How To Write A Love Letter To Your Girlfriend (With Sample)

Writing a love letter to your girlfriend is one of the sweetest and most memorable things (memorable for the both of you, actually) that you can do, provided your letter is in itself memorable. Here’s how to write a love letter to your girlfriend that she can cherish. There are only three golden rules. We are not going to give you a list of 50 or 100 things to keep in mind while writing a letter. If you get these right, the rest would be a breeze.

1. Make It Personal

How To Write A Love Letter To Your Girlfriend - Make It Personal

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How to write a love letter to your girlfriend? Start your letter off with a “Dear, Nidhi (or whatever her name is)” which is perfectly fine, especially if that’s how you normally address her anyway, but if the two of you have special and endearing names for each other, you can choose to use those instead to both start the letter and sign off. The contents are of course, about the love you have for her, so organize your thoughts and put pen to paper.

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2. Write From The Heart

How To Write A Love Letter To Your Girlfriend - Write From The Heart

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Speak candidly and frankly about the goings on in your life and in your relationship. Keep the overall tone positive, however, and never insinuate that you’re unsure of your relationship.


3. Include Something Light And Airy

How To Write A Love Letter To Your Girlfriend - Include Something Light And Airy

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Indeed, your whole letter can be filled with humour and be a very good letter, but if that’s not the case, make sure to include something funny. Say like an inside joke the two of you share or flowery language, anything will do.

Let’s look at a sample letter now:

Hey there beautiful,

When I said I’d write to you, I bet you didn’t expect a letter in the post! The truth is, there are so many things I have been waiting and wanting to say to you, that I felt I could write them down on paper much better than say them out loud.

You already know that the best moments I’ve had – while you’ve been close to me all this while – have been the ones I have so blissfully spent with you, but I think it’s safe to say that since you’ve been away on your little excursion, I have truly felt the full depth of the feelings that reside within me, feelings that urge me to leave everything and join you on your trip, like how you had suggested.

I still remember how you said to me that we should “take it slow” when I first asked you to be my girlfriend. You said that “love is crazy,” and that no one ever knows how things pan out. Well, here we are a year and a half later, and I cannot say that I ever ever missed you more. Perhaps you were right and love is indeed crazy.

I have also never been more proud to call you my girlfriend. In fact, at times I have to remind myself of being so lucky as to have such a wonderful, gorgeous, charming and loving person in my life. Now that you are not near any more, memories of our time together make me cherish my luck and not rue the drudgery of daily life, as well serve as a reminder of how much I adore being with you and around you. I cannot wait for you to return. We’ll go camping!

Also, I have one request to make of you – don’t let the harsh weather tousle up your pretty locks or the tall grass and mosquitoes irritate your smooth and supple skin, you looked every bit a Greek goddess when you left, and not even the noble cause of scientific research should ever change that. And should my damsel ever be in distress, a hint is all I need to come swooping over (or get on the phone, or send you stuff) to rescue you and I’m pretty sure I’d have to fight other wannabe knights in the process (and I will). So do be in touch as much as your busy schedule allows you.

Most of all I hope you’re well and that my correspondence brings a smile on your face as it did on mine while writing to you. Missing you terribly and spending every waking moment with bated breath waiting for your return (or a letter) isn’t good for my health. ~_-

No pressure,

Your not-so-secret admirer, biggest fan and extremely good looking lover.


And that’s all there is, a little bit of heart, a little bit of teasing, a little bit of missing and a whole lot of love. Say it like you mean it, and the rest is all background noise anyway. Now, where’d that good pen of yours get to…