12 Effective Ways To Tell A Girl You Have Feelings For Her

Expressing your love may be nerve-wracking, but not when you know how to do it right.

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That ticklish feeling when you like someone is magical. You must be wondering how to tell a girl you have feelings for her as you may be anxious and excited at the same time. You might have several questions running through your mind. ‘What if she doesn’t like me?’ ‘Is she friendly with everyone or am I special to her?’ or ‘Does she want to know more about me?

You can get all the answers only when you gather the courage and communicate your feelings to her. So here, we give you some simple yet effective ways to share your feelings with the girl you like.

How To Tell A Girl You Have Feelings For Her: 12 Ways That Help

1. Pour out your feelings in a letter

Though some may find it outdated, writing a love note or a letter is classic even today. When the nervousness is not letting you open up personally, and you are afraid to face the girl, write down your feelings on a piece of paper and hand it over to her. You may ask her to take time, and she need not respond to you in a hurry. If she takes time to think, you may expect a positive response from her.

2. Pick the right time and moment

Hiding your emotions from her for long is not easy. However, overthinking about how you want to reveal your feelings isn’t helpful either. It could lead to you revealing your feelings at the wrong time. For instance, you should not tell you like her or have a crush on her when she feels low or has come to you for help. Also, do not share your thoughts when you are with a group of friends.

Plan the right place and time. You may ask if she is free for a walk or coffee. Choose a peaceful and neutral environment without any disturbances. Also, check if her mood is good to understand your feelings.

3. Use the correct words

You know how you feel for her, but expressing it could be tricky. Using poetry or song lyrics could be cheesy and awkward. Rather, be clear about what you feel for her. For example, ‘thinking of you makes me smile,’ ‘your presence makes me feel confident,’ ‘my heart beats faster when you are near me.’

Though your emotions may not be practical or lack logic, they are true. So be open about them, and do not expect the answer immediately. Don’t think about having the perfect conversation; instead, go with the flow.

4. Try the trendy emoticon way

Are you extremely tense to tell her about your feelings? You think you cannot communicate using the right words. If so, then a fun and easy way to express your feelings for her is by sharing your thoughts through emojis and GIFs. You may use some specific emotions such as heart, wink, star-struck, and beaming face to convey your feelings for her. She might reciprocate with similar emoticons if she also has feelings for you. Otherwise, she may send question marks or text you that she doesn’t understand what you have sent.

5. Keep it simple

You do not have an idea about how she feels for you. She may be a good friend, but she might not like you beyond that. In such a scenario, you need not make a public reveal by announcing it on social media or through a banner. Such things can make her embarrassed, and she might also be hurt. So keep it simple, and do not pressurize her with something she cannot take in..

6. Seek help from a mutual friend

When you cannot gather courage and express your heart to the girl you like, you can take help from one of your mutual friends. Usually, our best friends can know our feelings without saying. If your friend acknowledges your emotions and wants to help you out, ask them to indirectly convey your feelings to the girl. If they sense that she is reciprocating, you can be confident of sharing by yourself.

7. Compliment her and say everything nice

You look gorgeous today,’ ‘Your smile brings in positive vibes,’ or ‘you have a charming personality.Such compliments are indirect ways of saying you like her. If she gets your signals and takes them positively, it shows she likes you too. However, don’t overdo it and keep it genuine.

8. Try healthy flirting

Flirting can be fun and entertaining, provided you know the limits. Be playful and positive while you are sharing your feelings. It can create an indirect link between you and the girl and send her the cue that you are interested in her. However, ensure you are not harming her sentiments in any way.

9. Ask her for a date

One of the open approaches for expressing your feelings for her is asking her for a coffee date. This will make her know that you regard her as more than a friend. However, try a peppy way to ask her for it. For example, if you say ‘Let’s grab a coffee,’ she might consider it a friendly gesture. Instead, try‘Would you like to go on a date with me and make my day?

10. Surprise her

Some classic ways like this one would never seem to go out of fashion. You will have plenty of ways to surprise her. Send her a cute cupcake with a message, ‘I’m thinking of you.’ Visit her office and ask her to come for lunch. Or send her tickets to her favorite actor’s movie. Such gestures will give her a hint about your feelings.

11. Seek her help

When you want to indirectly convey your liking for her, try seeking her help. For instance, you may ask her to help you select clothes or gifts for your friend. She can sense the importance you are giving her, which is a sign of grabbing attention.

12. Be supportive

You like her not for her looks but her nature. You admire her personality and unique interests. Showing her your support for everything she does will give her the cue that you like her and are attentive to her likes and passions in life.

Pick any of the above ways to convey your inner feelings for her, but don’t force her to say anything. Give her some time to respond, and you should be ready for any answer. Of course, it would be great if she reciprocates the same feelings, but if she doesn’t, it should be fine. Life ahead is going to be beautiful, anyway.

Key Pointers

  • If you have feelings for her, know what she likes and support her activities.
  • Be confident when you talk to her and try to express your feelings.
  • Surprise her by visiting her workplace, saying sweet gestures, or asking for a coffee date.

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