will remember. They should have unique and distinct personalities that define the graph that your story will take.

4. The Meeting

How To Write A Love Story - The Meeting

The next part of how to write a love story, the meeting of the two characters, is another thing to keep in mind. It should be a setting that the readers will remember for a long time. Make it unique and special and not a ‘bumping into each other in the crowd’ kind of a meeting.

5. Other Characters

How To Write A Love Story - Other Characters

A story cannot be based on two characters alone. Like in your real life you have friends and family, similarly your characters too need to have a support system on which they can depend on during the highs and lows of the story.

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6. Realistic

The story needs to be believable. Your readers should get the feeling like they’re reading an excerpt from someone’s real life. But of course, if you’re writing a sci-fi love story then it’s allowed to have a few over-the-top portions. But a key part of knowing how to write a love story is knowing where that line is.

7. Emotions

How To Write A Love Story - Emotions

The story must clearly define the emotional journey of the characters, including an insight into their past. The readers should be able to connect with the characters on an emotional level and feel the emotions they are going through. Maintain a steady graph and not one like a pulse-mapping chart that has sudden dips and jumps.

8. Obstacles

No love story is complete without a falling out somewhere in the middle of it. A love story gets its essence from the way the characters meet, fall in love, part ways and then find their way back to each other. Include small obstacles that your characters will later have to cross to find their one true love.

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9. Dialogues

How To Write A Love Story - Dialogues

How to write a love story that’s super compelling? Well, dialogues are one thing that many people fail to get a grip of. They need to be of the era and generation you belong to. Remember, your largest reader-base for a love story will be in the age group of 15-50 years. So the language and dialogues included in the story should be such that the youngsters can relate to as much as the adults.

10. The Antagonists

How To Write A Love Story - The Antagonists

An antagonist is as important as a protagonist. Antagonists drive the story and the characters to where they need to be. They are the ones that bring the depth to your story and the reason for hope for the love-birds in the story. Build an antagonist with a strong personality who doesn’t know how to back down.

11. The End

End the story with a bitter-sweet feeling. Don’t make it too sweet or it might come across as unbelievable and a very negative ending would leave a bitter taste in the reader’s mouth. You’d rather they end up falling in love with one of the characters, instead. That’s how to write a love story with a good ending, with readers wiping their tears while smiling shyly.

How To Write A Love Story - The End

Ready to write a love story then? You can also take examples from your own life to add instances in the characters’ lives. Focus on making it an extraordinary story of two ordinary characters! And once you do write one, do share it with us. We would be happy to put it up on The Bridal Box.

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