How To Wear Your Wedding Ring Perfectly

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If you are recently married, then figuring out how to adorn your wedding ring and managing your engagement ring too at the same time, can be a pretty daunting task. Lots of things may come to your mind regarding about how to wear them. If you have a lifestyle that is restricting when it comes to wearing rings or other forms of jewelry, then it is really a matter of concern about how you can wear the ring safely and on an everyday basis.

Significance Of Your Wedding Ring

Wearing your wedding ring is celebrating your love and togetherness every single day and it is a symbol of trust and purity that you share with your partner, a strong foundation of common belief and ideas, of how to cherish life, living together, to the fullest. Even the finger on which you wear the wedding ring has something to do with love. According to the ancient Roman beliefs, a vein which passes through the ring finger connects directly to the heart, which is why they called it vena amoris or the vein of love.

Beauty Of Traditions

The tradition of wearing your wedding on the ring finger comes from this belief and it is still followed in today’s modern times. But sometimes brides get confused on how to wear their wedding ring along with their engagement ring. Here are a few guidelines and tips that will help you sort out such issues and make it easy for you to flaunt your rings of love with pride, every single day.

Wearing The Wedding Band Alone

Many brides choose to wear just the wedding band on the day of the wedding and thereafter and shelf the engagement ring for special occasions. If you prefer the hassle free idea of wearing just your wedding band as the symbol of your marriage, you can slide the wedding ring on the ring finger of your left hand and wear it all alone.

Traditional Way Of Wearing Rings

If you do not want to remove your engagement ring to make way for your wedding ring, all you have to do is wear your wedding ring and engagement ring together in the same finger but in the order that you have received them. Thus, the engagement ring, goes down first on your ring finger, followed by the plain gold band of your wedding ring. It is, in fact, the traditional method of wearing rings, followed by generations, but may seem a bit difficult to follow for all types of designs found in rings.

Wearing The Rings With A Twist

If you are bored with the traditional norms of wearing rings, you can give it a twist of your own. Wear your engagement and wedding ring together, but with your engagement ring on the top, instead of following the traditional method of wearing it at the bottom of the ring finger. Sometimes it happens that because of the design of the wedding and engagement rings, it looks better if they are worn this way, and increases the appeal as well as keeps the wedding band closer to your heart too at the same time.

Wearing The Rings On Separate Hands

Many people are not comfortable wearing two rings, especially if they are heavy, on the same fingers. If you also feel the same, here is a way out too for that. You can wear the wedding ring on one hand the engagement ring on the other. Even though it is a less traditional option, but some people find it comfortable to wear it this way, especially if you have short fingers.

Alternating Between Your Wedding And Engagement Rings

Even though tradition says that you need to wear both the rings together, but if you are not comfortable doing the same, you can alternately wear them from time to time. Often brides choose to keep the diamond ring for special occasion and choose to wear the wedding band every day as a sign of true love and commitment to their partners.

Wearing The Ring On Your Desired Finger

Though traditions have chalked out an official way of wearing the wedding band, only on the ring finger of your left hand to be very precise, it is not compulsory that you have to follow the same. Your ring will look beautiful and it does not matter on which finger you have worn it.

Creative Ways Of Wearing Your Wedding Ring

If you are not a ring person and yet want to cherish the symbol of your love and commitment, your wedding ring, you can try out a few more options. Instead of wearing it on your finger you can wear it as a pendant with your gold chain, and it will always be there, close to your heart. Another way of wearing it is to make a bracelet out of it with a cute band to go along.

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