How To Wear Bridal Saree? 10 Styles With Video Tutorials To Ace The Drape

When it comes to traditional attire, there can be few sartorial choices anywhere in the world as elegant as the saree. Indeed, while the saree is associated with effortless style and grace all over the Indian sub-continent, learning how to wear a piece of cloth that ranges anywhere from 5-8 meters in length isn’t a task all that straightforward. If you’re looking to learn how to wear the saree in all of it’s diverse and myriad forms, you’re in the right place.

Here are 10 stylistically unique ways that you can choose to wear your gorgeous bridal saree, looking like the perfect diva in the process:

1. Bengali Sarees

Bengali Sarees are an exquisite blend of elegance and tradition. They are usually famous in Eastern India and Bangladesh. Bengali sarees are famous for their royal ethnic look which represents the Bengali culture.

In this style, the saree is worn by wrapping the pallu around the body twice with two wide pleats in the front. Complete the look with Jhumkas and a big red bindi.

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2. Gujarati Sarees

The Gujarati sarees are mostly worn in Western India and has now become the most popular regional saree-draping style in India.

The sari is worn normally except, the pallu will fall in front from the right shoulder and cover the chest with pleats. You can pin the hanging pleats on the left side of your waist. Style it up by adding Jewellery like bangles, necklace, earrings and nose ring.

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3. Lehanga Saree

Lehanga style sarees are perfect for those brides who are very conscious about their attire matching or suiting their figures. It is easy to wear and requires minimum effort.

Just make multiple pleats with the pallu and tuck it around the waist. Next, bring the pallu to the front, place it on the right shoulder and pin it up neatly. Make sure to wear your footwear beforehand to get the right length of Saree.

4. Maharastrian Style Saree

This distinctive style of draping accentuates the body while highlighting a rustic upcountry charm. To wear a Maharastrian Nuavari saree, the saree must be nine yards long and should be worn the way that men wear dhotis.

Take the shorter end of the saree and pull it back between the legs. Tuck it in the back. Now take the longer end of the saree and make five to six pleats. Bring the pallu to the left side over the shoulder and pin it up. Pair this saree with a nose ring and some jasmine flowers – and you will look like a true Maharashtrian Mulgi.

5. Mermaid Style Saree

This style of draping sari was very famous during the 60’s and has now made a comeback. And not without a reason. This style is perfect for brides who want to accentuate their slim built or curves.

The mermaid saree styles has no pleats in front. Just drape the saree around, bring it your right and pleat your pallu neatly so that it falls about four inches from the ground. Pin up the pallu to your blouse.

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6. Rajrani Style Saree

The Rajrani style saree infuses royalty and glamour, that’s why this look is well suited for Indian Brides. Draping sari in rajrani style is quite easy.

Wear the sari normally with front pleads down the waist. There after make the pallu fall in front through the right shoulder and then take the other corner covering the chest falling from left shoulder. Altogether you will get a V shaped appearance in the front chest.

7. Kerela Style Saree

Mundu Neriyathum is the signature style of Kerala, and is the traditional attire of women of Kerala. This style of saree draping compromises of a Mundu which is the lower garment and an upper piece called Neriyathum.

Mundu is wrapped around in the lower part and is securely tucked at the waist. Traditionally the Neriyathum is draped in the upper part over the blouse, but it can also be worn over the left shoulder as well.

8. Butterfly Style Saree

The butterfly saree draping is ideal for a curvaceous figure, although anyone can experiment with this style. This style is especially trending amongst bollywood celebrities. You can try draping with any kind of saree, however kota or chiffon sarees are preferable.

Start by normally wearing your saree, pin the saree to your shoulder and leave it loose. Lift up the lower front portion of the sari that is covering your chest, and after pleating it, pin it at the centre. You will end up with two wings like flaps in front, resembling to that of a butterfly.

9. Traditional Nivi Style saree

The Nivi Style Saree draping technique is a timeless classic. Worn with pleats, the sari extends over the left shoulder that leaves enough room for experimentation with all kinds of your favorite jewelry & nifty blouses.

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10. Double Drape Style Saree

One of the popular and elegant style is the double draped saree. It has a double effect, creating a slimmer look, in a fashionable way.

The saree is double time, where, the saree to meet again and draped wrapped around the tight belly after wrapping the folds of the saree. The rest of the saree is draped in the traditional way on the right shoulder. To look elegant and innovative double pallu draped saree can also be done on the right arm instead of the shoulder.

Don’t forget to accessorize with earrings and bangles.