How To Write A Love Letter – 23 Simple Pointers

How To Write A Love Letter

What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you think of a ‘love letter’? The most obvious answers would be – love, romance and your partner, right? I’m guessing that the younger lot today have probably never written a love letter. There might be a few exceptions here and there but I’m talking in the generic sense. It is thought as a thing of the past, something that people probably did in the Victorian Era. But the thing about letters is that they never lose their charm. If anything, they help in making the bond stronger and more worthy of your time. It is something that’s very personal, isn’t it? So if you’re planning on writing one then congratulations! But there are some things that must be kept in mind and we are here to help. After all, writing your first letter is no easy task. Take a quick look at these 23 pointers.

1. Bury Your Inhibitions

Most people quit the idea of writing letters simply because they feel it will make them look boring or nerdy. Know that when your partner receives your letter they will only think of the efforts you put in to write it. And if there’s anything I can be sure of, it is that the letter will most probably mean much more than anything you have ever gifted them before.

2. Theme

The most important thing to keep in mind while writing a love letter is to think of the theme of the letter. Why are you writing it? Is it because it’s their birthday, your anniversary or simply because you’re missing them? Finalizing a theme makes it easier to maintain a straight pace of the letter without making it look haphazard or something written without a clear thought.

3. Rosy Or Not Rosy?

Just because it’s a love letter doesn’t mean it has to be all romantic and rosy. A love letter in its truest sense is a letter written to the one you love expressing what you feel. It needs to capture the essence of your relationship. So don’t make additional efforts to make it sound like a page out of a romantic novella. So if you have a sugary romantic relationship, then make sure your letter exudes that. If you’re more like buddies then a novella-style letter will not help you connect.

4. Be You

Use your language/tone in the letter. Don’t just copy poems from the internet to give it some base. Show your true self and use your own language and expressions in the letter. While reading it, they should get the feeling like you’re actually talking to them face-to-face.

How To Write A Love Letter - Be You

5. Drafts

Just like a movie script, a love letter has many rough drafts that are usually thrown away at the first go. We’re not born writers, right? It takes a couple of torn away ‘scripts’ to finally arrive at the one that can be presented further. So if the first few go wrong, don’t fret.

6. Body

We’re often taught in school about the body of a letter. We’re taught to start with an introduction, then move on to the main body and then end with a conclusion. A love letter is exactly like that but you don’t need to make it look like an official report. You begin with an introduction about what drove you to write the letter and then move on to the main feelings that you want to express and conclude it with a wish (something that you strongly feel about) and end it with a line about your future.

7. Intimate

What makes a love letter an even more special one is the feeling that it’s meant only for the eyes of the one who receives it. The secrecy and intimacy of it makes it more exciting. So make sure your letter includes parts that will put a shy grin on their face while they read it.

8. Too Short Or Too Long?

When it comes to writing letters, nothing is ever too short or too long. Yes, of course you shouldn’t make it like a story book but a couple of pages filled both sides in your tiniest handwriting won’t hurt. What matters is how beautifully you portray your emotions on to that piece of paper. If it’s true from the heart, the length will not matter.

9. Clarity

You know how annoying it can be when someone mumbles under their breath? Writing haphazard thoughts that randomly come to your mind might come across as that verbal mumbling. So make sure that you only put in what will interest them. Make your feelings crystal clear and jot down your reasons for writing one in the first place. Do not confuse the reader/recipient.

10. Limitations

Most people are scared about opening up while writing a letter. A letter is like a gateway to a person’s real personality. So your letter must show the real you. Don’t write fancy stuff to come across as cool or appealing. Open up as much as you can because sometimes you can convey a lot through a letter (even those things which you find impossible to say out loud).

11. Beauty

It is not about how beautifully you wrap it or present it. It is the content of the letter which will make all the difference. So put all your focus into making the content right. The letter will automatically be the most beautiful piece of paper the moment you put beautiful words onto it. If it still bothers you, then here’s a tip: do not use a ball-point pen. Go for a gel pen or a fountain pen.

12. Formatting And Grammar

Remember that you’re not writing to your English teacher. You’re writing the letter to your partner and that’s a very sweet and romantic gesture. So your format and grammar do not matter as much. But yeah, don’t make glaring grammatical errors. They do look sweet but…

13. Reasons To Love

No matter how much we deny it, the fact is that everyone loves to hear about the reasons why someone loves us. So include that in your letter. Tell them what is it that makes them so special in your life. It will surely get a smile on their face while reading it.

14. Remember When…?

Walking down the memory lane is the sweetest path. So take them down that road and include instances from the time you’ve been together that have had an impact on your life. No matter how big or small, it is the memory that usually makes us smile more than the present.

How To Write A Love Letter?

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15. Future

Just like the past, a plan for the future makes your relationship stronger. It gives you hope and them a sense of security knowing that you see your future with them. Talk about the things you’d like to do with them by your side, say, when you’re 80.

16. I Love You

Remember that it is a love letter, so it must include the three magic words somewhere in the body. Don’t forcefully insert it just because you have to.

17. Positivity

Positivity is very important. While writing the letter, if you start dwelling on the past that made you sad or drove you apart that one time then that will be a total deal breaker. It will defeat the purpose of you writing the letter. So make sure that you stay positive all through it.

18. Commitment

Commit to something. Make a small promise even if it’s a promise to fulfil your previously made promises. Commitments not only make you look loyal but also give them a feeling of satisfaction of knowing that they are with someone who is here to stay.

19. Paper

I know I’ve put too much focus on keeping it all about your emotions and not the beauty but make sure that you use a good quality paper. Why? People store love letters for years. So use a paper that will remain intact and look the same even when you open it years later.

20. Date

No, not going out on a ‘date.’ Date the letter. Include the time and day too. Imagine the feeling it will bring to your heart when you read it together, sometime in the future and think about the day you wrote it so many years ago.

21. Surprise

Send the letter across as a surprise. The surprise element makes it even more special and gets the reader in an excited mode even before they actually read the letter.

22. Handwritten

Even though typing it out on your computer will give it a clean and neat look but it will not have the charm of a handwritten letter. Handwritten letters have a particular smell that comes from the ink and the aroma of your hand that gives it your personal touch. Also, they say your handwriting is a window to your soul.

23. Ritual

If it all goes well the first time, why not make it a ritual as a part of your relationship? Writing is not only a beautiful art form but is also a way to be more expressive. Regular letter writing will keep the spark alive in your relationship.

So there you go! These are the tips/pointers that you need to keep in mind when you decide to bear your heart and soul via a letter. Make it all about them and your love for them. Write it like something that can be kept in the safe forever. Make it your best letter ever.

And once you do write one, do share the experience. We would love to hear from you.